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This downloadable guide explores Your Money Line (YML), a comprehensive financial wellness platform designed to empower your employees and reduce their financial stress.  Learn the top 6 reasons why YML is the perfect solution to guide your team towards financial freedom.  In this guide, you'll discover how YML combines:

  • Empathetic human coaching with smart financial software
  • Real-time financial snapshots with actionable AI insights
  • On-demand financial education with unwavering data security
  • Unbiased guidance focused solely on employee well-being

We go beyond traditional financial coaching, offering a holistic approach that empowers your employees to take control of their financial future.  Download this guide and discover how we transform workplaces.

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Our mission at YML is financial confidence and stability for all. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty details of how exactly we do that and our top 6 reasons you should choose us to help your employees stress less about money and get them on the path toward financial freedom. 

1.  We bring together empathetic experts with smart software

At Your Money Line, we’ve found people find comfort in talking to someone about their finances. That’s why we offer CFP and AFC-certified coaches available 12 hours a day, 5 days a week through phone, email, chat, and text, to give people someone who sees them, hears them, and wants to help. We provide an experience that blends humans and technology together because as times change and technology advances, we recognize people want both! Integrating our coaches, who give guidance with an empathy-first approach with our software, ensures your employees will gain financial confidence and stability. 

2. We provide a real-time, holistic view of your financial life

One of Your Money Line's key features is seeing your entire financial life in one place. Our software allows you to connect up to 16,000+ types of accounts, like your checking accounts, savings accounts, investments, credit cards, and more. By connecting all of your accounts, you get an aggregate view of your financial life, and we’ll give real-time updates on spending habits, net worth, budget tracking, debt, etc. 

3. We harness the latest tech with AI insights and nudges 

Our platform uses artificial intelligence to analyze a household’s spending habits and trends to provide actionable insights and encourage better financial habits. We offer insights and nudges about spending, duplicate charges, changes in subscriptions, savings, unusual charges, and more to ensure you’re staying on top of your goals and moving toward a better financial future. 

4. We help employees learn with on-demand, world-class, financial education

We’re here to help people increase their financial knowledge so they have the confidence to make financial decisions. Our founder, Pete the Planner, has been providing financial coaching for over two decades to help people through financial challenges. Along the way, our team of financial experts has created a library of articles, courses, webinars, short videos, and more to help people learn the basics of money. Our world-class education is available at your fingertips whenever you need it, and we’re constantly updating and creating more content to keep up with the latest changes in the world of money. 

5. We ensure employee privacy with bank-level security

We get it. Putting personal financial information into a platform can feel unsettling, but we provide bank-level security and stringent security measures to protect sensitive financial information against cyber threats. Our bank-level security includes multi-factor authentication,  encryption protocols for safeguarding data transmission, and secure storage facilities for maintaining user information.

6. We’ll never try to sell you anything, ever

Most other financial coaches have products to sell you, at Your Money Line, we’re unbiased. We aren’t here to sell you anything, and every interaction you have with a guide is 100% confidential. Our financial guides are only here to ensure the financial wellbeing of your employees. 

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