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Meet Cha-Ching: our new total rewards training platform

Money is the #1 cause of employee stress, and a financially stressed workforce is a major roadblock to organizational success. When money worries burden employees, it affects their overall well-being, productivity, engagement, and retention. That's why That's why we're excited to announce Cha-Ching!—our new total rewards training platform. The first offering is a Workplace Financial Wellness Advocate course and certification! HR leaders can get expert, on-demand training, knowledge, and tools on workplace wellness (and get 4.5 SHRM PDC credits along the way). Click here to register!

Why a workplace financial wellness advocate course?

This comprehensive course is the first of its kind, offering invaluable insights from leading experts across wellness, money, and HR/benefits. You'll gain access to cutting-edge expertise on the intersections between money and employees’ well-being, as well as the latest strategies and best practices in the world of financial wellness, ensuring you can create a financially secure workplace environment. Here’s what the course offers:

  1. Guidance on supporting financially stressed employees: Learn effective ways to help employees manage financial stress, enabling them to take charge of their financial health.
  2. Advanced wellness and benefits knowledge: Deepen your understanding of these critical areas, making you a pivotal resource within your organization.
  3. Professional development credits: Earn 4.5 SHRM PDC credits, showcasing your commitment to professional growth and continuous learning in financial wellness advocacy.

Course highlights:

Our expert-led curriculum spans six engaging modules, covering everything from handling common financial questions to creating an inclusive financial culture. Topics include:

1. The most common money questions employees ask (and how to handle them!)

2. Creating a financially inclusive workplace

3. Financial wellness and mental health

4. The physical impacts of financial stress

5. How to evaluate and implement a financial wellness benefit

6. Measuring the impact of financial wellness initiatives

Learn from experts: 

You'll be learning from the best in the industry:

  • Rachel Beck, PHR, CHHC, CWWP, with her rich background in HR from Arapahoe County and consultant work with Heartsong Health + Wellness, plays a crucial role in integrating wellness into corporate culture.
  • Shelagh Fraser, MD, leveraging over two decades in healthcare and medical education, offers a unique perspective on the intersection of financial and physical health.
  • Nathan Astle, LMFT, CFT-I™, founder of the Financial Therapy Clinical Institute and recognized as "Financial Therapist of the Year," contributes his profound knowledge of the psychological aspects of financial health.
  • Peter Dunn, aka Pete the Planner,  CEO of Your Money Line, brings expertise in personal finance guidance and employee financial wellness strategies.
  • Kristen Ahlenius, Director of Education at Your Money Line, AFC®️, offers in-depth insights into financial education and how to improve money behaviors for generations. 
  • Molly Fohrer, VP of Client Success at Your Money Line, specializes in creating successful client relationships and fostering financial wellness in the workplace.
  • Stacy Livingstone-Hoyte, a Financial Guide at Your Money Line, AFC® FFC® CRPC®, shares her extensive experience in personal financial planning and wellness counseling.

These experienced professionals bring their extensive knowledge to the course, providing you with the most current and relevant information. Their expertise will give you the confidence to drive positive change within your organization.

Don't let financial stress continue to hinder your organization's success. Take the first step towards a financially secure workplace by enrolling in our free SHRM PDC course here today. 

Let's empower your employees with financial wellness and create a thriving workforce, both personally and professionally.