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Thanks for that QUICK response and detailed help!!!

Elliot G.
YML Participant

Stacy is a great listener and problem solver. She paid attention to every detail I shared and my concerns. She provided me with resources and encouraged me to create a plan for my budget. Stacy encourages me to do follow-ups with her on my progress. Thank you for the great service.

Adrian X.
YML Participant

He was great. I felt like he understood the challenges we are facing without being judgmental. Great experience

Hayden T.
YML Participant

Jayne was really nice and helpful. Looking forward to the next meeting!

Remy U.
YML Participant

This advice was very helpful and Stacy was so nice to work with.

Alex T.
YML Participant

Since working with YML, my credit score has gone up almost 200 points. Although I don't have a strong savings, I've been having enough to cover hiccups in life, like MAJOR car repairs and unexpected medical costs. I've learned so much and I am getting better. Thanks YML!!! YOU CHANGED MY LIFE FOR THE BETTER AND I GREATLY APPRECIATE IT. Jayne & Gayle are true gems who've been my guiding light on this journey. Gayle got me started and Jayne keeps me going. Thanks to both of them.

Scott R.
YML Participant

My husband and I have been using YML since May, a benefit with Prisma, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Steven Gay has been a great help and has taught us many useful tools that has helped us improve our financial life!

Nova F.
YML Participant

Stacy asked all the right questions to quickly understand my financial situation, and I felt very confident in her recommendations. This left a great impression for my first call in to YML, and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Cody T.
YML Participant

Your Money Line has been a valued partner of ours for several years and has served hundreds of our employees all across the US. Their customer service and knowledge-base is unparalleled in the industry. I feel comfortable and confident recommending our employees to their service and am grateful for the support that I receive from our Customer Success Manager.

Anna H.
Global Wellbeing Manager

Maritza gave me a very helpful perspective as well as equipped me with some helpful articles to read.

Sam U.
YML Participant

We are interested in following the entire program; however, our personal main objective is to create the best possible foundation for retirement. Stacy continues to provide us with a wealth of resources to help us understand how to best prepare for retirement. We are looking forward to working through the exercises to learn more!

Kennedy A.
YML Participant

I'm so grateful to be able to work with Your Money Line. The rep talked me through my options and helped me choose the next steps that will best fit my situation.

Emerson Q.
YML Participant

Provided me with a lot of specific information that was very much appreciated.

Carter W.
YML Participant

We know that financial stress is significant for pastors, especially when it comes to managing educational debt. We wanted to provide the kind of support that would both empower their financial decision making and give them concrete tools for debt management and elimination, budgeting, and future-saving.

Julie Richardson
Vice President of Development

Stacy was wonderful. So knowledgeable and able to email me helpful information quickly. Thank you for being there.

Shiloh D.
YML Participant

What we really liked about Your Money Line was how tangible it was to make an immediate and everyday impact on our employees’ lives. There's a lot of trust and relief that comes when you can work with the same financial guide who understands your personal situation. It’s nice to get advice without worrying they have any other motive or are trying to sell you something.

Jack Walker
Senior Vice President, Client Services

Appreciate beyond measure the objective, informative, and non judgemental tone of the conversation.

River C.
YML Participant

Jayne Larson is a great financial guide. She is non-judgemental when hearing our financial concerns, and she offers reassuring words and guidance while helping us clarify our financial goals and set systems in place to achieve them. Jayne has been a blessing for our family, and we are grateful for the opportunity to work with her.

Blake Y.
YML Participant

Martiza took time to answer all of my questions and also provided her contact information should I have more questions!

Noel A.
YML Participant

Stacy Livingstone-Hoyte was very understanding, knowledgeable and thorough in ensuring I had all the information needed to address my issues. I look forward to working with her in the future.

Reign X.
YML Participant

I had a question and Maritza answered it. Pretty straightforward.

Jamie E.
YML Participant

Great resource and direction was given where I now have hope navigating the difficult path forward with guidance and accountability. Thank you!

Eden H.
YML Participant

Stacy was very helpful by asking me questions I hadn't thought of and giving me specific action steps about what I asked her. The recap email is also really nice so I don't have to worry about taking notes or forgetting what we discussed. Stacy also helped make the conversation easy and not as intimidating. Thank you!!

Quinn Z.
YML Participant

Thank you for your careful, detailed response! I will be taking all you said into consideration. I have some more research to do, based on what you said, and that's a good thing too.

Milan N.
YML Participant

Very detailed and helpful information. Got straight to the point and helped me navigate my question about life insurance. Second time using y’all and will be doing so more.

Jordan W.
YML Participant

Jayne is amazing, knowledgeable, optimistic and helpful. I am doing a much better job at saving and not using credit. Thanks for the coach and the Wayfinder's rallies!! 2023 was full of personal growth, as I am changing my mindset around credit. I look forward to what I will learn in 2024.

Reese O.
YML Participant

I am proud of the financial support we have been able to give staff with the collaboration with our team and Your Money Line!

Barry Gardner
Chief Financial Officer

I'm so thankful for the help you all provide. I've been stressed about student loan repayment and misunderstood something rather simple. Lisa was amazing and helped me realize my mistake without making me feel dumb or like I was wasting her time. Thank you so much!

Aspen M.
YML Participant

Stacy was well-qualified to answer the questions I asked. She was polite and trustworthy with her responses. I appreciated her time and knowledge.

Arlo E.
YML Participant

I think the cost per employee for what is offered here is really stellar. It's something like $50 per year per employee for the premium version, this includes financial wellness content, access to financial coaches, AND the premium function includes a debt/income management dashboard that I've seen sold as an entire app in other places for up to $120 a year accounting for it monthly; and that's without the access to the financial coaches. Our Account Manager has been super helpful, responsive, and resourceful.

Renn L.
HR Specialist

Steven G. did a great job of listening to my concerns and helping me plan the next right steps to strengthen my finances.

Mackenzie Q.
YML Participant

Great customer service on the business backend and working with their people on my personal finances has been delightful and enlightening. Zero judgement. Just solid advice with tons of good resources. Always available and willing to help. You all rock!

Gerard T.
Senior Benefits Manager

Once again, Maritza's advice is very practical and helpful. The 4% figure gives me something concrete to take to my Edward Jones person.

Taylor S.
YML Participant

Great first call with Lisa. Excited to use what this platform offers to start 2024 with the best financial habits.

Cameron Z.
YML Participant

Steve was very friendly and knowledgeable. I’m encouraged about my next financial steps. Thanks!

Barrett Y.
YML Participant

Lisa was very knowledgeable and helpful. She answered my questions and gave me good insight and food for thought. THANK YOU!!!!

Payton V.
YML Participant

Stacy was very compassionate and understanding. Great resources were also emailed to help me!!

Jesse C.
YML Participant

Stacy is a great communicator and listener. I appreciated her compassionate demeanor and sincere interest in helping me.

Parker V.
YML Participant

It's been clarifying to talk about my finances openly, and receive actionable feedback on how to continue improving. Thanks so much, Maritza!

Dylan I.
YML Participant

The website was fast and easy to use! I reached out with a question and had an answer by the end of the day. I look forward to familiarizing myself with the services you offer.

Sydney B.
YML Participant

Your Money Line provides consistent support for our employees, they offer tailored assistance through their monthly webinars and avaliability to speak with their financial advisors. All of our information is protected and we feel safe to share our financial struggles in order to push through them and be in a better financial state then before.

Marissa G.
Director of Human Resources

We offer a robust holistic well-being program and the financial wellness piece of that is extremely important to the Board and the County as a whole. It states that we want employees to be secure in their current financial status and be prepared for a bright future. We feel that YML is the perfect partner to help any of our employees achieve this if they so choose!

Rachel Beck
Benefits Analyst

Jayne is the most helpful and kind financial guide. I truly feel that she takes care of us and helps us see the big picture!

Phoenix R.
YML Participant

So very informative and understanding. Most of all real advice that pertains to my situation. Everyone has different issues and Lis understands what I going through. Thank you.

Finley N.
YML Participant

I didn't need any specific financial assistance but wanted to speak with someone about making sure I was on the right path. My goal was to talk to someone about making sure I'm making the right choice as far as setting up an emergency fund and where my money is going or could be going in the near future. Justin, my financial advisor, was very helpful in making sure my questions were answered. He gave great advice and definitely reassured me that I'm on the right track of saving my money how I want to.

Jules K.
YML Participant

Steven was great to talk to. He made me feel confident and comfortable talking about my finances and how taking this next step will help me reach my financial goals

Scout S.
YML Participant

Stacy is awesome! Always encouraging me and keeping me accountable to my goals! Thank you!

Rowan M.
YML Participant

Maritza was great! Helpful and concise. Pointed me in the right direction and I am looking forward to meeting with her again to further discuss.

Skylar L.
YML Participant

Maritza was so empathetic, informative, and helpful!

Riley H.
YML Participant

This past year, there’s been over a million dollars of student loan debt forgiven for my employees with the assistance of Your Money Line. This is one of the most positive employee relations initiatives I've ever been involved with.

Roger McMichael
Associate Superintendent

I appreciated the gentle reminder, and the appointment request process was super easy to navigate.

Morgan P.
YML Participant

This is the prefect blend of non- judgmental support and persistent accountability that we need to be successful.

Sawyer D.
YML Participant

Stacy was wonderful. Very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. Thank you!

Logan L.
YML Participant

I am really enjoying this service and an objective view to help create a realistic long term budget for my family :)

Ellery J.
YML Participant

I have loved my entire experience with your money line- especially getting to work with Stacy. This was a long, difficult and frustrating process dealing with PSLF but always, Stacy has been encouraging, given me accurate and timely information, and has walked with me through it all. Two more payments and I am at 120! I couldn’t have gotten here without Stacy and the experts at your money line! Thanks so much!

Oakley B.
YML Participant

This has been a great experience. I am learning so much and it is changing the way I look at my money and the stress I used to have at the end of each month. If you have an opportunity I would encourage you to make the first call.

Dakota J.
YML Participant

We teamed up with Your Money Line to provide an elite program for every single Eight Eleven employee! Every employee will have access to a dedicated & confidential phone line to ask their toughest financial questions. It is their very own Financial Guide, which is an awesome incentive! Our employees love this!

Paige Grumme
Executive Administrator

Justin was truly honest and knowledgeable. His advice was right on point. I appreciate his honest answers and feedback. Peace of mind having a good adviser.

Harley G.
YML Participant

Stacy was extremely pleasant to talk to and helpful. This was our first call to YML. I was trying to figure out how to get started. I think this will be a very useful tool to help us prepare for retirement.

Dakota W.
YML Participant

Financial stability is very important to employee health and wellness here at Walker. It really impacts other aspects of health. We feel that Your Money Line really provides that piece for us that was missing.

Lori Schneider
VP of Human Resources

I honestly loved talking with Stacy, she gave me so many referrals that can possibly help me. Stacy also gave me the option to call her directly if I wanted to. Thank you for all you do for your clients. I will be in touch soon. Thank you.

Charlie A.
YML Participant