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Your Money Line takes wellness offerings to the next level with our team of certified financial coaches and our 24/7 software.
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3 reasons to partner with us: 
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The key to a modern wellness offering

Financial health and wellness are a part of holistic wellbeing, and because of this, it’s becoming a more prevalent benefit offered by employers.

Stand out amongst the industry

Gain a competitive advantage with firms that don’t offer financial wellness solutions. 

Special revenue & discount benefits

By partnering with us, we extend partner-preferred discounts to your customers and/or revenue share with your company

Partnership models to fit your company

Revenue share

Another potential revenue source to move your company forward.

Preferred pricing 

Your customers will thank you for recommending a great benefit with a preferred partner rate.

Complimentary pairing

We'll handle the financial wellness, allowing you to focus on your strengths.

Ready to better serve your clients?

Take your wellness offerings to the next level with our software and team of certified financial coaches.