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Meet Jayne Larson

Up next in our ‘Meet the Expert’ series is our Financial Guide, Jayne Larson, Accredited Financial Counselor®. She lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and has worked for Your Money Line since 2022.

Q: What got you interested in personal finance and coaching? 

A: It's quite the story, but to make it short, my parents filed for bankruptcy and then filed for divorce and I saw the struggles my mom went through as a single mom. I knew she was doing the best she could with the knowledge she had but there were things she could have done better. I want to help people find that better way and know there is hope in their financial journey. 

Q: Do you have any pets? 

A: We have a Shih Tzu named max. 

Q: What do you love about being a Financial Guide? 

A: I love seeing people's situations transform from where they are now to where they have always wanted to be. That transformation process can be hard and a little hairy at times but it is also really special when all the pieces start to fall into place. As a financial guide, I get a front-row seat to observe and help them put everything together. I love when you can hear the relief in their voice when something good happens or their joy when they are now able to do something they had only dreamed about. 

Q: What’s your favorite financial topic to discuss/help people with? 

A: I love talking about credit and debt! There is so much misinformation out there that needs to be cleared up. 

Q: If you gave a 10-minute Ted Talk today what would it be about?

A: Oh gosh, hmmm…. Probably how we should stop judging people. Literally, our only job is to be kind and love someone exactly where they are at right now…I suppose this relates to finance in that, as a financial guide, I truly don't care where you spend your money. People always think we are going to tell them that they need to stop eating out or having any fun, which just isn’t true. What I really care about is your motivation to do better and your ability to meet your goals. Everyone finds themselves in a crappy situation every now and then, what matters is what you do with that situation moving forward.

Q: What is your biggest win as a Financial Guide so far? 

A: My biggest win so far as a financial guide has been helping participants go from not being able to cover their bills and not having savings to being current, finding and applying margin appropriately, and continuing to put one step in front of the other.

Q: Share a moment with a participant that impacted you.

A: After reviewing a participant's current circumstances they had a moment to reflect and celebrate a small win they had. It wasn’t something that I think most people would have hardly recognized but for them, it was a big deal and they could be proud of the progress they made. It helped remind me that every single accomplishment is important no matter how small or seemingly insignificant it is to other people. 

Q: What’s a hobby that brings you joy?

A: I really enjoy arranging flowers. I worked at a flower shop as a floral designer in college and absolutely loved it! It's about the only creative bone in my body I’m actually good at!

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