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Meet YML Plus: The smarter way to increase employee financial health

The hype for AI is higher than ever. With the rise of ChatGPT and generative AI, every day companies are finding new ways to deploy AI to solve previously complicated and time-intensive problems.

This disruption applies to the world of wellness too—across mental, physical, emotional, and financial health, there have never been more powerful tools in the hands of employees to help them live healthy lives. We’re convinced these new fangled technologies will shape the wellness benefits of the future.

That’s why we’re excited to launch the latest addition to Your Money Line—Your Money Line Plus!

Here’s the quick overview of what our newest offering brings to the world of financial wellness:

  • See all your accounts in one place - Connect 16,000+ types of accounts to track your entire financial life (banking, debt, retirement, investments, and more!) in one convenient and powerful tool
  • Get AI insights on your money - Benefit from 300+ intelligent suggestions about spending, duplicate charges, changes in subscriptions, savings, unusual charges, and more
  • Talk to a guide via text  - We’ve added texting to our financial coaching offering, so you can text a certified financial guide from your phone. That makes access to expert advice simpler and speedier than ever before. 
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) - We’ve added MFA capabilities for all companies using YML Plus for an additional layer of protection and security around employee accounts.

We’re excited to be pioneering new technology in the financial wellness space—and there are three key reasons we’re excited to get YML Plus out into the world and into the hands of employees.

1. It’s impactful. 

Account integration and AI suggestions use technology to encourage healthier financial habits and increase employee financial wellbeing 24/7, not just when talking to a coach. People using this technology saw 30% higher financial scores and 25% higher savings rates—that’s real change in the money lives of real people.

2. It’s bank-level secure.

We use bank-level security from MX to connect and secure accounts. Our software and AI only view accounts and offer suggestions, we don’t control your money in any way.

3. It drives engagement.

We have more accessible coaches and more industry-leading technology than any other financial wellness alternative in the market. That makes it easier than ever for employees to get financial guidance and take advantage of their wellness benefits.

This is just the first step of how we're integrating AI and new technologies into our product—and we've got lots more where that came from over the coming months. We can't wait to show you more. If you're intrigued by how YML Plus could help your employees, here to watch a quick demo and jump on a call with us to see more.

Here's to the future of financial wellness! 

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