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Is money keeping your team up at night?

Money is the leading cause of employee stress. We’re the financial coaching benefit that pairs empathetic humans and AI-powered software to help employees stress less about money—so your team can sleep soundly and show up as their best selves.

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Odds are... your team is financially stressed


Percentage of US adults who say they lose sleep over money worries at least some of the time


Percentage of employees who say they are stressed about money


Percentage of employees who lose sleep over the ability to pay household bills

Different faces. Same root cause of stress.


The employee who has a sick child with ongoing medical costs and doesn't know where to begin.


The employee who has student loan debt weighing down his monthly take-home pay.


The employee who is nearing retirement age and isn't sure she can afford to retire on time.


The employee going through an expensive divorce that is eating into his remaining savings.

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Stop by the YML Booth #1621 to learn about how you can address financial stress within your organization. Plus, enter to win a memory foam pillow!

Money is stressful. Don't let your employees do it alone.

Expert & Empathetic coaching. Smart & secure software. Happier & healthier employees.
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