Financial wellness that pays off: Discover your ROI

What's the ROI of a financial wellness program? Our ROI calculator shows the benefits of investing in financial wellness programs for your company, including reduced employee stress, increased productivity, and lower turnover rates. Plug in your own information to see how this investment can lead to significant savings and a healthier, more engaged team.

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Financial wellness isn't just good for employees. It's good for business.

Employers value financial wellness programs for supporting their workforce and creating a productive, engaged, and loyal team. These programs result in benefits such as increased productivity, lower healthcare costs, and reduced employee turnover and absenteeism. Investing in employees' financial well-being empowers individuals and strengthens the organization as a whole.
Increased productivity—employees accomplish more in less time.
Lower healthcare costs— you pay less in healthcare premiums.
Increased on-time retirement—More staff retire as originally planned.
Reduced turnover—Fewer employees leave the company.
Reduced absenteeism—employees take fewer unplanned days off.

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