Product Update FAQs

We're excited to be launching a refreshed Your Money Line product experience in July 2023!

We created this page to keep you in the loop with the updates and changes you can expect to see coming to your screen soon! Feel free to click through the updated designs in the laptop below or scroll down to see the frequently asked questions about this change.

As always, don't hesitate to reach out to your CSM if you have any questions or concerns about how this update will impact your team!

Why launch a refreshed product experience?
An updated look and feel for a smoother navigation and better user experience for participants and admins
New platform allowing us to expand the product with more functionality and features in the future
Backend improvements leading to enhanced security and faster load times for our customers
Click here to see the updated look and feel!

Updated Product FAQs

Will my employees or I need to create a new account?
Will my login information change?
Will any of my information in the product change or be lost?
When is the transition, and will there be any downtime?
Will there be any new features added with the updated product?
Will there be any changes to customer support?

Questions? Reach out to your Client Success Manager

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