47 new reasons for your employees to love where they work

Classic benefits are essential, but they won't attract and retain the best employees on earth. We've gathered 47 unique, meaningful, and affordable perks that any company could implement. The result? Happier, more engaged employees who never want to leave.

What will I get from this book?

Great people have many options when choosing an employer—and the onus is on business leaders to earn employee loyalty each and every day. And surprise, surprise, most of those people want a workplace that supports their personal wellbeing, at work at home. In this book, we'll share 47 benefits ideas that any business could begin offering their people THIS quarter to improve their wellness.

Each of the 47 ideas is:

  • Affordable, usually less than $50 per employee per month.
  • Unique, not something usually found in a benefits package. Benefits like insurance, PTO, equity, retirement plans, etc., are amazing—they just didn’t make the cut for this book.
  • Meaningful, something that can actually make employees feel like their wellness is taken seriously by their employer.

In just a few pages, we hope to spark many creative ideas for how you can level up your company's wellness offerings without levering up the budget. Click below to get reading!