We set your employees up for financial success

Money is complicated, and your team is busy. We’re here to help.
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Three paths to better finances
in one easy-to-use benefit


Give every employee a hub for their financial wellbeing

Each employee's account tracks their individual financial health and offers guidance toward healthier money practices
Measure financial health and gain insight into areas for improvement
Track progress and get unique recommendations at different stages of your money journey
See an aggregate view of company financial health in our admin dashboard
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Personalized advice from a real person

Access to certified experts

All of our Guides are Accredited Financial Counselors® and/or Certified Financial Planner™ practitioners, so your employees are in good hands.

1-on-1 empathetic coaching

Financial Guides meet employees where they’re at, shame-free, to discuss money challenges and develop an individualized approach to tackle financial goals.

Care beyond 9-5

Our guides are available by chat, email, or phone 5 days a week, 12 hours a day. Our product works with your team's schedule, so they can get the financial help they need.

Customized to your company

We collect a company profile, and our expert team uses your profile information to help come up with an individualized financial plan for each employee.

Learn to be a money expert with our library of resources available 24/7 


Access learning paths with custom info for every stage of your financial journey

Stability Academy

Stability Academy is our game-changing, long-term coaching program to improve your financial stability!

Expert Analysis

Read regular articles from our certified financial experts to keep you up-to-date on relevant financial topics. 


Join our CEO and our team of experts as they discuss what’s happening in the financial world weekly on our publicly available podcast 

We’re not just a service, we’re a partner.

We're invested in seeing you and your organization drive meaningful impact with YML. Your dedicated Client Success Manager will partner with you to implement YML, engage employees, and see results.

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Give your employees an easy-to-use software to help them tackle their financial goals.
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