December 22, 2023

2023 PTP Show Wrapped

In this week's episode, Dame, Kristen, and Pete review the year that was the PTP Show. We also hand-out our listener of the year award(s)!

Episode Transcript

Peter Dunn: [00:00:00] Last night was my very first soccer game. At age 46, I went and bought shin guards, tall socks. I owned boots already for some reason. And I played soccer against a group of men in Carmel, Indiana. As I recovered overnight from that level of exertion, which Kristen, it was, I believe around 50 minutes of activity.

I Think I burned around 900 calories according to my whoop strap. I wear a whoop strap overnight. My normal resting heart rate, Kristen, is 68, 69 beats per minute. What was my resting heart rate overnight as I recovered from the largest amount of exertion I've had in, oh, I don't know, years. What, what do you think my resting heart rate was this morning?


Kristen Ahlenius: was higher than right? Because your body was under stress.

Peter Dunn: Well, I mean certainly the director [00:01:00] of biometrics at your money line on how resting heart rate Yes, it was higher What do you think it was because the blood was being pumped right heel and do various things

Kristen Ahlenius: rebuild the muscles. Yeah Yeah, we think

Peter Dunn: 74.

74. It was 99. Yeah. I had a resting heart rate overnight, resting of 99, which Dame, that suggests that when it wasn't resting, it was much higher. Oh my. I feel physically as bad as a person can feel right now.

Damian Dunn: Think of all the extra calories you burned last night though.

Peter Dunn: I had a burger right after the game.

Kristen Ahlenius: Right on.

Peter Dunn: Protein

Damian Dunn: loading.

Kristen Ahlenius: That's wild because I feel like a hundred calories per ten minutes when I do cardio I'm like that feels pretty good to me. So you're saying that you did double that? Yeah, I

Peter Dunn: It wasn't good. My children and my wife are there to witness whatever it is [00:02:00]

Damian Dunn: Why did you do that that's a horrible

Peter Dunn: idea it really was in retrospect like I saw, I looked into my wife's eyes last night and whatever spark was left, I think I had gone like, I think she, she looked really just functionally disappointed.

Don't you

Kristen Ahlenius: wait a minute. Wait, don't you coach your kid's soccer team?

Peter Dunn: I do. And then like, I thought it was all the coaches we played and then all our sons were there. Like watching us and like last night when I went to bed I feel like Ted looked at me like, you know, like he was saying goodnight son to me

Damian Dunn: I have I have to know did you ask them to come or did they just say oh, we're gonna go watch this

Peter Dunn: I don't know how that went down. I'll say this at dinner last night I said, you know, I don't think I was the worst one out there and Ted immediately looked at the ground Looks so uncomfortable because he's [00:03:00] a really kind boy It wasn't a great,

Damian Dunn: and Christmas is just around the corner.

I mean, he's, he's not going to shoot himself in the foot

Peter Dunn: right now. Good morning. Happy last show of the year to Rick Swink Danza. Pinkins on time, buddy. Right at 10 AM. Look at you, Jason Brown, Jameson. Good day guys. Later in the show, we're naming our listener. Of the year, listener of the year. There are candidates.

One of the candidates is at least maybe two of the candidates aren't here yet. There's Sarah. Hello, Sarah. Andy, where are you, Andy? You were a candidate for listener of the year. Where were, where are you? This is embarrassing for you.

Damian Dunn: Could be a decision maker right there.

Peter Dunn: Decisions have already been made.

So we're going to have to, you know, whatever. Alright, here's what's on the show this week. Kristen, what are we doing?

Kristen Ahlenius: a Pete the Planner radio show wrapped, if you will.

Peter Dunn: And that's [00:04:00] a thing that kids do like

Kristen Ahlenius: Spotify wrapped, right?

Peter Dunn: Yeah. I Also have a story about Wayfair's CEO that came out overnight.

That is pretty interesting. Some comments he recently made, and we'll see if it's the right time of year to unleash those comments. And we may do some financial things, but we really have no intent on doing anything financial really on the show. Right. Excellent intention. Correct. Hi, Chris. Good to be with you.

Today, Chris with a K of course. DAve, do you ever wonder like Chris with a K there's no H involved? Not usually. Other than I believe Chris Middleton is a basketball player for the Milwaukee Bucks. I think he might have an H in there. He does. K H R I s

Damian Dunn: I don't think he had much of a say in it.

Peter Dunn: It is interesting because you look at the word, [00:05:00] the name Christopher.

You're like, okay, well, why is the H there? Do you need it? Well, Chris, I realize you're female. Yes, I understand that. But Chris Middleton, the H, is it for he? Is that why he has an H behind his K? I don't know. No one knows. This isn't going well, and here's why. Tonight's my comedy show, with my cousin Danny Dunn, various comedians.

So I, in about, oh, I don't know, what's the math here? Ten hours? I have to be funny. And I'm going on two hours of sleep, and I'm not feeling funny. So I'm leaving midday today from our office party. To go take a nap so I can be somewhat amusing for the hundreds of fans at Victory Field tonight.

Kristen Ahlenius: That might be the most on brand thing you've said on this show all year.

Peter Dunn: It is true. Chris just said in a class of 44 people, I had a classmate mate named Christopher, a male Chris with a K. Unbelievable. [00:06:00] Unbelievable. Jamin, Jamin, this is the sort of quality show we're doing today. Jamison notes people ask why I spell my name with the extra A inside. Do they not realize I didn't make that decision?

That's what I was saying, yeah. Yeah, right, yeah, exactly. Okay are you guys excited for listener of the year? Yes. Yes. I do. I don't feel like we gave it last year.

Kristen Ahlenius: I don't think so either because I don't think I've been a part of it. And I was here last year.

Peter Dunn: So

Damian Dunn: how did

Peter Dunn: we, Jameson is the all time best listener.

I think he won like a lifetime achievement award for listening to one year. And I believe Danza was the listener of the year. Do you think there was another listener of the year, Dame?

Kristen Ahlenius: No, so I, because I am who I am, I went back and looked at what the last episodes of the year were for the last couple of years.

And actually Tito Buckets has been on the show for the last episode for like the last two or three [00:07:00] years. Oh my gosh. And last year, Dave and I weren't on the show for the last episode, it seems. So maybe that's what Tito was. They were in studio together or two years ago. Two years

Peter Dunn: ago. Huh? Who knows? Man.

Okay, let's do a show, because upstairs the, your money line office pancake festivus parties going on. We're cooking bacon and an office building with no ventilation. We might get an email from the landlord. Hope you made it enough for everybody. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Rick Swink here. It was early January, 2023 2022 listener of the year.

Was yours truly interesting, Rick Swin. Whew.

Kristen Ahlenius: Sorry Rick, I

Peter Dunn: forgot Rick you were such an integral part of the show that we forgot that you won an award.

Damian Dunn: I'm sorry, to be fair, to be fair, I said didn't Rick

Peter Dunn: win Dame? You [00:08:00] did say

Damian Dunn: that. And I was summarily slapped down and

Kristen Ahlenius: said, No. I was distracted. I was at the

Peter Dunn: dentist.

It was the EDC episode. Oh, yes.

Kristen Ahlenius: Oh

Peter Dunn: my. I don't remember. What's EDC? Everyday Caring. Oh yeah, I forgot

Damian Dunn: you guys. Flashlights, knives, other

Peter Dunn: things. I'm not in the wrangler jeans crowd. I don't know. Damn. Do you own a pair of wranglers?

Damian Dunn: I'm straight. No, no, no. I might, but I don't wear them at this

Peter Dunn: point. Kristen.

Yes. Dan, what's your go to jean?

Damian Dunn: Made by a company, 5. 11.

Peter Dunn: Okay. Yeah. I wish I was 5. 11. I wear Hey Jeremy, hello to you. I I, I don't wear those jeans. I wear a different jean. Okay. Let's. Start the show. Very, this is going to be a great show. If you're thinking, man, this is the show. I needed to wrap my year.[00:09:00]

You are mistaken. I've picked the wrong day to get the worst night of sleep I've had in a decade. I'm in a Danny's gonna send me like the run of show for comedians like later this morning. Let's connect I'm like, I'm I don't want to take a phone call with them because he'll be like, hey, are you okay?


Jeremy says 511 genes are very tactical. Is that true

Damian Dunn: Dame? They have some pockets. I mean, they're not like, like, giant leg pockets. They have some, they have some, They're cargo pants. No, they're not

Peter Dunn: cargo pants. Dave, did you have parachute pants?

Damian Dunn: Of course, you didn't. We were the same age. You had parachute pants.


Peter Dunn: my gosh. I had a pair of teal parachute pants. Yeah. That looked so good. They were like the original joggers. You

Damian Dunn: know, yeah, absolutely. There's a Zubaz. Was that the name of the the, the ones that all the NFL players were had on the sidelines

Peter Dunn: too. [00:10:00] Yeah. Yeah. Man, parachute pants. I look good, but you know what?

I'll be honest. Like Viorey are basically like newfangled parachute pants. I have no idea what that is. I think to me. I found a new brand this week that I love. Oh no. I was in their store and I bought some things and the problem was I was on, I was shopping around, the guy was helping me and I was like, what about this?

He's like, Oh. You'll want to check out the other side of the store. So I was like going to try on things that were the finer gender. And he's like, I guess, but what's it really matter? And I'm like, you know, what does it really matter? The normal brand is the name of the brand. Spelled, spelled normal, which, you know what, for that, the normal brand, here's my criticism.

I love it. What I, what I purchased. Here's the thing. Their sizes are so weird. I bought [00:11:00] three pieces of clothing. One is a medium, one is a large, and one is an extra large. Welcome

Kristen Ahlenius: to women's

Peter Dunn: fashion. Wait, maybe I bought women's clothes. Okay, let's do the show. In three, two, one. This week on the Pete the Planner Show, we wrap up the year that was 2020.

Three and still is 2023. I'm your host, Peter Nicholas Dunn, born at Methodist hospital in Speedway, Indiana. Joining me today is Kristen Alanius and Damian Dunn. No relation. I don't know where he was born possibly in a barn, like. Jesus himself. Hello, everybody. Good day. That's the burst of energy. I think I had left for the day.

It's done

Kristen Ahlenius: now.

Peter Dunn: Oh, you remember the day when you, you know, we, we grew up, we all grew up in Indiana, right? And so you leave a door open and there's someone's like, why are you born in a barn? And it's like, Jesus Christ, [00:12:00] theoretically born in a barn. Like, so it's like, what's the, what's the criticism?

Kristen Ahlenius: Yeah.

Peter Dunn: Okay. All right. Continuing on. I don't know if you saw this overnight. This is a financial show. Oh that's not the breaking news. I just wanted to remind people who have happened upon this on their radio dial to be like, what am I about to listen to? We ask ourselves that every time. This is by definition, a financial personal finance show.

Correct? That's what they tell me. Damn overnight. CEO of Wayfair his name is Niraj Shaw says winning requires hard work. I believe that most of us being ambitious individuals find fulfillment and the joy of seeing our efforts materialize into tangible. Results, working long hours, being responsive, blending work and life is [00:13:00] not anything to shy away from.

There's a lot of history of laziness being rewarded. There's not a lot of history of laziness being rewarded without success. The article goes on to suggest that he's referring to 80 hour work weeks being his preference. For the good people of Wayfair, 15, 000 employees. Now look, I know this in 2022, they cut their workforce by 5%.

This is an article from cnn. com. One economist suggests that if they are suggesting 80 hour work weeks, that the way they could kind of get away with that is to increase everyone's pay by 50%. Thus you're getting two for the price of one and a half. Kristen, do you think around the holidays, as you go to wrap your year and you try to find peace and balance and all the things you look for, if your employer said.

Good job, [00:14:00] everybody, but we're doubling your hours next year. How does that hit you? How, how would that hit a person?

Kristen Ahlenius: I think that it totally depends on your audience, but even the most open minded audience to a statement like that, the timing is probably not so good. Yeah,

Peter Dunn: Dame, I, it's one thing like hustle culture I mean, and, and Dame, you know, how I feel, you know how I feel, hopefully how I feel.

Big hustle guy. Big hustle guy. But Dame timing is everything around the holidays. Where is is the thought here? Well, this is layoff season, which is the unfortunate nature of this time of year, is that be glad you have a job and by the way, double down and work 80 hours. Is that, is that the, the math I'm,

Damian Dunn: I'm.

Maybe he's trying to reduce the workforce even more without having to directly fire people and just encourage them to look for jobs elsewhere.

Kristen Ahlenius: That's interesting. So is he trying to just [00:15:00] naturally work with people that have a similar mindset to him? And then he doesn't have to go through the process of being like, well, we need to let 7 percent of

Peter Dunn: you go.

Here's where I struggle with this idea. I will possibly be way too frank in this conversation, but you know what? Who cares? I love people when they pursue excellence. Like, I love the idea of people pursuing mastery and giving it their all. But I honestly kind of stopped that short around 40 hours.

Like, I'm like, Hey, I'll take 40. Give me 40. You know I think to say, Hey, everyone, we're requiring the vast majority of people to do over 40. That's a, that's a bit much now. Do I work over 40? Yeah, but whatever. I, I, that's not my expectation even for the management team.

Kristen Ahlenius: I think it's [00:16:00] different too. I don't know what type of employees he's addressing when he says like, we should pursue excellence and work 80 hours a week. Is he talking about the employees that he's paying a minimal wage to be like, I think that they have like warehouses, right? Is he talking about like, you should pursue excellence and we're gonna pay you a, you know, a small wage to do that and like work you to the bone?

Or is he talking about like. people in leadership or in like on their, whatever their executive team looks like, who he's like, Hey, if you want to level up and we want to level up this brand at like the corporate level, I feel like those are different conversations. And I don't know who he was addressing in this because one feels a little bit better received to me than the other.

Peter Dunn: Yeah, but Dame, think about when you have had to push past 40 hours, the quality of your work diminishes. So even if he's talking to the higher echelon employee, it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. It's exactly

Damian Dunn: where I was going to go. [00:17:00] Once you get past a certain point, and that point's going to be a little bit different for everybody, but you're going to have.

Smaller output for, for whatever you're doing, your quality is going to go down. He'd be better off to say, in my opinion, you know, 40 hours, some mandatory overtime, and then we're going to hire some part time folks behind you. That we can come in, they can come in and do a very high quality of work for a shorter period of time.

We're going to be more efficient anyway, but saying 80 hours, is he looking to hire burnout investment bankers for these jobs? I don't get it.

Peter Dunn: Let me read the quotes again with, with the discussion we've had, let's see if it's possible that he was misunderstood. Okay. So let's try this again. Winning requires hard work.

Okay. So, so far we're in the clear, right? I feel like I've. I sent that in Slack, like, I'm okay. Niraj Shah and I are one, we're brothers. I believe that most of us being ambitious individuals find fulfillment in the [00:18:00] joy of seeing our efforts materialize into tangible results. We're still clean, right?

Yeah. Okay. Working long hours, being responsive, blending work and life is not anything to shy away from. There is not a lot of history of laziness being rewarded with success.

Kristen Ahlenius: Good. I don't know. That's where you lose me. Is, I think that maybe he's trying to combat, there's this really strong movement from like younger millennials and Gen Z that like when 5 o'clock hits you literally close your computer.

Like, And I think that he's maybe trying to combat that having a little bit more of a blend of work and life is still okay. But then you lose me with what was that very end of that

Peter Dunn: quote? There's not a lot of history of laziness being rewarded with success.

Kristen Ahlenius: So to say that if someone doesn't have that blend To [00:19:00] me, that implies that he's saying that you are lazy and that's where you lose me

Peter Dunn: together.

We can win much faster than we are winning now. If we all row in the, this direction together, let's be aggressive, pragmatic, frugal, agile, customer oriented, and smart. So here's the thing. Like, I don't know if there's just like, there's things not said in this article. It's not bad, but it's a, it's a headline on CNN.

So something went to miss, but, but there's elements that aren't terrible

Damian Dunn: here. Do his employees have like a whole bunch of equity in the company? Cause he keeps saying we win a whole lot. And it really seems like he might be talking about him winning through the efforts of others.

Peter Dunn: Well, it sounds like during the break, we're going to glass door and we're going to see, all right, coming up after the break, it's the Pete, the planner show.

Wrapped Kristen. Is that right? That's right. Yeah. The work has been done. I've been actually told hundreds of pages of [00:20:00] documentation have been put together to come up with what we're about to do. So that's next is our final show of the year. We're wrapping it up 2023 onto 2024. All right. So coming up over the break, the Pete, the planner show wrapped.

I'm Pete, the planner, and this is the Pete, the planner. Show who's on glass door any either of you All right, I'll do it you guys I'm reading this article over and over again and the headline I know I feel like it almost misrepresents because there was some bad. I mean it got weird Isn't he just giving a pep talk at some point?

Kristen Ahlenius: It totally, to me, it totally depends on who the audience was. Like Dame said, it's like, are there a lot, are there a lot of people that have potential financial gain in putting more hours in? Like, or

Peter Dunn: 3. 1 stars out of 5 on Wayfair. [00:21:00] That's not great. The CEO approval rating is 40%.

That's good. Well now I feel like I want to look what ours is. Should I do this on the air? Don't do that. I wouldn't recommend it. I shouldn't do it? Wouldn't recommend it. Why, have you looked? Of course I've looked. Not recently. Oh no. It's not. I'm looking. It's good. Oh lord. 100 percent CEO. Oh, approval. Oh, I seek the approval of others.

I think that would have straight ruined my year.

Damian Dunn: Live on the podcast.

Peter Dunn: Alright. Can you imagine? You have a 20

Kristen Ahlenius: percent approval

Peter Dunn: rating. Oh my gosh, you guys, I don't know if I'd be able to recover from that. I'm, I'm, I'm a bit of a wreck. That

Kristen Ahlenius: would be so bad.

Peter Dunn: Oh my gosh. Okay. Amazing co op experience less than one year at Wayfair cross functional environment.

Damian Dunn: Less than one year, but I worked 3, 000 [00:22:00] hours.

Peter Dunn: Where's the, 3. 1 does not seem great. Ours was five, I think. But again, it's fewer people. 28 percent believe there's a positive business outlook.

Kristen Ahlenius: That's not ideal.

Peter Dunn: You know, at the end of each year, I, in, in you think of this, if you like and comment, if you want, you can feel energized, you can feel de energized, you can feel optimistic about work for the next year.

You can feel pessimistic. You can think, Oh man, January 2nd is going to come fast and I'm just, I'm not ready for this. And I felt every way I felt every one of those ways over the last 25 years, especially when I was in sales and like you start at zero on January 1st. I have to say 20 seconds. The 22nd is the last working day of your money line for the year.

We, we take the rest of Europe. I'm feeling pretty energized. I'm tired right now, but feel pretty anxious. I'm ready for January 2nd. And you don't have to echo my [00:23:00] comments. I'm just saying, that's how I feel. I haven't always felt that way. That's a great sign. That's good.

Kristen Ahlenius: I'm happy for you.

Peter Dunn: Well, tell Glassdoor about it.

All right. Here we go. You ready again? Yeah. Three, two, back on the Pizza Planner Show, final show of the year. Don't panic. We're doing it again next year. I think, right? We're back? We get renewed? As

Kristen Ahlenius: far as I know, I just

Peter Dunn: show up. I just show up too. Kristen, you have a thing.

Kristen Ahlenius: Sort of, yeah. I thought it would be fun if we did, like, Spotify or like I got an email from Betterment about my 2023 in review.

I thought it would be fun to kind of do a little year in review for us on the show. So Dame and I, with the help of our wonderful Eleanor and our marketing team received the transcripts from the entire year's podcasts. How many do you want [00:24:00] to guess? How many pages? That was

Damian Dunn: going to be my first question.

Oh, I'm sorry. You know,

Kristen Ahlenius: Okay, well, I mean,

Peter Dunn: we can just start there. It's like 400 pages, right? Yeah.

Damian Dunn: 412 pages.

Peter Dunn: Of us talking? Yeah. Single spaced?

Kristen Ahlenius: Single spaced with no, like, breaks either. So, like, we're in, like, when you start talking, it doesn't, like, start a new line for when I start talking. Just all run together is 412 pages.

Peter Dunn: Wow. Can we, can we tell who was talking the most? No,

Damian Dunn: not at this point. AI has not caught up to

Peter Dunn: that yet. What would you, okay, I'm hijacking. What do you think? Kristen was like, this will this section will be like one segment as long as Pete doesn't hijack it well. Here's your hijacker. Here we go. What percentage of the time do we believe that each of us talk?

What percentage of the time? You

Damian Dunn: are 65%? Hmm.

Kristen Ahlenius: I [00:25:00] was thinking 50, 25,

Damian Dunn: 25. That was my initial thought, but I thought, no, Pete gets going and I think it's closer to 60, 65

Peter Dunn: percent for Pete. I would go 60, 20, 20. Yeah. There are some shows though, where I, I'm on one and I can't stop. Like I will. Go four minutes of the segment before I even look at you all.

But then I'll say this when, when it's like really technical financial question, I'm absent. All right, let's do it.

Kristen Ahlenius: Okay. I have, I want to go first. Cause then Dame has a really good one to make second. So the first one is how many times Pete. And Dane, Dane can guess this as well. But do you think Pete said, I'm [00:26:00] sorry?

How many times did you apologize to one of us or the listener in 2023?

Peter Dunn: Oh my gosh. How do I say it? Like, I feel like I say it. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Kristen Ahlenius: Like that. It's I mean, it's anytime you're that apology appeared. In the, the transcript. Mm-Hmm. In 2023,

Peter Dunn: maybe won a show. 50 Dame

Kristen Ahlenius: 28. pRice is right.

Rules. It was 51 times. You apologize. Don't

Peter Dunn: man, Los Ciento. Some add one in Spanish. There it is. Wow. I didn't realize I apologized that much. Quite a bit.

Kristen Ahlenius: Yeah. And it's usually . It's usually like. After a rant, because I was like looking at the text around it, and it's [00:27:00] usually when you get off on a tangent, you're like, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.


Peter Dunn: Now I want to know how many timeouts

Damian Dunn: I've called. Well, funny you should ask. How many times did Pete ask for a timeout in 2023?

Peter Dunn: Okay. Last week was like

Kristen Ahlenius: seven. Right. But I also feel like. That became more frequent as the year went on. Yeah.

Damian Dunn: So, this is just the number of times timeout appeared in the transcript.

Peter Dunn: Alright, Kristen, you wanna go first?

Kristen Ahlenius: I'm gonna say, like, one and a half ish, maybe, times a show. So, like, we're talking in, like, the 70 range, give or

Peter Dunn: take? I'm going 112. 62.

Damian Dunn: 62 timeouts. Okay.

Peter Dunn: David on Facebook Live suggests 187. It feels like 180. It felt like a lot of timeouts.

Damian Dunn: All right. Next question.

[00:28:00] How many minutes did we spend recording in 2023 hours, minutes, seconds, hours, minutes, seconds.

Peter Dunn: I think we, I think we do a best of probably every seven weeks or so.

Damian Dunn: This is the catch. You have to figure out roughly how many shows we did because if I told you how many shows we did, you could back into this pretty

Peter Dunn: easy.

I bet we did 40 Hmm. I bet we did 44 shows as my guess and we did an hour ish each time so it'd be 44 hours. I'm just gonna, I'm not trying to round, what do you got Kristen? That's low

Kristen Ahlenius: I bet because at the beginning of the year we had several shows that were over an hour. So I think he's low, you said what, 44?

Yeah. I'm gonna go 48.

Peter Dunn: 48 hours, okay.

Damian Dunn: Ladies and gentlemen, [00:29:00] we recorded 44 shows. Oh my gosh! I thought that was low for 43 hours, 10 minutes and 33 seconds.

Kristen Ahlenius: Did you share this doc? Because that was another like incredible

Peter Dunn: guest. You guys, what if like when I'm very tired, I'm a savant. What about like, what if we just discovered this mutation in me of when I do not get sleep?

Damian Dunn: What have you, what have you been sabotaging yourself with Miguel's all these years?

Peter Dunn: Oh, no, I got to work this morning to go to the Nespresso machine to pop a little brown juice in me cause I was tired and we were out. So then I had to walk to Starbucks Danza suggests I would be what's called an exhaustion savant and I believe I might be. Okay, that's a good one.

Damian Dunn: How many times did we say Stolen

Peter Dunn: Valor? I mean, I feel like it's come up six or [00:30:00] seven times this year. Kristen, what do you think? I

Kristen Ahlenius: think that Stolen Valor has absolutely been, I think that's an appropriate number of shows that it was mentioned on, but I feel like when you mentioned Stolen Valor, You really lean into it.

So I think for like maybe every show it was mentioned, it was mentioned maybe at least twice. So I'm going to say like a

Peter Dunn: dozen times. For those just tuning in for the first time, here's why I bring up Stolen Valor. I It It's one of those weird concepts that just out there in the ether that I find so odd, so nutty, and it just fascinates me.

It just, to no end, it fascinates me that a person like goes to the local 4th of July parade in a, in a costume that's not a uniform and ties, tries to take credit. For like serving our nation. I find that to be just wild. I mean, really like [00:31:00] crazy. I'm going to go, I I'm tickled by it. Like, honestly, it's not like a positive tickle.

It's more of a neutral tickle, dame. I'm going to go 38 times. I've said stolen dollar 38 times.

Damian Dunn: It appeared eight times in our transcripts this year. Really? What? Eight, eight

Peter Dunn: times. That's, that seems low. Alright, do we have, do we have any more? Cause we've got a minute left in the segment. I've

Damian Dunn: got a ton more.

How many guest hosts, how many guest hosts do we have this year?

Peter Dunn: Guest hosts? Five. Oh, that was pretty fast. We had Danny, we had Ellie, we had Ben we had Stacy. I'm gonna go five as well. Five, five is the correct number. Who was the fifth? Sarah,

Damian Dunn: Scorpion Honey.

Peter Dunn: Ah, yes. Yeah. Well, she was just a guest, not a host.

Okay, then four. All right. [00:32:00] All right, let's do this. Take a break. Everyone calm down. If you're just joining us on the Peter Planet show, it's the wrap up show. This is a financial show somehow. But throughout that we have other things that are going on. And so we we are wrapping it up for 2023 as we take a break and come back to join you.

I think the first show will be the 5th of no one knows it'll be in January. Calm down. Back in just a few minutes, the Pete, the planner show with more rap from 2023. I'm Pete, the planner.

I feel like is, are there any of these numbers that are just like you, you found something that was so ridiculously, like it's just a giant number. No,

Damian Dunn: no. And frankly, I'm, I'm a little, I don't know if some of these are right. To be honest, based on how much it seems like we talk or say some of these

Peter Dunn: things stolen valor feels like more than eight.

Damian Dunn: I agree. I agree. So I don't know. We're going to have to invest in our A. I. [00:33:00] to make sure that we do this.

Peter Dunn: Can we give listener of the year?

Damian Dunn: Do you want to do that now? Or do it in between the next one? We can do whatever we want. We're on a break.

Peter Dunn: That's right. Okay. I think we have to call an audible. Well, that's what I mean.

Yeah. So there, there are three candidates for listener of the year. I believe that's what we. Identified in slack. Did we not? Yes. Okay. The candidates for the 2023 listener of the year are big Rick Swank.

Andy and Caitlin Alenius nepotism nepotism. Now here's the thing, you know, pilot Jeremy had a, you know, a spotty 2023 wasn't here a lot. He was earning money for his

Damian Dunn: family, keeping people in the air. What a guy avoiding [00:34:00] green laser

Kristen Ahlenius: beams. I was so glad he was here for that show though.

Peter Dunn: You know, it's not on my craziness, Mount Rushmore, like stolen valor is, but putting lasers and pilots eyes is also on that list of fascinating things that is just like, what is it not?

I didn't

Kristen Ahlenius: know it was a

Damian Dunn: thing. I'm surprised you didn't know it was a thing. I mean, it seems like there were stories, news stories about that. But now I'm wondering if you were alive. When those stories happen, so here

Kristen Ahlenius: we

Peter Dunn: go. Dame, are you as tickled by Stolen Valor as I am?

Damian Dunn: I Think tickled might be the wrong phrase.

I am intrigued by it for sure. Weird. Yes. It, I don't, I just, I saw a story or a short video clip on, on a tick tock or something the other day about somebody getting busted for stolen valor. And I, I love watching those videos, but

Peter Dunn: That's, I [00:35:00] don't know, Kristen, is it weird for you? Is it a gender thing?

Kristen Ahlenius: No, I think it's, I mean, I think it's weird too, but I I saw one video one time, there was a guy in an airport, he had to get on the plane early. And I was like, it's pretty low, man. Like, pretty

Peter Dunn: low. Yeah, I think I, maybe you and I've talked about this in person before. Like I have a, And I'm just speaking for myself, not projecting, just talking about myself.

I have like a both a respect and a bit of a guilt for never having served our country in the military. Like I just do, it's personal. That's how I feel. I don't know if it's cause my grandpa served and some other relatives serve and I just didn't even cross my mind. Like I didn't, it was like, nah, it's not for me.

So I have some guilt around it. So the idea that, that a person who didn't would just be like, you know what? That, that, those special moments that we have as a society, like that's for me. Yeah. It's wild. I will also on that category, [00:36:00] people who park in handicap spaces who are in fact not disabled also maybe on the Mount Rushmore of just like, what, why, what are you doing?


Damian Dunn: don't get that at all. It's not like we as a society couldn't use more steps. I mean,

Peter Dunn: park further out. I can't today. I'm sore. Alright, so you guys, I'm giving a tie to listener of the year. Okay. Oh, I am. Here's the thing. Big Rick has had a tremendous year on the show. That's true. Big Rick was just so instrumental.

I mean, in so many moments, Big Rick was there for us, to hold us in his big hands, to cuddle us in his, in his proverbial bosom. He's regret

Kristen Ahlenius: it. He is regretting being a listener of the show.

Damian Dunn: I don't think he

Peter Dunn: is. So Big Rick is at least co listener of the year. I

Damian Dunn: mean, we, you kind of make the decision on this.

Peter Dunn: No, I am. I'm, I'm, I'm saying he [00:37:00] is at least, however, Caitlin's eliminated. Right. We, we, we do not, we do not sniff nepotism around here. There's enough nepotism with Damon. I, right, true. Andy is also co listener of the year 2023. She's not here to accept her award. Which is nothing. Although guys, what do you think I can send them these mugs?

I was,

Damian Dunn: I was hoping you would do

Peter Dunn: that. Yeah, let's do that. Alright, so Andy and Big Rick hit me up. yoU find me, I don't ask Pete will you com send me your dress, we will send you good vibes are all that's in the Budget mugs limited

Damian Dunn: edition. And a signed headshot from Peter Dunn.

Peter Dunn: I'll tell you this, though.

The funniest thing is if they arrived broken.

That would make it more special. Oh, yeah.

Damian Dunn: People would want to keep a broken mug around that [00:38:00] has the

Peter Dunn: label on it. And while we're at it Danza and Jameson, send me your address too, I'll send you a mug. Okay? That's fair. I don't know if I have mugs. I was gonna say, are you,

Damian Dunn: are you just writing checks our, our, our inventory can't cash right now?

I don't know if we have them. Ben is just upstairs furiously typing into a computer a new order

Kristen Ahlenius: for mugs. He's yelling at you in Slack. We have none of

Peter Dunn: these. Let's see. Am I getting hit up in Slack right now? Nope, everyone, I'm pretty clean. Great. That's good.

Kristen Ahlenius: Dame, how many more of these do you have?

Damian Dunn: I Have probably five or six.

Kristen Ahlenius: Okay. I have like four, so. Oh,

Peter Dunn: excellent. We can do this. I will say that Jason Brown has had a strong year too. Yeah. Also true. Definitely. Yeah. So Jason, keep fighting the good fight. And Brian, you too, buddy.

Kristen Ahlenius: Maybe next year you can win a broken mug.

Damian Dunn: And Jeremy, show up. And that's all we really need for you to pull [00:39:00] off a

Peter Dunn: listener of the year award.

All right, let's continue this, whatever this is, because I'm missing bacon upstairs. 3, 2, 1. Back on the Pete the Planner show, we're doing the Year in Review, which all of a sudden everyone calls The Wrapped. It's because of Spotify. It is. Kristen, you use Spotify? Yeah. Can, can, can we talk Taylor Swift real quick?

Kristen Ahlenius: Would you that's one of my Yes, we

Peter Dunn: can. I saw an article this week that some mom was very upset that of how much praise Taylor Swift gets because her lyrics Promote witchcraft, you know as someone who's never heard a Taylor Swift lyric beyond haters Don't hate or play or something like that. Come on. Is there witchcraft?

Kristen Ahlenius: I Do not believe that to be true

Damian Dunn: Well, of course, a Taylor Swift fan would say that she's already in the occult.

Peter Dunn: Yeah. Kristen, she's got you under her [00:40:00] trance.

Kristen Ahlenius: She might. I might not even know.

Peter Dunn: Okay. Wrapped your interview. Where do we go? Go ahead, Kristen.

Damian Dunn: Follow that

Kristen Ahlenius: up. Yeah. Jason Brown. It would be interesting to know how many times we brought up Taylor's left, even though she was banned from the show.

So how many times?

Peter Dunn: Early, it was so much T Swift, man. It felt like a

Damian Dunn: lot. We had news stories with the concerts and all the, the economic activity that that was doing for all the cities she was going to. I'm

Peter Dunn: on 25. It felt like a lot. I'll

Damian Dunn: do 18.

Kristen Ahlenius: 17. Whoa. So 18, if you include Pete bringing her up just now, so

Peter Dunn: nailed it.

Taylor Swift. You know, when we choose not to talk about something on this show. We certainly talk about it a lot.

Kristen Ahlenius: So true.

Damian Dunn: hOw many times did Kristen suggest Pete get therapy [00:41:00] on the show in 2023? Is this

Peter Dunn: on or off the air?

Damian Dunn: On, it was in a segment.

Kristen Ahlenius: oKay. So Dame told me that that was going to be one of them.

I didn't like look it up and I was like, I would not do that. Dame was like, well,

Damian Dunn: you would. I have transcript proof that you did.

Kristen Ahlenius: The end. And I thought about it for a really long time and I now recall when I said it and so I'm going to say that once on the air I suggested that maybe Pete needed to seek therapy.

Peter Dunn: I think I remember once, but here's the thing we have a lot of believers in therapy here at Your Money Line. So it feels like at least once a week someone is trying to get me into that world. And I'm not reluctant by the way, and I would benefit from it. I'm going I'll go two. I'll go two if she's going one.

It was

Damian Dunn: one. Kristen, do you do you think you want to take a shot at the context around that?

Kristen Ahlenius: I know exactly when it was because he told me he had a dream that I won some award that he actually didn't even care about he [00:42:00] claimed. And I was like, and it was from months ago. He brought that up this year and that happened last fall.

And I was like, Maybe some therapy for the unresolved feelings that you have around that time of your life would be

Damian Dunn: ideal. Yeah, it was Kristen, you won an Emmy for a news piece that you did on Al Jazeera. In a dream. Ohhh. Yeah. And, and Pete was congratulatory, of course, but was secretly very mad about it in his dream.

Peter Dunn: Yeah, I have weird grudges. As you've grown to learn, one of them is definitely about never winning a local Emmy. That is top, top three professional grudges.

Kristen Ahlenius: And as someone, to be clear, as someone who has a degree slash certification in financial therapy, I'm a huge advocate. So that wasn't, if this is your first time listening to the show, I'm not suggesting he seek therapy as like, that's not a negative thing to me because I don't need that.


Peter Dunn: [00:43:00] why I don't seek therapy. If we may, let's just do it. Because, as my wife has agreed, Mrs. Planner, I would just try to entertain my therapist. True. It would just be a complete waste of money. Like, because what happens is I have to break down like the walls of of uncomfortableness with humor. And then the more serious it got, the more I'd lean in.

This is why I used to get in trouble in school. It's because you have like a serious teacher or a sub and I just kept going and I feel like I would do that with a therapist.

Kristen Ahlenius: If I may their job is to navigate that. So I

Damian Dunn: think a highly qualified therapist would just absolutely take you out of these when you started doing that and you'd just be

Peter Dunn: left, you know, no, but the thing is, I would want [00:44:00] to be rewarded with laughter.

Like I, you know, like I make a witty comment. I wouldn't want them to like, just if I let's say I see them and just outlandishly funny. They're just like, take a note. I would go nuts. That's

Damian Dunn: That's very interesting. Why do you think that is,

Peter Dunn: Peter? Oh my gosh, I would leave. Anyway, sorry, we're on the air.

Correct. No, still.

Damian Dunn: Yeah oh, where is it? How many times leads in nicely? How many times do we have to warn Pete that we

Peter Dunn: stream on LinkedIn? I'm going seven.

Kristen Ahlenius: We started streaming on LinkedIn kind of late, but I think it's maybe a little less than that, less than 10, but so like maybe nine,

Damian Dunn: six, six times we had to warn Pete that we stream on LinkedIn.

How many times did we mention Jeremiah and then apologize to

Peter Dunn: Jeremiah? It's gotta be 50. It's gotta be 50. Cause it feels like close to once a show, but if it gets mentioned in a show, [00:45:00] then it's. Sometimes twice in a show. I

Kristen Ahlenius: feel like it's less than that. I feel like it is thirty times.

Damian Dunn: Forty mentions of Jeremiah with nine apologies.

Peter Dunn: laughter That's so funny. That's really funny. For those that don't know, Jeremiah sent me an email once that he was he feels it's rude to the listeners when I say hey, we gotta do a fast show today cause I'm busy. He says it's hurtful. So now I just apologizing to him when we got to get going and then

Damian Dunn: he he had a tweet about it this week or something similar to that, to which I said, I'm sorry, there's nothing we can do.

He brought this upon himself. So I agree. I guess that that's off the air. So that one didn't count. That apology did not count. Sure. Kristen, you want to use

Kristen Ahlenius: one of yours? Sure. How many times since I earned it just this summer, did Pete make reference to my master's degree? And I will add in almost always a [00:46:00] like sarcastic tone.

Oh my

Peter Dunn: gosh!

Kristen Ahlenius: Well, she has her master's degree. How many times, I just earned it in like August. How many times have you

Peter Dunn: brought it up? Well, here's the thing. I don't bring it up enough. I think it's great that you have it. I disagree with that statement. Well, I, I think it's contextual to the show. I think it's important context.

I, I'm not bringing anything of substance. We could have someone with some substance. I think people would listen more. You think I bring it up sarcastically? Well, I

Kristen Ahlenius: think that like. I think it's all in good fun, but I think that the tone is often like, well, since she has her master's degree.

Peter Dunn: You know who would think that and feel that way?

No. Someone with a master's degree. Oh my. I would say 10 times.

Damian Dunn: I will say eight.

Peter Dunn: It was nine. Ah, we know the show. That's the thing. It's true. World's worst guesser, Kristen, it's got to be in there, right? [00:47:00]

Damian Dunn: We also, we tried to figure out how many times Kristen lost this year, but it was just taking too much time

Peter Dunn: to figure out.

I was thinking about this last night. Kristin has actually gotten better at Blom. That is true.

Kristen Ahlenius: A lot better. You guys have bullied me into being

Peter Dunn: better. Yeah, that's how bullying works.

Damian Dunn: That's good intention. All right, one more. KrIstin, should we do one of yours? Or should we try and figure out the number of times Pete reminded the audience that he and I aren't related?

Not counting today. There

Kristen Ahlenius: it is. How many times that you're not related? All right, we

Peter Dunn: did 44 shows. I think I do it probably.

One outta one and a half shows. I, I, I'd say like 29. I

Kristen Ahlenius: think that it is less than that. I think it's like 24.

Damian Dunn: According to the transcripts, it was only three times this year.

Peter Dunn: No, that's wrong. [00:48:00] That's wrong. No, I, I think about not being related to you all day. I

Damian Dunn: complaint. Complaint to our data compiler.

Peter Dunn: Not me.

Alright, well thank you Allie. for taking time out of generating opportunities for our business development team to compile a list to compile that list. We really appreciate it coming up after the break, biggest waste of money of the week and the last news segment of the year. All of that's next on the last Pete, the planner show of the year.

I'm Pete, the planner. I feel like the radio audience is going to be like, what, what is

Damian Dunn: nobody's paying attention to us

Kristen Ahlenius: this week. They probably feel that way more often than just today, though.

Peter Dunn: I don't, I would love some level of market research of even the, even the negative. Like, okay, you're listening to it.

Why do you turn it off? My gut tells me because. [00:49:00] The host thinks he's funny and he's not like, I think that's number one. It has to be. Yeah, it has to be,

Kristen Ahlenius: honestly, but it's also a big reason why a lot of people like the show, you just have to decide who, like,

Peter Dunn: I tell myself that, Kristen, I'm not sure it's the truth.

I think it's the truth, but I don't think it's the truth.

Kristen Ahlenius: Then why do people listen

Peter Dunn: to the show? I think, cause they think Dame's handsome. Oh, that's where they listen to the show. Yeah. Well, you paint a picture of your jawline with your words. Oh my. tHe show is, the show is the best part of my week.

Every week. I don't know how you all feel, but like, clearly I don't put a lot of time into it. It's the, it's an hour. And then I edit it for five minutes and send it to the radio affiliates. It's fun, though.

Damian Dunn: It is. I've told Kristen multiple times that I look forward to Friday morning way more than I probably should [00:50:00] professionally, but it is

Peter Dunn: easily my best part.

Danza had a question. She said serious question earlier, and I forget what that was. Remember what it was? I'm lucky. Oh. Oh, here's a question. If the radio show doesn't get renewed, do we

Kristen Ahlenius: still get a podcast?

Peter Dunn: No. No. No. Oh. Cassie. I mean, Dame is handsome and that's why, listen, your wife came on here to say that?

Damian Dunn: Apparently, her call

Peter Dunn: must have finished early. Jeez. I didn't realize that. She was struggling with her vision too. All right. So. I'm just kidding. Cass before the show, Dame told a story about him in an inor indoor soccer game. And he said that if he ever goes to do something like that again, you remind him of the moment.

That was not his proudest moment which I'll

Damian Dunn: take to the, it's fine. I, I got punched in the face in an indoor soccer seed league soccer match. It was great and the best part. We were playing a team of attorneys. That's right. An attorney punched me in the face right

Peter Dunn: on. [00:51:00] Yeah. I mean, if the show gets canceled, like the radio show, again, this is the dumb part about my whole dumbness.

We have a much bigger podcast audience than the Yeah. Millions of downloads. Millions. There's no way that millions of people have listened to our radio show. Right. You don't know that. I'm pretty sure of that. There's

Damian Dunn: four people in my household that have listened to it.

Peter Dunn: sO the local, I think I've told you this before, the local radio station that we air on our flagship station does a radiothon every year.

It's like salvation army and, and you basically like all the hosts come and they, they host the, like do live radios like, all right, can we get donate Sally? We're going to send you a pound cake for your donation and you do that sort of thing. And I've done it a couple of times. They stopped asking me to do it.

And in my head, it's for some reason that I don't know, right? [00:52:00] It's like I said something I do remember. I think I was, I heard a cat meow once and I tried to talk to this callers cat because you get live callers. I think that may have been my last year because I just kept going with the bit. I didn't stop and the person was like, ha ha ha.

And I was like, no. Please put the cat on and then I think that was my last year. Well, could've been. Decisions were made. I know. That's how it happened. That's why, this show will get cancelled. Someone's gonna be like, you know what? At some point. I kind of embrace it. It's like, at some point someone's gonna be like, this is actually stupid.

What are we doing?

Damian Dunn: Will they, since I've never been canceled on the radio before, will they say like, okay, the end of the month, we're, we're canceling, or will they just say, hey, don't bother sending us a show anymore? Well,

Peter Dunn: you remember how my indie star column got canceled? Yeah. Right. So, I sent them my column, I sent them my [00:53:00] column, and then they just didn't print it.

And I emailed them, they're like, oh yeah, we don't run your column anymore. I was like, wow, that's an interesting way to find out. But then the dumb thing was like the next week USA Today was like, I will still take it. It's like, wait, my local paper is not taking it. But it's so weird. That's the thing about any level of notoriety is that it will always recede.

You know what I mean? It will always come back. You will always have some slight fall. And that in itself is humbling.

Damian Dunn: I will I will just ask you to reconsider not doing the podcast if if we get canceled on the radio.

Peter Dunn: Just depends when it is. I've

Kristen Ahlenius: never had notoriety, so I can't say. You've been on

Peter Dunn: Al Jazeera and I haven't.

Oh boy. Okay, let's do this. You can see that People can put like a little emojis and icons or icons. Is that what icons [00:54:00] anyway? At some point someone laughed, two people laughed during the show. And I don't know when they laughed because it can see like two people have laughed with an emoji. But I don't know when it was and now I'm thinking when was it, you know, bacon's upstairs three one.

This week's biggest waste of money of the week right here on the pete the planner show is I'm sharing it. Everyone's settled down the hp smart tank all in one printer hp's inkjet printers have been dependable home options For years with a smart tank, 5101 all in one. They're even better. The eponymous timeout granted.

I thought we went off the air. Am I saying eponymous, right? I have no

Kristen Ahlenius: idea. Sure.

Peter Dunn: E P O N Y M O U [00:55:00] S eponymous. Mm, run with it. I'm picturing a hippopotamus. I

Damian Dunn: was just saying does he have, does he have a cooler brother that's hip, maybe hip?

Peter Dunn: The eponymous tank holds up to two years or 6,000 pages of ink, which is included in the box, and have a proprietary spill free refill system. Time out, Kristen, I want you to say proprietary spill free refill system five times fast.

Kristen Ahlenius: Right. Proprietary spill free resource system, refill, refill,

Peter Dunn: self healing wifi provides a dependable connection for all devices via the HP app.

I'm out. The Skynet is real. It's self healing. They're admitting, Oh yeah, this is going to break. This is going to break allowing for wireless scanning, copying, printing with the ladder supporting borderless photos, [00:56:00] smart illuminating buttons to make on device use a breeze and built in HP wolf essential security protects the printer from cyber threats currently 60.

Off. Off. What

Kristen Ahlenius: was that?

Peter Dunn: Off. Kristen, what do you think the current price is for the HP Smart Tank 5101 all in one printer?

Kristen Ahlenius: I loathe printers. If it's 60, so we're guessing the sale price to be clear? Yes. I think it is 198.

Peter Dunn: Jeez. 149. The answer is 189. Ugh. Here's why it's the biggest waste of money of the week.

They would have to pay me 189 to have a home printer. Home printers never work. They're [00:57:00] always out of ink. They always disconnect. They never work. No matter we've sent people to the moon, we got a cat video sent from like Mercury this week or something like that through space, we can't have a home printer that works.

It's absurd. Every home printer is a complete waste of money.

Damian Dunn: miNe just ran out of ink. And I asked Mrs. Advice should we buy more ink? Should we buy a new printer or. We've had really good luck with our printer connecting and printing wirelessly. It's, it's been pretty fantastic, but now we have to pay for liquid gold if we wanted

Peter Dunn: to continue running.

Dane, what's in the news this week? Once high

Damian Dunn: flying, Bird filed for bankruptcy this week. The electric scooter company, which was once the fastest startup to reach 1 billion valuation, sought chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this week. Bird, founded in 2017, went public via a Back in 2021 with a 2 billion value at its debut, but just a year later, it was already looking [00:58:00] more like a sad scooter ditched by the side of the road with a 70 million value.

It was delisted from the New York stock exchange in September after its share price dropped even further. And the company hopes to use bankruptcy process to sell off its assets. Bird said it's Canadian and European units are not part of the bankruptcy and will operate normally.

Peter Dunn: Okay, here's the thing on Twitter in, oh, here we go.

December or November of 2018, I said I was going to hire a skywriter to write. I told you. So. over the city of Indianapolis when bird scooter files for bankruptcy, it's, it is. It is documented on X. I saw it. I saw it. I never want a person to lose their job. And to suffer the instability of unemployment ever, ever.

But those people littered our [00:59:00] sidewalks full of crap. I'm so glad that they're gone.

Kristen Ahlenius: Is it, my question to the two of you, do you think that it's It's not the, the scooter that's the problem with the business model, correct? It's because like there are other, like you can, when I lived in Texas, it wasn't that, like that brand.

It was a

Peter Dunn: horse. Uber. Jump on a horse.

Kristen Ahlenius: Uber had their scooters everywhere. So we all are terrible. Right, but I'm saying like that's a viable like transportation option, especially in warmer places. It's just that Bird couldn't make it happen, right?

Peter Dunn: My beef is with just the whole concept of like, hey, we're going to obstruct a pedestrian's walkway as part of our business model and then just blame the user.

Kristen Ahlenius: Well, the user could not leave it. On the

Peter Dunn: sidewalk. Have you met a person, Kristen? I don't know. I don't know if you know [01:00:00] anyone

Kristen Ahlenius: Okay, touche.

Peter Dunn: Dave, what else is in the news?

Damian Dunn: Pour some eggnog out for natural Christmas trees, Pete. According to a survey from the American Christmas Tree Association, yes, that's real, 77 percent of Americans who display a tree this year will choose an artificial one.

That coincides with the boom for artificial trees in 2023, the U. S. will import nearly 450 million fake trees, most of them from China, up from 190 million a decade ago. Consumers tend to prefer consistent appearance and cost savings over time per the survey. Meanwhile, there are fewer and fewer real Christmas trees to go around following the 2008 financial crisis when many farmers pivoted to planting crops.

That don't take seven years to

Peter Dunn: grow. Dame, did Kristen get kicked out of our meeting?

Damian Dunn: I think she just got sick of us and left.

Peter Dunn: Hilarious. Wonder if she didn't pay her internet bill because she spent all [01:01:00] her money on bird scooters. Did

Damian Dunn: she go cut the line outside of her house

Peter Dunn: again? Dame, you mentioned eggnog and real Christmas trees.

I have a sad admission. I'm an Americana sort of person from like, traditionalist in various aspects of my life. I have never had a real Christmas tree and I've never drank eggnog. I've never

Damian Dunn: had eggnog, but I have had a real

Peter Dunn: Christmas tree. Do you guys go real now or do you go

Damian Dunn: artificial? Artificial. I mean, okay, so here's the next question.

Boy, this could be really telling. How many Christmas trees do you have in your house?

Peter Dunn: That's a great question. We, Mrs. Planter and I bought a Christmas tree in December of 2000. So we got married in July of 2000. It's the same Christmas tree we've owned this entire time. It's actually nice. We have two small trees in our front porch.

Little outdoor little things. And then I think the kids have like tensely ones for the room. So that would be five total.

Damian Dunn: We have. If I count the ones, I think the kids have, maybe there's just one [01:02:00] back there. That would be nine in our house.

Peter Dunn: Nine Christmas trees. What? Yeah, nine trees. What in the world?

Kristen, I'm guessing you have a tree? I have a

Kristen Ahlenius: tree.

Damian Dunn: To be fair to myself, we call some of those just winter trees, because they stay up after Christmas, so they're like they don't have ornaments, they just have some lights, and it's Winter trees? Yeah, winter trees, because it's dark and gloomy and horrible, and so we have some things just make our ambiance

Peter Dunn: a little nicer.

Isn't that like calling a Halloween costume your fall look? It's like, Oh I'm a pilot. It's like, you're a pilot. It's like, no, it's just my fall look. Stolen Valor. Stolen Valor. Oh no. Dane, what else is on the new?

Damian Dunn: Americans are spending more this holiday season, but not on presents that go under the tree.

While prices for toys and electronics started to come down just in time for Christmas, people are shelling out much more for dining, entertainment and tickets. According [01:03:00] to Bank of America. How's that Bank of America pick coming?

Peter Dunn: I will tell you right now, I'm going to hit the S and P 500 pick this year on the nose.


Damian Dunn: Thanks. So we've still got some time. Anyway, sorry, financial professionals and economists say spending money on experiences delivers a longer lasting joy than buying stuff. Investing in more quality time is also normally good for your bottom line. I'd love to see the research on that.

Peter Dunn: Me too. Kristen, did you buy any experiences for anyone this year?

Yes, I did. Dave? Yes. Me too. Same. Last show of the year. Thank you, everyone, for listening. We so appreciate you being part of what we do here at the Pete the Planner Show. We'll be back in 2024 to answer your money questions. AskPete at PeteThePlanner. com. Sending you good vibes, because good vibes are all that's in the budget.

I'm Pete the planner. This is the Pete the planner show. Oh man. I can just hear the like Christmas Johnny Cougar playing right after that. [01:04:00] He needs a Christmas album. That would be great. All right. Each of you get a little jump on your soapbox, say your end of the year goodbyes and whatever you want to say to people.

Well, you can't make up a speech on the go. I mean, you're winning all these awards on Al Jazeera. Kristen, you're first.

Kristen Ahlenius: I don't have anything to say. Hold on.

Peter Dunn: Let me go solo for you there. Kristen, tell everyone, tell everyone how you feel, Kristen.

Kristen Ahlenius: I, This is not my therapy session. I will say, though, that Pete, you said that this is the best part of your week.

And I didn't chime in immediately, but it is the best part of my week as well. I hate missing the radio when I can't be here. And the audience is obviously part of that, but the two of you as well. So I just appreciate everyone maybe a little more this time of

Peter Dunn: year than normal. All right. That's very kind.

Dame, say your 2023 goodbyes.

Damian Dunn: Likewise appreciate everybody that's chimes in and joins us from week to week. Love doing the show with Pete and Kristen, but [01:05:00] having those of you that join us regularly and even sporadically, you know, who you are is a, is a great joy for us on a week to week basis.

So appreciate everybody from being here and we look forward to 2024.

Peter Dunn: Yeah. So this show is you know, it's, it's three people who like each other. Most of the time they will admit to liking me. And we just have fun. Our company is committed to helping people with their financial lives. And this is one of the outlets of that.

And so it's been a lot of fun to do. And the community we've built online has been a lot of fun too. So let's have a great 2024. We're going to come back with. Stock market prediction results, as well as the new picks for next year in 2024. Congrats to Andy and big Rick swing. The listeners of the year, your mugs are on the way.

Everyone else, we love you very much. Stay getting money.