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Money is the #1 source of employee stress. If you're an HR or benefits pro who wants to help their organization be more financially well—this course and certification are for you!

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Peter Dunn (Pete the Planner)

Pete is the founder and CEO of Your Money Line, as well as an author, columnist, and radio host. He has 20+ years of experience helping companies and their people find financial stability.

Kristen Ahlenius, AFC®️

Kristen Ahlenius is an Accredited Financial Counselor® with a Bachelor of Science in Financial Counseling & Planning and a master's degree focused on Financial Therapy. As the Director of Education at Your Money Line, she aims to impact financial lives and improve money behavior for generations.

Shelagh Fraser, MD

Shelagh is a practicing internal medicine physician with over 20 years of experience in healthcare, health tech leadership, and medical education.

Nathan Astle, LMFT, CFT-I™

Nate is a leading financial therapist and the founder of the Financial Therapy Clinical Institute. He is a former Financial Therapy Association board member and its current "Financial Therapist of the Year," He has been featured on CNBC, MoneyGeek.com, Nasdaq, USA Today, and Yahoo.

Rachel Beck, PHR, CHHC, CWWP

Rachel has over two decades in HR. Currently, at Arapahoe County, Rachel has been pivotal in evolving the wellness program into a holistic "Culture of Care". Additionally, through her work with Heartsong Health + Wellness, Rachel consults with companies to strategically enhance their well-being and benefits programs.

Stacy Livingstone-Hoyte, AFC® FFC® CRPC®

Stacy Livingstone-Hoyte is a personal finance coach and counselor. She previously coached at-risk Veterans under the nationally recognized and award-winning Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's (CFPB) nationwide Financial Coaching Initiative. Prior to government service, Stacy worked as a licensed financial services representative for several brokerage and insurance firms.

Molly Fohrer

Molly is a customer success leader focused on driving customer outcomes in the employee benefits space. She started in customer success at Springbuk, growing from a CSM to leading support, services, and success as VP of Services and Support. She then spent a year at PandaDoc leading their scaled CS team. She now leads the customer success and services teams at Your Money Line.

6 modules. 3 hours. 1 certification.

The most common money questions employees ask (and how to handle them!)

Let's start with the basics. As an HR leader you are the go-to on well...everything. Including financial questions. We'll share the most common money questions you get asked and how to navigate them.

Creating a financially inclusive workplace

Finances are a part of our identities and influence our workplaces. Let's talk through how you can create an inclusive workplace environment for all.

Financial wellness and mental health

Money is stressful. But how does financial stress affect your mental wellbeing? We'll discuss with Financial Therapist, Nate Astle, who specializes in working with individuals through financial trauma.

The physical impacts of financial stress

Can stressful finances produce physical side effects? The short answer is yes. We sit down with practicing internal medicine physician, Shelagh Fraser, to talk more.

How to evaluate & implement a financial wellness benefit

Finances impact all employees, but assessing a one-size-fits all solution can be tough. Hear from Senior Benefits Analyst, Rachel Beck, on how she evaluates financial wellness resources and her tips and tricks on a successful implementation.

Measuring the impact of financial wellness initiatives

The field of human resources is becoming more and more data driven. How do you assess the impact of financial wellness programs to justify the time and cost? We'll give you the framework to do just that.

What is Your Money Line?

Hi! We're the employee financial wellness benefit company, founded by Pete the Planner. Our mission is simple: financial stability & confidence for all. We're passionate about bringing real-human certified financial guides, trustworthy and relatable education, and AI-powered software together to make a financial difference for the people of companies nationwide.

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