Financial wellness is the key piece to the puzzle for Arapahoe County

Arapahoe County is located in idyllic central Colorado, employing over 2,000 people who serve over 650,000 residents. With a diverse employee population, ranging from police officers to the treasury department, Arapahoe County was seeking a way to engage all their workforce in a financial wellness program. Through their partnership with Navigate Wellbeing Solutions, the Benefits Analyst for Arapahoe County found Your Money Line.

Rachel Beck has spent her 19-year career in HR as a passionate wellbeing champion for her people. She started as a Benefits Analyst for Arapahoe County in 2017 and has brought her passion for people to this large municipality. Through their Working on Well-being (WOW) program, Arapahoe County seeks to benefit their employees’ wellness journeys through the six “petals” of wellbeing: Career, Community, Emotional, Financial, Physical, and Social. In order to support employees on their financial journey, Rachel Beck identified Your Money Line as the perfect partner.

Your Money Line simplifies financial wellness by providing expert guidance to make tomorrow clearer- at work, and at home. Our CFP® and AFC® certified financial guides are the friendly voice your employees are looking for on their financial journey. Using empathy, our experts aim to create judgment-free and uncomplicated guidance for employees’ modern financial lives. 

Our mission, aligned with Arapahoe County’s WOW program, has created a long-lasting, effective result for Arapahoe County’s employees. YML guides employees through our live Financial Guide team and our 24/7 mobile-friendly dashboard. Our Financial Guides are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ and/or Accredited Financial Counselors® meaning their expertise is unmatched, but additionally our experts are trained in our proprietary empathy program. We believe that expertise isn’t enough. 

Empathy is what sets us apart and helps participants feel heard and safe. Our experts set the stage for success by listening to questions and concerns and then guiding participants to the next right step. Our dashboard is available 24/7 and starts with our popular Stability Academy assessment. Stability Academy determines how stable your financial situation is and aligns you with a team of peers in the same place. Each month teammates meet to learn how they can move their financial stability meter. Additionally, the dashboard provides many opportunities for learning how to stick to a budget, pay off student loans, buy a house, and much more.

With our services implemented into Arapahoe County’s wellness offerings, Your Money Line sat down with Rachel Beck to understand how exactly her organization benefited from what our team provided.

Interview with Rachel Beck, Benefits Analyst for Arapahoe County

How has YML helped your employees with the PSLF program? 

The PSLF program can be quite daunting with all the requirements and paperwork, the YML team makes it easy to understand and helps take the burden off the employee to get this completed.

What is your personal favorite part of YML? 

I piloted the program in 2021 for the County and couldn’t be more grateful. I had just gone through a divorce and really needed that “partner” to ask my questions to and get guidance on the direction I should take with my own financial future. It was empowering and motivating to create goals and then start to meet them and move forward with financial independence. 

What do your employees get out of YML?  

They get peace of mind that they have someone to guide them and keep them accountable to reach their financial goals. And as a general rule of thumb, employees are ecstatic to know they have a FREE benefit that can help with ANY financial question. 

What does your organization as a whole get out of YML?  

We offer a robust holistic well-being program and the financial wellness piece of that is extremely important to the Board and the County as a whole. It states that we want employees to be secure in their current financial status and be prepared for a bright future. We feel that YML is the perfect partner to help any of our employees achieve this if they so choose!

How Your Money Line has supported Arapahoe County participants

Meet Samantha

Samantha was excited. She had just completed her PSLF application and she was ready to submit. Before submitting she remembered that as an employee of Arapahoe County she has access to financial guides at Your Money Line. It turns out this was a very smart decision on Samantha’s part. Upon review, the YML Financial Guide team found multiple errors and omissions that would have caused the form to be rejected. The Financial Guide team set aside time with Samantha to go through her application and correct any errors before submitting. This is one simple example of how having financial guidance can prevent simple errors and get participants on the correct path.

Meet Joe

Joe was going through a divorce. Throughout the marriage he and his wife had acquired a lot of debt and on top of that debt, Joe had to put the divorce costs on another credit card. With the high interest rate, Joe was stressed. Worst of all, he was still using the cards regularly for expenses. To add insult to injury, the debt was tanking his credit score which was making his hopes to consolidate the debt more difficult. Joe was at a loss for what to do when an email came through telling him about Your Money Line. With nothing to lose, Joe gave our Financial Guide Team a call. Our expert helped Joe create a personalized consolidation plan that he could implement immediately. This meant having a lower interest rate, a fixed monthly payment, AND a tangible and achievable debt-free date. 


With a large workforce like Arapahoe County it's nearly impossible to meet every financial need, but with Your Money Line Rachel Beck and her team have gotten very close. These examples seem simple but that’s the YML magic. Without the Financial Guides, these situations would have spiraled out of control. Your Money Line completed the wellness puzzle for Arapahoe County by establishing the essential Financial petal of their program.

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