January 26, 2024

Why don't people research their financial advisor's past?

In this week's episode, Kristen, Dame, and Pete express their frustrations with the lack of due diligence surrounding hiring a financial advisor.

Episode Transcript

Peter Dunn: [00:00:00] I think I found one of my new favorite restaurants in Central Indiana last evening. It was delicious. I'm excited to tell you all about it because there's nothing people around the world love listening to more than Central Indiana restaurant recommendations. Hello everyone. It's Peter Dunn, Pete the Planner, host of Kristen and Company.

Joining me this week is the lady herself, Damien Dunn. Hello. Hello. And Kristen Alanius, hello. Hello. Dame, I'm sure I just violated some terrible thing there, so I'm sorry. I'll be okay. At least it's not documented. Um, good morning, Rick Swink. Kristen! Pete! Mrs. Planner and I decided we want to stay married.

Okay. I'm happy for you. Well, I don't know. I'm actually, I'm speaking for myself here. Good morning, Andy. Good morning, Jason. And so we were like, you know, in the throes of our kids, ridiculous amount of [00:01:00] activities that we signed them up for like morons. Uh, we need to occasionally spend some time together.

Kristen Ahlenius: Probably

Peter Dunn: a good idea. Yeah. You're familiar with the old passing ships in the night sort of feel right. Indeed. Uh, Buenos Dias, uh, Rochelle and hola. And so we were like, you know, we're going on, we're going to have to eat, going to have to eat. So we got to eat. So we, there's this new restaurant in Zionsville and, uh, it is delicious.

It is one of the best restaurants I've eaten at in Indiana and it is called Good Omen. Good omen. It of course was an alarming situation because we are still in the midst of dry January. And when you go to a delicious restaurant with delicious food, with as extensive of a wine list as you can possibly find, it is a sad moment when you don't partake, but alas, I want to share a moment in the meal with you all and get your take on this and I'm [00:02:00] trying to be judgment free.

I'm just observing. I'm observing. You guys bring the judgment. I'm observing. Okay. Menu was a little expensive, okay, but it was really good. It was sort of like expensive, but to value worth it, right? I mean, are we tracking? Yes. There was one item on the menu that caught my eye. And it was, it was a spicy one.

Uh, it was a steak, I'm gonna describe it to you now. Mmm. Do you know much about beef, Kristen? Nothing. Okay. And that's a joke, because Kristen brought me beef to the office once. I mean, cause that's the sort of, of teammate she is. Yes. 85 day, dry aged. Now are you ready for this part? Okay. A5 ribeye. So that's an envelope, right?[00:03:00]

That's amazing, Dame. Dame, that's so good. Is that two weeks in a row? That he's gotten, um, what do you got going on here? I don't know. I don't know. Uh, A5 ribeye with rosemary fingerling potatoes, 85 day age, A5 ribeye with rosemary fingerling potatoes. Okay. Kristen, this is like pre biggest waste of money of the week.

Crap. All right. Um, what does that cost?

Kristen Ahlenius: Geez, I don't even eat steak at restaurants. I have no idea.

Peter Dunn: Okay. Do you want to pass?

Kristen Ahlenius: Let Dame guess first. Okay, it's

Peter Dunn: fair, it's fair, it's fair. Do you want any other menu items? Do you, is there something else on the menu that you want to know what it costs Dame? Is that helpful?

Damian Dunn: Uh, maybe. Did you say how many ounces that

Peter Dunn: A5 is? I didn't. I didn't. Because it [00:04:00] doesn't say. But I will give you another menu item. That might help. There's a 32 ounce 28 day dry aged Bisteca alla Fiorentina with Rosemary. So it's just a big Porterhouse 32 ounce, 28 day. Uh, aged. It is 32 ounces and it is $220

Okay. So by the nature that the 85 day dry aged a five, which is Wagyu, okay, Wagyu, A five is Wagyu. It doesn't give a a, a size, which means it's an individual portion, just so you know. The nature that there's no size means it is individual. Okay. All right, so you have the 32 ounce, which is to be shared, clearly.

Yes. Whether you are a beef baron or you are not, [00:05:00] that is to be shared. All right, what are we thinking? Uh,

Damian Dunn: 120

Peter Dunn: bucks. Damien comes in at 120 American dollars. Kristen? Price

Kristen Ahlenius: is right. Rules 121. Okay, fine. I was going to say 150. I was going to say 150.

Peter Dunn: Can I call a quick time out? Did you guys see the Turkish lira this week?

No. What? What happened? They've got something wild, like 85 percent inflation right now. What? And their interest rates are 60%. They just, they're fed. We'll get back to that. Okay. This show is so good. I mean, who, who doesn't love this show? Okay. You guys ready? 400.

Kristen Ahlenius: Why

Damian Dunn: is that just the [00:06:00] thing you put on your menu to say you can? I mean, well,

Peter Dunn: here, here's the thing. So I was listening to our server, talk to a couple who brought up the steak, not because they were going to order it because they were just, because it's ostentatious to your name, right? And the server said, um, We think it's a pretty good deal because for that same stake in the wrong city, in his point with Chicago, he thinks it would be closer to 900 wrong city.

He didn't say the wrong city, but you get the point. He was saying not in quaint little nap town. Um, anyway, I didn't pay anywhere near those prices for anything I ate last night. Uh, just so you know, uh, but it was done delicious meal, delicious, delicious meal.

Kristen Ahlenius: See, it's not even worth it because even at that price, you still didn't know the name of the bovine.

So it just

Damian Dunn: doesn't work. They could make one up. I mean, that's, that's low hanging fruit. I think

Peter Dunn: his name was [00:07:00] Kobe. Yeah.

Damian Dunn: Hello. By the way, the exchange rate for the Turkish lira right now, 3. 3 cents per dollar. Uh, so every dollar, uh, Turkish lira, you get 3. 3 American cents.

Peter Dunn: Okay. So I game, I thought through some Turkish purchases this week because this is the time.

This is the time. So I'm going to give you right now, my top three Turkish purchases that a person might want to purchase right now. Number three, Turkish apricots. Okay. How do you even know that? I don't know. It's a thing.

Damian Dunn: No, no, no, no. You don't need

Peter Dunn: to explain. It's funnier without explanation.


Damian Dunn: Number

Peter Dunn: two. Number two. Turkish coffee. Okay. Touche. [00:08:00]

Damian Dunn: And number one. Turkish

Peter Dunn: delight.

First. Oh, what you ever had really good Turkish delight? No,

Damian Dunn: I don't know if I've ever had all right. I've never had really bad Turkish delight. So I know I don't know

Peter Dunn: there is I'm going to try to pull it up right now. There is a store in, um, Santa Barbara, California called locum, L. O. K. U. M. Which I believe is Turkish for specifically Turkish delight.

So this store in Santa Barbara, California, California. Makes this crazy high end Turkish delight, and, uh, I encourage everyone to Google Lokum, L O K U M S B is actually the website, L O K U M S B, as in Santa Barbara, and it is ridiculous looking. It is, it is so [00:09:00] good. Turkish delight is so good. Yeah,

Damian Dunn: Kristen, for your knowledge, because I didn't know either, it's a jelly candy made with rose water, bergamot, cinnamon and orange and can include coconut, dry fruit or

Peter Dunn: nuts.

The sort of thing a person who orders a 400 steak would love. Oh my. The Turkish can delight. That's what they're known for. And their coffee. Have you ever actually had, I believe it is called Turkish pulled coffee. Have you ever had it before? I have not either, but I've always, it's like one of those international delicacies that I want a properly pulled cup of Turkish coffee.

They, they heat it in these little copper things on hot sand. And the heat from the sand boils the coffee. You've seen it on the Tick Tack. Hot,

Damian Dunn: hot sand boils

Peter Dunn: coffee. Are you being a doubting Thomas?

Damian Dunn: Yes. [00:10:00] Hot sand can reach a temperature that can boil water.

Peter Dunn: Dean, I don't want to alarm you, but your mind may be blown on a video I'm going to show you later today.

Okay. Of sand boiled coffee.

Damian Dunn: Sounds gritty.

Peter Dunn: Um Oh, Jameson says he's totally seen the vids. See? If a listener, an all time listener, Jameson, has seen it, despite the extra vowels in his name, I think we can just say that that's a good thing. Do you believe

Damian Dunn: everything you see on the internet, Pete? Yes. Okay. A hundred percent.

Peter Dunn: All right. Then, uh, we're off and running.

I'm going to tell an inappropriate story from my house this morning that will likely get me in trouble.

Damian Dunn: Only if

Peter Dunn: somebody tells. No one say anything to anyone involved in this. So it's about 7 55. I like to leave at 7 59. Kristen, you're saying, why such a specific [00:11:00] time, but of course you're not saying that because you know me, right?

Ted is downstairs in his pajamas. Ted, go upstairs because I got to take you to school and we were leaving in four minutes. He goes up upstairs. Uh, all of a sudden there's a great deal of commotion. Mrs. Planner climbs the stairs. Ted is not wearing his school clothes, also not wearing his pajamas any longer, and is in the hallway doing crunches.

And my daughter is screaming, let him cook, let him cook as we admonish him for not being ready. I've been laughing all morning about just the visual. Okay. So he's like a little scrawny boy doing crunches, not clothed. And, and we go upstairs to admonish him for this. And our daughter [00:12:00] screams, let him cook.

And it was a

Damian Dunn: moment if you don't take time for fitness, Pete, who's gonna, I mean, you got to take care of the temple, the

Peter Dunn: temple. Are we ready for let them cook, man? Let's go. Okay. 12 minutes in. Wow. That was a great

Damian Dunn: intro today.

Peter Dunn: I don't know if it was,

Kristen Ahlenius: has nowhere to be today.

Peter Dunn: You know what I'm going to do the next time you guys are in the office. I think next third, someone here next week, I'm there Thursday.

Damian Dunn: Oh, thanks for the invite.

Peter Dunn: Yeah, I, the next time you both are here, I will make sure I have some Turkish delight. Is that fair?

Damian Dunn: I'd rather have a donut.

Peter Dunn: Well, all right. Okay, let's do a show.

Oh, what's the, what are we talking about? Do

Damian Dunn: your segment first? Yeah,

Peter Dunn: yeah, yeah. Okay, great. Three, two, one. Well, I'm waiting to the top [00:13:00] this week on the Pete, the planner show. We answer your money questions. Here's how the show works. You email us, askpeteatpetetheplanner. com that's askpeteatpetetheplanner.

com. And here's what happens. Sometimes we answer your questions. Sometimes I just talk about what I want to talk about. And by I, I mean me and by we, I mean, Kristen Alanius and Damien Dunn. Hello, Kristen. Hello, Pete. Hello, Dave. Hello. Um, I, I have a rant. Oh yeah. We're going to start off on a little negative foot this morning.

I don't like negativity. I'm not a negative feller. Uh, but I'm so bothered and I'm so over something. And so we are going to start there today. We are then going to move on to Kristen. What a retirement plan changes for 2020. For

Kristen Ahlenius: very close retirement plan deposits in 2024.

Peter Dunn: We're close. Very close. Change of deposits.

Kristen Ahlenius: Uh, perhaps you'll

Peter Dunn: see. Okay. And then the [00:14:00] third segment is what we like to call Turkish delight.

Dave, do you read the periodicals?

Damian Dunn: Occasionally. Yeah.

Peter Dunn: Kristen, was there a periodicals section at your library when you were a kid or did they change the name to magazines?

Kristen Ahlenius: Um, you know, to be perfectly honest, when you said that word, I wasn't entirely sure what you were referencing, so no. Well, I'm

Peter Dunn: glad though, honestly, because Dame, do you remember when you were a kid and you went to the library and there was a periodicals section and you were just like dumbfounded?

You're like, what?

Damian Dunn: No, I was drawn to that because they had the newspapers hanging on the sticks that you could go over and it was just, it was awesome. You feel like a, like a, a

Peter Dunn: grownup. Kristen, have you ever seen a newspaper hung on a stick?

Kristen Ahlenius: I don't believe that. I have.

Peter Dunn: Did you? Of course. Okay.

Damian Dunn: Just making sure you, you and I are both

I thought I was

Peter Dunn: panicking there for a second. We're the guys from the Muppets. We're in the [00:15:00] balcony. and Kristen is Kermit the frog. I don't know. I didn't want to choose a different Muppet. So I just went with the main character. Okay. So this week in central Indiana, yet another prominent financial advisor was accused of massive fraud and a scam taking an ex accused by, oh, I don't know, the secretary of state of Indiana.

Oh, the securities division of, of, uh, re deploying. 2, 000, 000 of customer funds to purchase a home in Carmel, Indiana. And Dame, you've been at this game for a long time in Indiana. And here's what I know since roughly the year 2000, some 24 years or so, it feels like we're ground zero for Ponzi schemes and [00:16:00] fraud and acts of financial malfeasance.

And I'm sick of it. Is it, I will pause for a second. Is it me or is Indiana somehow the Ponzi scheme capital of the world? I mean,

Damian Dunn: there's a lot of them. I mean, I, I would hesitate to say ground zero. I would like to think a lot of these are more regional stories and we just don't get wind of the vast majority of them.

But you think like Bernie Madoff, I mean, that was national news, but was it national news because it was involving a lot of really, really wealthy people and the numbers were really large. It does. We do have our fair share. Of of these, uh,

Peter Dunn: events and because, yeah, thank you. I'm sorry. I stepped on either Kristen because we just completed our budget processes here at our organization.

I am not going to name names today because I am not interested in taking our legal spend up this year. Fair game. Are you good with that? [00:17:00] Yeah, Kristen, you're good with that. I am. Absolutely. We would rather reallocate. So I will speak in generalities. Also, every profession has bad apples. Every single one doctors, lawyers, clergy, police officers, teachers, politicians, radio shows, some more than others, um, but somehow every time I read one of these stories, it bothers me as much as anything because I, I have witnessed.

I have witnessed a person in a room realize that they were scammed for a lot of money by an unscrupulous person. I was there the moment the realization happened and all of the oxygen in the world was sucked out of that room. And we're just there feeling the shame and anger. And, and so every time I read one of these stories.[00:18:00]

I think about the hundreds, sometimes, sometimes thousands of people that are going through that same oxygen deprivation that I had to witness a few years ago. So here's the thing about this. When you try to say, well, how do you make sure you don't get caught up with, with, with the crooks? It's, it's harder than you think, and I think that's the saddest part, because there are crooks at tiny firms.

And oftentimes, Dane, people are like, well, if they're a tiny firm, then they've got looser compliance, but arguably true. Some of the biggest cases, as you might note, and Dane did mention a New York based fraudster, uh, there are crooks at mega firms. There are pseudo celebrity crooks, who, who you know. When they show up in the paper like, Oh, I saw this person on TV and there's crooks you've never heard of.

So you can't go, Oh, this person just wants to be a celebrity and that's why they're a crook. There are male [00:19:00] crooks, Dame. And allegedly there are female crooks too. But if we're being honest, Most of them. Mostly male crooks. Yeah. Some are driven by greed. Some are driven by addiction. Some driven by ego.

Some are really great liars. Yeah. And some aren't that great a liar. So if you did a little bit of due diligence. You could sniff it out potentially before everything goes down. So what I'd love to do, and this feels like it's bleeding into two segments, so I'm so sorry, Kristen. Did I blow up your show? A little bit.

No. Kristen, when have I ever been known to ruin your plans?

Kristen Ahlenius: That has never happened. Never

Peter Dunn: happened. I just want to talk about some, some due diligence that, yeah, you have to do. You have to do, and I'm gonna give you a shining, vague example because I don't want to get sued. Dam, you gotta go to broker check.[00:20:00]

It is the lowest, lowest hanging fruit that exists. If a person is giving you guidance specifically about your investments, go to broker check.finra.org. Search their name. And Dame, what will that often do? It will shoot you off to the SEC website. Won't it

Damian Dunn: very frequently? It will. Yes.

Peter Dunn: And then you can search for them there.

And here's what you might find there is that the person who's giving you guidance has what we like to call disclosures in our industry on their report. Kristen, have you spent much time a broker check? Um,

Kristen Ahlenius: I have, I'm a sleuth. I like to look.

Peter Dunn: Have you ever come upon a, a man because that's what it often is who has disclosures on their record?

Yes, I have. And when you read through the disclosures, they're pretty enlightening. They're not vague at all. Actually, it's all right there. Yep.

Kristen Ahlenius: All the information you need. It's there. [00:21:00]

Peter Dunn: And so if you were researching someone who's giving you securities advice that you met in their office or whatever, and you went to broker check, you saw a disclosure and it said settlement for 72, 000 because of this or this or this, what are you thinking, Kristen?


Kristen Ahlenius: thinking that maybe I need to interview some additional financial professionals.

Peter Dunn: So about eight years ago. nine years ago, eight years ago, massive case of financial fraud in central Indiana from one of the biggest financial shops in the world. The local office, biggest broker gets caught for excessive trading.

Okay. And this is 2015 ish, not name a name. If his clients. Would have gone to broker check they would have seen that nine years prior He had a disclosure for the very thing that blew up in [00:22:00] 2015. Yikes And so it's with that. I need to calm down You to pour myself some chamomile tea with maybe some bergamot and we'll come back after the break I will continue my thoughts in this regard.

It will be very exciting You'll be very frustrated and you will learn right here on the pizza player show. I'm Pete, the planner wound up. It was, it was, are we doing okay though?

Kristen Ahlenius: Yeah. Um, the set, um, if you set me up to talk about financial literacy as part of this conversation, I think I have a really nice segue into what you mentioned in pre show.

Peter Dunn: Great. Might just work. Might just work. I love it when a plan comes together and then I ruin it. Ah. Jameson.

I, I, I'm writing the column, I'm submitting my column, I'm actually [00:23:00] going through my column people, listener people, that I'm submitting next week to a periodical. Will that name names? No, I mean, no, and for the same thing, like this, this isn't about the names. I love this topic. I

Kristen Ahlenius: mean, I hate that we have to talk about it, but it's awful.

It's awful.

Peter Dunn: You know, oh God, please, sir. I'm so sorry. I'm stepping on you last week or this week and last week. I was mean to Kristen.

Damian Dunn: We'll blame it on technology. I was at a, uh, A comedy show, very, very small room comedy show a couple of years ago. Guys up there. I think I mentioned this, this, uh, show to

Peter Dunn: you.

Was I in the show? No. Okay. I was like, wait, are you going to say something awkward?

Damian Dunn: This guy was, was up there trying his hardest, but the room was not supporting his efforts. It was, could [00:24:00] be because he wasn't all that funny. Are you sure it wasn't me? I'm pretty sure it wasn't you. But the guy might have alluded to his career during the time he was up there, at least what he proposed his career, pretended his career was.

So being me, I pulled out my phone in the middle of the show and went to broker check. You have never

Peter Dunn: told me this story. Have you? I thought I did. Maybe I didn't. There's no way you've told me that. Wait, so this, this last few months, you've told us you get punched in the face in an adult soccer game. Oh, yeah.

Yeah. In this broker check story, and these have never been shared with me, I feel, are we even friends? Continuing

Damian Dunn: on. I managed to find the guy, and he had disclosures. What? I was like, well, you know what, I'd normally say stick to your day job, but in this case, you earn every non laugh you get on stage.[00:25:00]

Peter Dunn: I want everyone right now. Who's listening to the show told it's watching it on the live stream. If you have someone who gives you financial advice and know the three of us don't count cause we don't actually give you investment advice. And if you, if you think we give you investment advice, you are wrong.

Don't listen to our investment advice. Now what we do, and by the way, there's no compensation exchange. We're not your financial advisor, but if you have one with someone who thinks they are go to broker check right now. Search them out. Here's what I know when I print this column next week, or I don't print it.

I don't, uh, I don't actually, I don't do a lot of manual labor, but when it is printed, I guarantee you people will do the search that I'm asking you to do, and people will find some stuff and I will feel good about it. As you should. Every once in a while, I feel good. Usually involves beef. And that [00:26:00] this is the other use of beef, which is conflict others.

Okay. Um, let's go back in three, two, back on the Pete, the planner show talking financial fraud from financial advisors, primarily in central Indiana, because that's what we're known for. So Dame, first thing a person is to do is to go to broker check. In fact, if you're listening here right now with your ear holes, I encourage you.

to go to broker check right now. Broker check dot FINRA dot org. If the person, uh, in, in, without getting too technical in certain circumstances, you will have a disclosure there and it will also offer to take you to the sec version of that site, which looks oddly similar. And there will be disclosures or no disclosures there.

If you have a disclosure. Read about it. It's very clear. It is not vague of all the dumb things. Pseudo quasi governmental agencies do. They are often vague. Dame, this is not vague. It is

Damian Dunn: [00:27:00] very spelled out. Yes, not at all. Can I get a time out, by the way?

Peter Dunn: Oh my gosh, yes. What?

Damian Dunn: Let's say you are walking into an office, a financial advisor office.

Hold on a second.

I'm there. And I sit down.

Okay. And the, uh, the representative, the advisor I'm talking to slides a folder across the table.

Peter Dunn: Oh, that looks really good. I'm Michael Winslow. Oh, here we go. I'm Michael Winslow. Okay. I'm sorry. All right.

Damian Dunn: I, would you be questioning things a little bit, or would you be reassured if, if part of that intro meeting or that, that interview, the advisor you're talking to had their broker check printed out for you to examine?

Peter Dunn: Dude, I love that. I mean, it's like getting a car fax. Mm hmm. I wouldn't what do you think? Well, Chris, I'll just go to Chris. Well, you're the teacher [00:28:00] timeout, Dean Can you call him somebody? I'm ah,

Damian Dunn: I transfer my timeout What? I transfer my time out to you. Okay. Go.

Kristen Ahlenius: I think I would feel really good about that.

And there could be reasons why financial professionals don't do that proactively. Like I think about my situation specifically, I had been an advisor for five whole minutes. I'm not showing someone my, my report because I have been licensed for five whole minutes. And while I had an undergraduate degree in the field, which is not a requirement, by the way, while I had the education that made me feel like I had more than five minutes of experience.

I'm not sure how much confidence that would have yielded in my prospects and clients.

Peter Dunn: I would love it. And I think it's an amazing thing to do. And I've sort of skipped over this, but today we're, we are both talking as financial professionals, but we're also talking as consumers. We really dislike financial [00:29:00] malfeasance.

Like we, we, we, we, it bothers us to no end, but you know who it bothers the most honest financial advisors. Yes. You know what I mean? Like I.

Damian Dunn: No, I, I was just going to say, yeah, you're right, absolutely bothers good financial advisors because it puts a black checkmark by everybody's name in the industry. And when people are already skeptical about what we do or what we, you and I did, but what the industry does and the value they provide. Any story like this is just going to drive one more wedge in between somebody who really needs the help and the people that can give it to them.

Peter Dunn: I know that this bothers financial advisors because every time one of these stories breaks, my text messages and my emails go bananas, droves, honestly droves. Links to the article and with some pithy [00:30:00] commentary along the lines of Told ya, told ya.

Damian Dunn: Oh. So, uh, not that, uh, it have been widely known, but potentially suspected that something was fishy going on at that, uh, that firm amongst the, uh, the industry.

Peter Dunn: Most people here locally, I, people in the biz have their suspicions. I'll say that. Uh, I will also, I'm gonna. It is not a bad idea to also go to the Indiana criminal. records database and search your advisor's name. And I say this because as Damien knows, and Kristen, you know, this too, um, did, if you have an arrest, it must be disclosed on your you for, and it can make you surrender your insurance [00:31:00] licenses.

And in one recent, uh, active malfeasance here in central Indiana, There was prominent news of a person's criminal activity, and it would have all shown up in the insurance because their insurance licenses would have been expired or surrendered because they had to by law. Yet people were still Purchasing insurance products from this person.

Damian Dunn: Yeah, that website, by the way, is mycase. in. gov. You can find all sorts of fun stuff about your friends and family.

Peter Dunn: Can I just say, uh, this is not about looking at a person's missteps and saying people can't make mistakes and people do not make bad judgments and are unredeemable. This is to say, if my, all of my financial future relies on [00:32:00] the trustworthiness of an individual controlling it, I want to know their arrest history and I'm sorry, actually I am.

I am not sorry about not being sorry about this because it matters. It matters so, so much.

Kristen Ahlenius: You know, something that is sticking out to me as we're talking about this is we had a couple people in the live chat mentioned that they didn't know to go to broker check and Pete, when you started this segment or the previous segment, you were talking about the shame that people felt when you could just feel the shame when you were in the room with someone who found out, and that's where this, that it's a full circle thing because it's the shame of feeling like you're in over your head when it comes to these conversations and maybe.

an unwillingness to ask for help because your financial literacy in this space is maybe not where it should be to make an informed decision. And when I [00:33:00] say financial literacy in this context, I mean your financial skills, your financial knowledge, and your financial self efficacy. You can't know what you don't know, and you can't apply knowledge that you don't have.

If someone doesn't know to go to broker check, They can't, they can't practice the skill of vetting that financial professional. If it's a website, they didn't know they should be consulting anyway.

Peter Dunn: Was that show moment of the year? Yeah,

Damian Dunn: she's

Peter Dunn: really smart. That was unbelievable. And, and to that point, Kristen, you get into this idea of the two primary emotions that drive financial decision making being fear and greed.

If you don't understand that from a literacy component, You go to one of these unscrupulous advisors, they pick up on your fear and or greed. They stoke it. That is what the basis for deceiving

Kristen Ahlenius: you. Yep. 100 percent is capitalizing on you feeling like, like, [00:34:00] like I said, like, like you are not fully prepared to participate in that conversation and you might not even realize the tells that you are giving someone.

Because when I'm talking to someone like at your money line. about a topic. If I'm not totally sure that I think that they understand what I'm saying, because that happens a lot in Damon eyes work is we'll be talking to someone and I'm like, Oh, I'm not sure that they're on the same page as me. I might with all the love and care in the world kind of set them up a little bit.

And if then their response can be really revealing to me, there could be people who are using that against you, that technique.

Peter Dunn: Uh, Dame, I'm going right now. I just went to broker check and to further a point here, um, one of the more recent cases in central Indiana of rampant fraud. Allegedly, I'm not going to involve with that.

If the person had gone to broker check, they would learn this person isn't registered and the person is giving investment advice. Yeah, [00:35:00]

Damian Dunn: they only had insurance licenses,

Peter Dunn: right? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I know people like to draw a distinction between insurance and investment, uh, advice and all those sorts of things.

But if you're being asked to liquidate a security, And you know what? We're picking up on that after the break. I'm sorry. I'm on a heater. Kristen, I have blown up your entire show today. It's okay. But hey, it's hard to get me this emotional about something other than Tottenham Hotspurs. Alright, coming up after the break, more on Crooks!

Stinking Crooks! Right here on the Pete the Planner Show. I'm Pete the Planner. I I get the feeling the three of us are massive internet sleuths.

Damian Dunn: Yeah, I, I've been accused by my wife of being creepy.

Kristen Ahlenius: Unapologetic is what I am.

Peter Dunn: I, I know some stuff.

All right, let's [00:36:00] have a moment of complete honesty here, and I'm okay with it. I want, I want you to know, and you don't have to take the bait. You don't, and you never have to take the bait. Have you ever looked up my criminal history on Indiana criminal records? I just

Damian Dunn: did. There's a, there, if you don't include the N, there, there is a lot of Peter Duns.

So if somebody's out there, and maybe they've already done it, there are a lot of Peter Duns, and they are not our

Peter Dunn: Um, I'm okay if you have, I have done, uh, I am, I have criminal record and it's from speeding tickets. That's because in Indiana, all speeding tickets are, are, are there. It's not about cause in some states there's criminal speed, which is an excessive speed in Indiana.

It's all there. So I think. Oh my God, I'm not going to say, I'm not going to say I haven't had a speeding ticket in a while. I just want you to know that I'm not going to say that phrase. [00:37:00] Okay. I'll honor it from the past.

I will also say to that point, Dame, this is not going to apply to Dame. I have slowed down as I've gotten older. I'm in less of a hurry. I don't care. But Dame, you're a car guy. You're driving a freaking super car. I mean, you're not slowing down. You're driving like an idiot.

Damian Dunn: It depends on the vehicle I'm in and and the circumstances I don't drive like an idiot around people I drive like an idiot when I'm the only person I'm gonna hurt

Peter Dunn: Aaron notes on the live stream that one of the Peter Dunn's is not paying

Damian Dunn: child support.

Yeah, it looks like you're last Oh,

Peter Dunn: oh, is that me?

Damian Dunn: Was it around 2010? Cuz it was more than just a no, I can't be you

Peter Dunn: No, it's I mean, I I I've only had my only brush with the law was speeding tickets

Damian Dunn: Ah, this can't be it then, because it says you were driving while suspended.

Peter Dunn: No, it's fine, it's fine. [00:38:00]

Kristen Ahlenius: Oh,

Peter Dunn: that's funny.

Lovely. No,

Kristen Ahlenius: it never occurred to me to look up the two of you. I just took you at your word. That was naive,

Peter Dunn: huh? Damien's got all sorts of Krav Maga incidences. I

Damian Dunn: think my speeding ticket's probably in here. I'll look real quick.

Peter Dunn: What prize did you get?

Damian Dunn: Depends on what state you're talking about.

Peter Dunn: Alright, Kristen, I feel like I forgot my ultimate point.

Um, Oh,

Kristen Ahlenius: no, yeah, they're insurances. If someone's telling you to liquidate a security, uh, who doesn't have securities license or licensure.

Peter Dunn: Yeah, I said that. I think I ended there. Oh, I

Kristen Ahlenius: thought you, and you were like, and we're going to pick back up. So I thought you wanted to, like, I

Peter Dunn: know I thought I did too, but now we started talking about criminal records.

Yeah. No, Damien, you got me thinking about that suspended license. That might be me.

Damian Dunn: 2010. Why would you, why

Kristen Ahlenius: would you have a suspended license?

Peter Dunn: Okay. 2010. Can you pull down the address for the plaintiff? Is it me? Uh, let me get back to it. Hold on. [00:39:00] Here's what I think happened. I got a speeding ticket in Colorado.

I've told, Damien, I've told you this story. I don't, I

Kristen Ahlenius: don't think so. My sister said to use his birthday to filter out the other Peter Duns.

Peter Dunn: Yeah. Okay. Don't get my birthday over the air. Um, I. Okay. Okay. I had a speeding ticket in Colorado and when I, I had to mail in payment back into Colorado, um, it's, it's you.

Yeah. And the check. Okay. Okay. This is what happened. The check never got there. So one night I was just driving and I got pulled over. I wasn't speeding. I wasn't doing anything. And it was, I was in my neighborhood and the police officer said, you, you, your license plate, your license is suspended. And I was like, what, uh, because I had mailed the check like two weeks before and they never got it.

So I had to go to, I think I went to court. You did. And I showed them like the canceled check and I, [00:40:00] and it got taken care of or not the canceled check. I showed them the check register of writing it.

Damian Dunn: It says that it was dismissed. Yeah. That's hilarious.

Peter Dunn: God, I got sweaty there. Yeah.

Damian Dunn: Well, it all worked out for you on, uh, on the internet and in real life.

Peter Dunn: How, how did, uh, let's just go this way, I didn't knowingly drive on a suspended license. How about that? That's

Damian Dunn: different. I love Rochelle's comment. You didn't

Peter Dunn: go to hand them the check? Oh, is that, is that a cut on my, uh, my mortgage payment? Yes. Hey, ladies and gentlemen, Rochelle is now in the running for listener of the year.

Holy cow, Rochelle off the top rope.

Kristen Ahlenius: Wow. Just elbow. Oh my gosh.

Peter Dunn: That's funny. Um, Dane, we have one of our colleagues, newer colleagues just joined the team [00:41:00] coming into town, uh, to for onboarding stuff. Right. And at first I thought this person's onboarding was going to match up when my mortgages due and I thought about taking them with me to go pay the mortgage.

Damian Dunn: Yeah, we're going to go have lunch,

Peter Dunn: but first, but first I got to swing by this thing. Why? I've got to pay my mortgage.

Oh, Rochelle. Uh, okay. I don't think I have anything else to say about the advisor thing. I think I don't.

Kristen Ahlenius: Um, okay. So then what do you want the third segment to be? Do I want it to be

Peter Dunn: whatever you, you, this thing that you worked on? Oh, well,

Kristen Ahlenius: we can either do that or we can do the emergency fund thing. Either one.

I don't care. Damien, choose.

Damian Dunn: No, you're not the

Peter Dunn: boss. Okay, I'll choose in three, two, one. Back on the Pete, [00:42:00] the planner show. You know, Kristen, the turn of the year means that the government has likely changed how much money you can put into your retirement plan in a tax advantaged way. And what we have found here at Your Money Line is people often don't adjust because they have crazy end of the year Shenanigans that, uh, tire them out and make them unable to follow through on important adult tasks.

So what we would like to do today is to talk about retirement plan deposits in all aspects, including aspects that I may not have mentioned because I potentially misunderstood the topic. Go ahead. So

Kristen Ahlenius: we are big advocates of power percentage around here, not just because it's a proprietary metric. But because it's arguably one of the best financial metrics that exists, by the way,

Peter Dunn: I really missed the boat on [00:43:00] this, didn't I?

Yeah, a little bit.

Kristen Ahlenius: Yeah. But it's okay. Well, so we are in an attempt to continue to improve your power percentage. We wanted to look specifically at retirement plan deposits because it is the beginning of the year and say, what can I do to improve my power percentage when It was specifically with retirement plane deposits.

And in the last segment I mentioned what is now my favorite definition of financial literacy, which I know Pete in the past, you have not always been the biggest fan of the term financial literacy. And so the team that Damon and I work on, we have adopted this new definition that has three pillars. That in our opinion, make the term feel less loaded.

So that's financial skills, financial knowledge and financial self efficacy. So I just kind of wanted to take some time to talk about retirement plan deposits, improving our financial literacy, improving our power percentage. Um, [00:44:00] And I don't know if Damien, maybe you want to mention what skills, knowledge and self efficacy actually are.

Damian Dunn: I don't, I don't know. No, uh, skills. You have to be able to put your, your knowledge into practice. So in retirement plan deposits, if we're talking about that is how's that money getting there. How do you know how to make sure that you are benefiting your future self and potentially arguably your present self by making those retirement plan deposits?

How is it happening? Knowledge? What kind of retirement account do you want to use? Is it going to be an employer sponsored one? Is it going to be a IRA? Is there a match involved? What's the vesting schedule of that? There's all sorts of bits of knowledge when you're talking about retirement plan deposits that you need to know.

You absolutely need to know. And then self efficacy. If you know the stuff and you know how to do this stuff, but maybe there's been some experience in your life, whatever it is that makes you doubt. What's going on or you're just not sure you [00:45:00] can't pull the trigger on it You got to be confident enough in what you know and how to do it to go out and do it Those are the three pillars we're talking about skills knowledge self efficacy

Peter Dunn: So please

Kristen Ahlenius: in in the retirement plan deposit space specifically We have found that in our anecdotal experience.

We suspect that people are great at like two of these and maybe falling a little short on one and perhaps unknowingly, which was evident in the conversation that we just had. There were people in our Facebook or in our Facebook live comments who clearly are working with a financial professional because they knew that was the right thing to do.

But. Didn't know they should be looking at broker check. So like when we're talking about retirement plan deposit specifically, one of the skills that we have to learn how to do is we have to learn how to have money conversations about the importance of retirement because collectively we are deficient.

Peter Dunn: Is it fair to say this, there's an equivalency here with. [00:46:00] Nutrition at home to say like, okay, there's one thing to have access to nutritious foods to prepare, but even the knowledge that there is the concept of nutrition at one point in time, I believe the FDA came up with the food pyramid, right? And that was an attempt to try to educate people there.

We have learned that that has pivoted over time. But to your point, Kristin, it is that, that, that very basic level of education and then the efficacy appointment to be able to, to advocate for yourself is so wildly important.

Kristen Ahlenius: Yeah, there's so many parallels between the work that we do and like fitness, nutrition, health.

I mean, all day, every day. And you're exactly right. I had that very conversation this week about how people can't know what they don't know when it comes to nutrition. And that absolutely applies to your personal finances too.

Peter Dunn: And Dame, it keeps evolving. I mean, I'm reading articles now about how to live your best [00:47:00] physical fitness as you approach your fifties.

And so I'm reading about. Hey, bucko, back down on the cardio and, and, and get some weight training in. And, and by the way, that advice did not exist in bulk 20 years ago. No, no, no,

Damian Dunn: it's, it's crazy. I mean, we think about, you know, there are two things that people are incredibly self conscious. A lot of people are incredibly self conscious about their, their weight and their fitness.

And their money, their financial situation, and I think a conversation that we kind of had last week about social media. Some of those barriers are coming down for younger generations where that's it's just kind of all out there for everybody to see. Well, time will tell whether or not that's a good thing, but for the rest of us.

For those of us approaching our fifties, we have to figure out how to have these conversations just an honest, thoughtful, empathetic way because Pete, you and I have been in this industry. I don't know. It seems like forever at this point. Do you know everything? That [00:48:00] goes on in this industry, like every in and out.

No, nobody, we don't. And that's a frankly, why a lot of advisors niche, they find a small group of people that they like to work with that do certain things because even they know that they can't know everything. What shot, what reasonable expectations should the average individual have that they know everything about finance too.

They shouldn't take that burden off your shoulders. Find trusted professionals that can work with you to get you to those. Financial goals that you've got, you have to be able to do that because you can't, you'd likely can't do it all yourself.

Peter Dunn: Dame, I've gotten to the point, honestly, and this is oversharing, I believe I am approaching the I've forgotten more about finance than many people know, but in the negative sense, like I, there's so much to know, Dame, you know, at least in the last.

Couple of years. I'm so far out of the day to day advice that our team provides. [00:49:00] I've forgotten. I really have forgotten. And, and that is, that is, there's so much to know and staying current on that as well.

Damian Dunn: Yeah, I mean, all sorts of new, you know, legislative changes and new developments and new products.

You can't be, you've got other things to worry about being there. You can't be expected to stay up on that. Neither can the average individual. You just can't put that burden on yourself, that expectation.

Peter Dunn: Kristen, I even think about things like, Oh, the changes of what you can use a 529 plan for. Um, what percent of people actually know that?

I mean, seriously, what percent of people actually know the massive changes there? Five. Oh,

Kristen Ahlenius: maybe, maybe. And then that opens a door for people with. Less than pure intentions like I just had a conversation with someone in my personal life who was like, I don't want to use a 529 because what if my kid doesn't want to go to school and they had someone [00:50:00] who again likely had not the best intentions trying to push them toward a different product and it's like, uh, and they were preying on the lack of knowledge and the skills to be able to find these additional resources and little did they know that Their best friend is very financially educated.

So I was like, absolutely not. This is not what we do. But if you don't have that person to turn to and you don't know where to find those resources, that's how the previous two segments, that's how those stories happen. If you tell

Damian Dunn: me that product was an insurance product of some sort, I'm going to punch the air.

Kristen Ahlenius: I didn't, I

Peter Dunn: didn't say anything. But with great force and technique. Yeah, it will be very sorry. Um, Dane, this also makes me think of Public Service Loan Forgiveness is the ultimate version that we touch on a daily basis here at Your Money Line of I didn't know. I mean, pretty wild stuff. I mean, we're talking, that's not, that's not judgment.

It's just like, of course, there's a lot going on. I can't expect you to [00:51:00] know it, but if you did, maybe you would have gotten a lot of student loans forgiven that you've been paying on and get a refund in the process. So Kristen, thank you for your grace and not throwing me completely under the bus for misunderstanding the topic.

You're welcome. And we'll do that during the break. Uh, so here's what we're going to do. We're going to come back. The show has been a heater. As they call it in the biz, I don't, I don't know if anybody calls it that, uh, we're coming back with biggest waste of money of the week. I'm pretty sure I'm going to stump both people today on biggest waste of money of the week and the news.

I may even have a guessing game. All of that is next right here on the pizza planet show. I'm Pete, the planner, Kristen. I'm sorry. I'm, I'd say I'm embarrassed, but you know, I'm not that embarrassed. Not even actually makes for a better show. She, she made it work. Of course she did. She's Kristen.

I just want to look up every financial advisor I know right now on BrokerShark. And then my case. [00:52:00] James, you and I used to be on it. I don't know. I'm

Damian Dunn: not. I just checked. I am not on it anymore.

Peter Dunn: Really? Yeah, I'm not either. I fell off. Oh. Which is great. I mean, I don't, I'm not licensed. Great. I was.

Kristen Ahlenius: How long ago did your guys licenses

Peter Dunn: lapse?

Mine was 2012 or 13. Uh, mine would have been. 10 years. I bet it's 10 years.

Damian Dunn: Mine would have been 2010 or 11. Yeah.

Kristen Ahlenius: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, so maybe 10 years. I don't know. Am I on there? Oh,

Peter Dunn: ho, ho, ho, ho. What state?

Kristen Ahlenius: It was, uh, no, I was licensed in Illinois.

Peter Dunn: Oh, I've heard of that. Sounds nice. Actually, I'm not going to put the state because, oh, there you are.

Hey, girl. Disclosure. Whatever. Disclosure. Not a disclosure. Calm down. Not a disclosure. One firm. Three exams passed. I got your middle name here. We won't share with the people, uh, [00:53:00] Midwestern securities trading, huh? Uh, you passed the series seven, uh, September 27th of 2016 on the first try. No, me neither.

Dame, did you pass the seven on the first try? I didn't. Well, don't say it like that. Um. It's hard.

Kristen Ahlenius: In my defense, the seven, I was told, hey, schedule your exam, and then if you don't feel ready, we'll move your test date, and I was not allowed to move my test date, and I missed it, I believe, by one, because you have to get, like, whatever the 70.

70. Yeah. It was I was

Peter Dunn: not happy. My excuse is maybe a little bit more classic. Um, I was a college student And it was during finals week yay, uh, but of course as dame would note it's not like I studied for fun

Damian Dunn: You have plenty of time. I'm, not sure what was going on

Peter Dunn: Uh, [00:54:00] jameson notes. Does it show her master's degree?

You know, it doesn't it doesn't um, anyway, kristen. Congratulations on You No disclosures. Thank you. No disclosures. When we hire people in your department and they were previously financial advisors, do we do

Damian Dunn: broker checks? I think I looked her up before I hired her if I remember correctly.

Peter Dunn: Alright, let's do a show.

I gotta go. Hold on a second.

This is fun. This is fun, what we do here. Sometimes. Okay. Three, two, this week's biggest waste of money of the week right here on the pizza planner show is a product, which I'm going to tell you about. The yellow leaf hammock throne hammocks are generally used for outdoor relaxation. [00:55:00] While the yellow leaf hammock throne can accommodate that purpose.

It's sleek enough for indoor use. Can I get a quick time out? Of course, there's going to be a piece of copy coming here in a few minutes that is going to take your breath away. It is awkward at best, and we're going to have to talk about it and I'll let you determine what it is when I'm done. All right, I'm back in.

It has a maple wood frame sustainably grown and harvested in the U. S. A. and crafted at Fancher Chair in Western New York. Timeout number two. This also suggests that I did some show prep today. True. Time in. The stand has a U shaped base containing an internal cross roller ball bearing for 360 degree rotation.

Marine grade weatherproofing lets it survive the elements outside, a 46 inch diameter means it doesn't dominate indoor space, and the unique form of the hammock [00:56:00] itself is designed to never flip over. Made in Thailand by well paid workers, the hammock consists of over two and a half miles of super soft yarn for ultimate comfort.

Kristen Ahlenius: Oh my.

Damian Dunn: Well paid is very subjective.

Peter Dunn: Well, I have literally never read a product description that says, hey, this is made in this country. By well paid workers, me thinks someone is overcompensating for something that they feel is sensitive. And also, of course, we want people to be well paid, like, not the point, but that's sort of super awkward to call out in the copy, is it not?

Oh, yeah. Yeah. All right, Kristen. You don't have the dad vibe, so I don't think you enjoy a hammock the way Dam and I do. Um, but what, what are we thinking

Kristen Ahlenius: here? No, I do have one on my Amazon wish list though. Really? For the camper, [00:57:00] yeah.

Peter Dunn: Hmm, yeah, okay. What do we think here?

Kristen Ahlenius: Um, let's go You know, if these people weren't well paid, I feel like my guests would be different.


Peter Dunn: let's,

Kristen Ahlenius: let's go 500

Peter Dunn: 500, uh, American, or are we going with the Turkish lira? Certainly

Kristen Ahlenius: not the Turkish lira. All

Peter Dunn: right, Dan.

Damian Dunn: Uh, it looks uncomfortable. It's pretentious. There are well paid. People in Thailand making it for people in New York to sell. Uh, this thing's gotta be, uh, 2, 100.

Peter Dunn: 3, 999. Dave, what's in the news this

Damian Dunn: week?

Well, Pete, um, something you said earlier caught my

Peter Dunn: ear. Thanks for listening. And I

Damian Dunn: want to make sure that I keep you [00:58:00] going on this heater you've got going. Because you said there were two things that get you fired up. Stories like we discussed today. And stories about billionaire Joe Lewis pleading guilty to insider trading this week.

Lewis, an investor who owns Tottenham Hotspur football club and looks like a bond villain, copped one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud and two counts of securities fraud. Quote, I knew at the time what I was doing was wrong. And I am so embarrassed. He told the judge prosecutors claim he tipped off girlfriends and staff, including his pilots to non public info about companies.

He had invested in the 86 year old who was out on bail with a 322 foot yacht and a private plane as collateral faces up to 45 years in prison, but is likely to be sentenced to less.

Peter Dunn: If you, if you can't share inside information with [00:59:00] the pilot of your private jet and a lover, who can you share private information with?

Kristen Ahlenius: He, he really said, I told my girlfriends, plural, and then said, I knew it was wrong, and I'm not sorry.

Damian Dunn: No, no. Prosecutors claim he tipped off girlfriends and staff, including his pilots. But he just said he knew what he was doing was wrong, and he is so embarrassed.

Peter Dunn: Okay. Okay, look. Do not judge Tottenham Hotspur based on their ownership and or, uh, management.

Uh, let's judge them on the pitch. Damn, that's, that's dirty. That is dirty because Tottenham has a massive, massive game today. 3pm versus City. It had

Damian Dunn: everything you wanted. It had insider trading. It had, you know, securities fraud. It had your team. I mean, this is like your

Peter Dunn: story. I almost wore my Tottenham jersey today, but I have a lunch where I have to look like a I don't know, the CEO of a company, so I didn't wear it [01:00:00] today.

And you chose that shirt? Oh, that's Awww. What else is

Damian Dunn: in the news? Pete, I am very curious as to what your reaction to this one is going to be. Applebee's year long subscription for weekly date nights sold out within minutes on Monday. The restaurant chain's website appeared to crash on Monday afternoon, soon after eastern time, no, noon eastern time.

When the coveted 200 date night pass went on sale due to popular demand. The Applebee's date night passes sold out. The chain posted on his website a short time later and a statement released later on Monday and Applebee's spokesman confirmed the passes had sold in one minute, the company declined to disclose how many passes were sold.

The passes include up to 30 of food and non alcoholic beverages per use and are valid 52 times between February 1st of this year and January 31st of next. When all 52 discounts are redeemed, a pass has the value of roughly 1, 500, 200 bucks for 1, 500 worth of food [01:01:00] at an Applebee's. Deal or no deal? Deal!

Peter Dunn: Okay,

Kristen Ahlenius: Kristen? Deal. And honestly, the only way that story would have been better is if you would have said it was Chili's.

Peter Dunn: You know, I have a, something to admit. Uh, when I was in high school, there was a Applebee's that I used to take dates to, and the reason I took them to this particular Applebee's was because in the entryway, they would put tchotchkes and memorabilia from the local high school, and it just so happened that they grabbed the yearbook from my high school, and there was a picture of me as the captain of the football team, That was right in the entryway.

And I'd, I would walk in with an unsuspecting young lady. I was, and I'd be like, Oh, I asked them to take that down. And I'm like, come on, baby. Let's go get some riblets. [01:02:00] Oh my gosh. It's true.

Kristen Ahlenius: And that's so true. So

Peter Dunn: embarrassing. It is. But Dame, does anything capture an 18 year old Peter Dunn? Quite

Damian Dunn: like that.

No, I believe every single word

Peter Dunn: you just said. I am kind of embarrassed. But look, we are who we are. What else is in

Damian Dunn: the news? The craze for Stanley stainless steel drinking cups reached new levels last week when a woman was arrested and accused of stealing 65 of them worth almost 2, 500 from a store in California police in Roseville and placer County in northeast of Sacramento said Sunday that they were called Wednesday.

Do the math to a report of a theft from a store on Stamford Ranch Road in the city. Staff saw the woman taking a shopping cart full of Stanley water balls without paying for them. The suspect refused to stop for staff and stuffed her car with the stolen merchandise, police said in a statement. An officer spotted the suspect's vehicles that entered Highway 65 and [01:03:00] initiated the traffic stop.

The so far unnamed woman of Sacramento was arrested and accused of grand theft. I have a picture that I wish I could share. I should have sent it to you. The, the hood of the police cruiser is Covered in Stanleys. It is

Peter Dunn: absolutely hilarious. Kristen, I would like to try a joke on the fly and have you be the only person to tell me whether it's funny or not.

Okay, go. When police confronted her and said, Ma'am, did you pay for all of these Stanleys? She was heard screaming, Not Yeti. Punny. So no? Nah. You know what was Sometimes the silence cuts. But in this case, since I can see you, your facial expression is what salted the wounds.

Kristen Ahlenius: My face is very honest. I'm

Peter Dunn: sorry.

Yeah. Oh! Your sister laughed. Okay. I think we're [01:04:00] done here.

Um, all right. Well, Dan, thanks for your contributions to this whole, your thing. It was great. And Kristen, thank you for being you. You're welcome. Uh, for everyone else, I'm sending you good vibes because good vibes are all that's in the budget. Go to brokercheck. finra. org. I'm Pete, the planner. This is the show.

I so badly want someone to look for their broker and then email me if they found something, a disclosure. Should I put that in the column? If you find a disclosure, email me and let me know. I was so I, I haven't submitted the column yet and submitted it on Mondays, I, but it's done because that's how heated I am and you know, that is

Damian Dunn: unusual.

Peter Dunn: That is unusual. I, um, I actually emailed my editor this morning and asked for more space. I said, I'm at my word limit. Can I have more? [01:05:00] And I haven't heard back from you because she's doing her job. Oh, sorry. Issue day. Okay. I get the feeling that our friend Mason who does the IBJ podcast might come calling on this one.


Damian Dunn: yeah. Yeah. I think

Peter Dunn: so. Do either of you want to be on that with me to sort of calm me down or no

Kristen Ahlenius: way it'll be way more fun like this.

Peter Dunn: I feel like at that case I almost like need to call our attorney. Just, just to make sure. Because he's going to ask, he's going to ask, he's going to name names and it's going to get me in trouble.

Kristen Ahlenius: Ask Molly what she thinks first.

Peter Dunn: I know what Molly's going to say. Molly's not going to let me do it. Um, alright, Kristen, you got any big plans this weekend?

Kristen Ahlenius: Uh, going to Sam's Club.

Peter Dunn: Not a Costco person, huh? You're Sam's

Kristen Ahlenius: Club. Um, I previously only had access to Sam's Club, and so I've just, like, continued that membership.

I don't really [01:06:00] have a strong

Peter Dunn: preference. Dame, what you got going?

Damian Dunn: Uh, swim meet in West Lafayette this weekend.

Peter Dunn: Oh. Spoiler up. I'm driving to Evansville for a cheer competition. Yeah, so I didn't see that one coming when I

Damian Dunn: did you get your outfit all cleaned up after you said you're driving for the Yeah,

Peter Dunn: I'm going so Didn't see that one coming when I met mrs.

Planner at our University years ago. Okay. Well, that's it Stay getting money