Walker prioritizes exceptional benefits to support the well-being of their staff. While retirement plans formed the core of their financial offerings, the Walker leadership wanted to go farther with their corporate wellness plan. "What was missing was that human touch—the live support our employees needed to navigate financial hurdles," explained Lori Schneider, Vice President of Human Resources. 

Walker partners with Your Money Line to fill this gap and provide a financial wellness solution. This includes financial education resources, online tools, and one-on-one coaching with dedicated financial guides.

The impact was immediate. In just months after implementing Your Money Line, 40% of employees utilized the new financial wellness benefit to take control of their finances. 

"What we really liked about Your Money Line was how tangible it was to make an immediate and everyday impact on our employees’ lives," said Jack Walker, Senior Vice President, Client Services. The one-on-one coaching YML provides is invaluable to Walker. "There's a lot of trust and relief that comes when you can work with the same financial guide who understands your personal situation. It’s nice to get advice without worrying they have any other motive or are trying to sell you something."

Jack is a new dad, and he, too, tapped into the guides for advice on college savings strategies. “They were empathetic with my situation. They answered all my questions that I couldn’t from reading anything online. I got the questions answered that gave me the confidence to set up a 529 plan.” 

For Walker, investing in employees pays dividends. As Lori noted, “Our employees are critical to our success as a business. If our employees are taken care of, our clients will be as well.” By going beyond traditional benefits to offer personalized financial guidance, Walker sets itself apart with a competitive advantage in retaining and attracting top talent. “As a small business, benefits are an area where we can be creative, offering unique and impactful options to our employees that ultimately allow us to be competitive in the talent marketplace,” Jack explained. 

Providing personalized support for early-career wellness

Brittany, a Senior Engagement Manager at Walker, represents how personalized guidance from Your Money Line has empowered her on her financial journey. 

Like many recent grads, Brittany graduated college in 2020 and needed help and resources to understand how to manage her finances. 

"It's not something you learn in school very often. Starting out young, I wanted to set myself up for success," she explained. With debt like student loans and credit cards, Brittany wanted to develop a solid financial plan, so she called a financial guide. 

Access to Your Money Line gave Brittany the confidence and knowledge she needed, especially since her student loan repayments will restart in October (this is true for many young workers and will create additional financial stress). "I haven't had to pay student loans yet, and I know that will be a big monthly chunk. It was good to face that expectation upfront and have a plan going into it," she noted. 

Brittany also took advantage of YML's online software. "I'm a self-learner, so being able to look at the assessments, money trackers, and more really helped me take control of my finances."

Overall, having financial guidance accessible through Walker has kept Brittany on the right path. "I feel a lot more confident now that I have a plan and have faced the numbers. I know what's going to happen," she said. 

For Brittany and employees like her, YML has delivered financial empowerment. It's shifted mindsets from negative to positive, using money as a tool to build security rather than stress. 

Delivering financial stability to busy, working parents

Jane Voss, Executive HR Assistant at Walker, turned to Your Money Line to find stability amidst the chaos of work, family, and finances. Like so many working parents with two kids and daycare costs exceeding their mortgage, money was top of mind. 

"I'm very detail-oriented and want to know where my money is going," Jane explained. 

Jane and her financial guide created a plan to pay off debt before the upcoming daycare costs. "My guide walked us through how to pay off things to reach our goals and held us accountable," said Jane. Through personalized advice, Jane prepared for future objectives, tracked spending, and built up savings month to month. 

The impact is clear. "YML helps me feel more confident in the money I'm spending. It relieves anxiety and makes me feel prepared for the future," Jane described. 

Thanks to YML’s financial guides accommodating busy schedules, Jane found the time she needed to rein in her family’s finances. "They were really good at being available for people who work all day and have kids to take care of," she said.

Jane also recognizes how rare it is for employers to offer such a benefit. "Having YML to call whenever I need help is a sigh of relief," she said. "It shows how much Walker cares about employees as a whole."

For Jane and many others, YML delivers the expertise and understanding needed to balance busy lives with financial wellness.

Additional participant feedback: 

“Our 20-minute call gave me hope and encouragement that I can do this and get back on the right financial track” - Sheila 

“Stacy was great. She was personable, empathetic, and answered all of my questions I had. Will definitely be using YML and Stacy again” - John


By partnering with Your Money Line, Walker positively impacts their culture and increases employee well-being. Personalized financial guidance fills a critical need for staff members at all stages of life. Employees feel more empowered, confident, and secure thanks to financial education and coaching.

Most importantly, Walker is nurturing happier, healthier, and more productive team members by providing YML as a benefit. “Any time we can help our employees feel less stress in their personal lives, then less stress gets carried into work,” Jack said. When employees thrive in all aspects of their lives, they can bring their best selves to work and provide better service to clients. This enables the company to uphold its customer-focused mission.

Investing in employees pays dividends across the board. Walker is raising the bar for employee benefits programs thanks to partnering with Your Money Line. “It’s a win-win for everybody. Ultimately, it benefits the employees we care about, but also, it’s a benefit to the company,” said Jack.

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