January 12, 2024

The ins and outs of 2024

In this week's episode, Dame, Kristen, and Pete talk about what habits they're leaving behind, and what habits they're employing anew in 2024.

Episode Transcript

Peter Dunn: [00:00:00] I have hot chicken on the brain as we start today's show. Hello, Peter Dunn, Peter Nicholas, hot chicken, Don love hot chicken. And I was just showing images of hot chicken to my co hosts of which they, neither of them seemed interested. Kristen, what was it about the pictures of hot chicken that I shared with you?

It didn't interest you.


Kristen Ahlenius: doesn't interest me is I'm a very, when it comes to food, I'm a very like, this is a type of food to eat at this type of day. And while we record at 10 a. m. Eastern time, that's not hot chicken time. That's breakfast time. So that's just like not even appealing to

Peter Dunn: me. Dane, what's weird about that?

And I'm curious if this is a gender thing, maybe an age thing any time is a good time to look at delicious food in my eyes. And I'm curious of where you line up on that.

Damian Dunn: I, I would generally fall in line with that. Now, I also believe there are some foods that are universal that you can eat any time of the day.

Bacon. [00:01:00] Bacon, absolutely. Yep. I would argue pizza can be eaten at any time of the day.

Peter Dunn: Right.

Kristen Ahlenius: Fair. But not hot

Peter Dunn: chicken. Guys, speaking of fitness, fitness, hot chicken in your mouth our treadmill broke about two weeks ago. Did I tell you about this? Yes. Yes. No, no, and you're thinking, Oh, clearly compete.

You've been looking a little fluffy. I don't think you've, you've been on the tread. It broke the belt. We've had it for several years. The belt just like broke. And so now you've got this with no tread. So I ordered a replacement belt. And last night I sat about. Set about, I should say to repair it. Now I'm a fitness machine.

Repairman got a YouTube video up. There we go. I'm repairing it. It took about 90 minutes and don't think the irony was lost on me that I'm repairing a fitness device. And sweating profusely. Like I got an amazing workout replacing the tread on a treadmill.[00:02:00] Kristen, this is a dumb question. We all know how treadmills work, but do you really know how a treadmill works until you've gotten inside of it?

Do you understand how a treadmill really works?

Kristen Ahlenius: A little motor turns a bell. That turns the thing that you actually walk on. I mean, is there more to it

Peter Dunn: than that kind of it's it's it's actually Dame. Do you want to jump in here?

Damian Dunn: No, I've never torn a treadmill apart, but I'm running through the process in my head.

So it's

Peter Dunn: really about the board. It is actually. I know you think it's about the tread that is moving and the motor that is moving, but the main element of the treadmill is the running surface itself, which is a MDF board, right? That has some level of flexibility and give and cushion to it. And then the belt slides over it.

But it's so much more complicated than you think, because you just think it's this belt that's on this track that goes first of all, there's no track, at least on the treadmill. I have, it just [00:03:00] slides over this slick board. It was fascinating. And by the way I'm not gonna use the treadmill. It's for my family, but it was pretty, pretty neat.

Damian Dunn: I don't think you said a single thing there that I didn't already recognize about a treadmill. So

Peter Dunn: you knew that it was actually about the board and not the

Damian Dunn: tread. Yeah, because you have to have a little bit of cushion, but it has to be rigid enough because otherwise you're going to absolutely destroy your joints and it has to be low enough coefficient of friction to make sure that it slides smoothly and

Peter Dunn: consistently.

Jeremiah makes it on time to the show today. I think he's just here to see if we heard him talk about us on his podcast boss hog of liberty this week. And I did. I listened this morning. I listened for The prescribed 10 minutes that I recommended to people. I had to fast forward until I heard you talk about us.

And I will have to say there was something conspicuously absent in your discussion of our show, Jeremiah. Yeah, Jeremiah. Yeah, there's something conspicuously absent. Don't do that. Kristen [00:04:00] Alenius.

Kristen Ahlenius: That is I I heard I wasn't mentioned Jeremiah and that kind of hurts my feelings. I'm not gonna

Peter Dunn: lie. Yeah, it was just like Peter and Damien and some some gal that lady lady Okay, it's okay.

Don't don't feel bad. What's going on Damien a good week

Damian Dunn: Yeah, this week's flown by our first first snow days for, for the kids. We got another one today. Pete, can we talk for a minute? Do you think schools are getting softer today as far as delays and cancellations go? Because we got a cancellation on whether they think is going to happen later today.

Peter Dunn: Do you think it's about the litigious society we live in or what do you think it's like out of an abundance of caution? I don't think abundance of caution existed 20 years ago. No, you know, there was just caution but never in abundance.

Damian Dunn: No, it's it's probably a combination of litigious society [00:05:00] and technology that now allows people to feel like they are Still properly educating the youth for the

Peter Dunn: future, you know Something's happening in my life that I want to share with you all I may end up in Orlando in the middle of April at a four day world cheer competition I don't feel good about it, but I love my, my young lady so much.

You know what I mean? That's,

Damian Dunn: I would love to strap a GoPro to your forehead for days and just have a running commentary of everything you're experiencing. I

Peter Dunn: was telling coworker Molly this morning about this and she goes, Oh, and to be in Orlando and have to be inside. And I was like, Wait, that's the best part.

That's the best part is not being outside for any time for a ginger. I think I'm a cheer dad now.

Damian Dunn: Yeah, I don't think you are. I know you are.

Peter Dunn: Oh boy. [00:06:00] Holiday company party tonight. Yeah, the company holiday party is dying. Did my invitation

Damian Dunn: get lost in the mail?

Peter Dunn: No, I ruined it. You're in HQ1. You were invited.


Damian Dunn: teasing. Kristen, I was hoping you were going to jump in there and say, yeah, I didn't get one either.

Peter Dunn: Nah. You're just choosing not to come out of an abundance of caution of the

Damian Dunn: road. Caution, yeah. I knew, I knew three weeks ago that it was going to be

Peter Dunn: nasty tonight. Hey, Andy did you get your, your mug?

We sent your mug. We sent one to Rick. We sent one to, Danza had to send one to someone. There's Jeremy, non pilot Jeremy.

Kristen Ahlenius: Non pilot

Peter Dunn: Jeremy. Andy, did you get your mug? I just gotta know if you got your mug. Hello, Caitlin. All right. Oh,

Damian Dunn: no, it hasn't arrived yet. Oh,

Peter Dunn: I saw it go out on Monday here from our offices.

So it might have gone out Tuesday. I don't know. You'll get it. It's coming. Our hope. And I say this out of respect, Andy, and like, just for the comedic aspect of it, I kind of hope it arrives broken. Like, I, like, [00:07:00] I know that seems rude. I know, like, I get it. Like you, you deserve it. You want it. And I want you to have a working, but it's funnier if I was involved with something that went horribly wrong.

And, and so I kind of hope that like the handle snapped or something. We'll send you another one, right? Anybody? Oh, yeah, absolutely. Thank you, Dave.

If it arrives broken, Andy says she's sending a pic. Okay, let's do a show. Hey, oh I want to do some listener stuff here for a second. I was working out, I really was, on an indoor track at an indoor soccer facility the other day and my friend Juergen by the way, former goalie for the U. S. Men's National Team for the World Cup, Juergen listener of the show, listener of the show, stops me, I had to pull out my noise cancelling headphones because I'm cancelling out all of the, And he was like 14%, you [00:08:00] think the market's going to do 14 percent so you're again, and I think you're going to send his family listens to the show.

So you're again thank you for listening to the show. Also, Oh, go ahead.

Damian Dunn: How much would we have to collect to allow your gun to rocket full speed shots at you and goal? Well,

Peter Dunn: here's the thing. You're again with the goalie for the U. S. men's national team. Yeah, I

Damian Dunn: know, but I'm sure he's still got a leg and I mean, he probably kicked balls three quarters of the way down the field that he could probably, you know, put a little mustard on

Peter Dunn: one.

That's fair. How about this one? Hey, Pete, this was Oh, I wrote an article about convenience, time and money and window exchange. But, but But we'll get here for a second. Hey Pete, this is a great article. I'm in my mid fifties and I concur that spending a bit of money is worth its weight in time. As a serial listener of the Pete the Planner podcast, I've always wanted to win the listener of the year award.

Problem is, I don't have the time to join in the live stream every Friday. You see, I might be skiing, riding my bike, walking the dog, or just out having fun with my [00:09:00] wife. Based on this article, I got an idea. So my question is this, how much? Yep. How do I buy one of those listener of the year awards? Or maybe how do I just buy the cop coffee cup, right?

He will get you everywhere. As my dad used to say, when talking about how to get us kids to do stuff, my parents didn't want to do time versus money. Of course, I say this in jest and whoever is reading this, I hope I just made you smile in much the same way. The podcast has made me smile hundreds of times.

Keep up the good work and thanks for all you do. Mike and Albuquerque, New Mexico. That is slightly an offensive email. I have to admit, he said we've only made him laugh hundreds of times. Oh,

Damian Dunn: maybe he just started listening.

Peter Dunn: That's true. Oh, hello, Jameson. Does Pete wear rec specs? No, I don't. Without glass, like sometimes when I'm not at work, You

Damian Dunn: are a different person when you take your glasses off.

I'm a

Peter Dunn: completely different person. My daughter says I look like a thumb when I don't have glasses on. I Just [00:10:00] took him off and like, I don't know. Okay, let's do a show. Let's do a show. I, Oh, I haven't, I gotta go. I gotta go. I gotta go. I just remember what we are. Okay. Here's the special thing about this today's show.

Everyone podcast peoples. I have no idea what the topics are today. I usually find out in pre show like five minutes before. Today I've specifically said, I don't want to know. So I don't know how I'm going to go from intro in these radio segments to pointing to the right person to talk about what we're going to figure it out.

Kristen has gotten so much better at this, that she's not vomiting on herself out of fear and anxiety. Dame is just watching me fail, which is sort of one of his favorite things to do in his adult life. And here we go. 3, 2, 1. This week on the Pete the Planner show, we answer your money questions. Here's how the show works.

You email us askpete at petetheplanner. com. That's askpete at [00:11:00] petetheplanner. com. And here's what happens. We turn it into a radio show. Yeah, that's right. Answer your emails on the air. If you do not email us, we have no radio show and that is not a threat. It's a promise. I actually don't know what that means.

Joining me as always, Kristen Alanius. Hello. Hello, Kristen. Works at your money line. She solves people's financial problems for a living. Damian Dunn. Oh, whoa, whoa. Damian Dunn joins us as well. Damian does the same thing. Hello, Dam. Good day. Damian and I are not related, and that's important as we make our way into our first segment.

Dam, who is your least favorite relative? That is the first segment of the show. No, I'm just kidding. a Lot of hot talk, hot goss, if you will, out there on hot, you know what hot goss is, Kristin?

Kristen Ahlenius: I don't think anyone knows what that is, Pete.

Peter Dunn: Gossip. Sure. Like the hot gossip is called hot goss. No, you just made that up.

No, I didn't make that up. That's not a thing. Look it [00:12:00] up.

Damian Dunn: Hot goss. Stop trying to make it work, Pete. Stop trying to make it

Peter Dunn: work. It's New Year's resolutions time of year, but we don't do New Year's resolutions around here. We do ins and outs. I think that's what Kristen says she does. Kristen, what are ins and outs relation to New Year's resolutions and why are we talking about them?


Kristen Ahlenius: first of all, I would like to say that this was set up as if this is something that I do regularly. This is my first time. It's my first time doing this, but I saw a trend on social media where people started talking about instead of or in lieu of New Year's resolutions, things they want to do more of and things that they just simply want to do less up.

So. Ins and outs. And I just loved that because it felt more like we talked at the end of the year last year in 2023 about James Clear's atomic habits. And to me, ins and outs feels very like James Clear esque and where you make smaller changes all year long toward the person that you want to be. So ins and outs.

Peter Dunn: All right. So personal [00:13:00] finance ins and outs, as opposed to like, I want to eat more cheese,

Kristen Ahlenius: ideally on account of this is a finance show. They say,

Peter Dunn: so they say, Dame, I have one that maybe I'll start with.

It comes from a place of admitted privilege. So I want to just, just own that for a second. Okay, sit in that. I want to be more sensitive to what carry out costs, because what I'm saying, if you read through the jar, is that I'll just do a carry out and then I'll just deal with the ramifications and somebody said, Oh, well, great.

Good for you. And yeah, it has been good for me, but as some of our financial priorities have shifted in our house going into 2024, like me spending a week in the magic kingdom, watching cheerleaders as a parent, as a parent like I, I just like our, our, we have to change. Some of our [00:14:00] financial habits and I, I have to be more sensitive to the price of carryout.

So that is a Christian, is that an in or an out? Out is the insensitivity and in is sensitive. Is that, am I doing this right? You

Kristen Ahlenius: are. And I think for me, that's a habit that you want to stop. So I would say out is like insensitivity or lack of awareness of. Carryout costs, we do carry

Peter Dunn: out two to three times to probably two times a week, Friday and Saturday Dame, how often does the, the Dunn's of the North get carry out

Damian Dunn: way more frequently than, than you may think because our schedule.

Demands are that of a family that is on the move to chase kids around and do their activities. And there's a little bit of driving involved six days a week in that. So we usually try and get to get some some good quality nutrition at home. But When you're making your way back and you don't want your kids to sit down and throw [00:15:00] food in their face right before they go to bed, sometimes you have to get them something so I can digest a little bit.

So it's probably three to four times a week. We're probably picking something up or just stopping by to grab something real quick.

Peter Dunn: Are you willing to guess though, too, that we don't actually dine out? It's always to go

Damian Dunn: the majority is to go or just bring with, but every once in a while, a couple of times a month, we'll probably go sit down somewhere and since everybody's at home, they're probably all rolling their eyes at me right now saying, no, we do a completely different dad.

You're just not paying

Peter Dunn: attention. You painted a picture of a family that loves each other.

Damian Dunn: Well, they're very united against somebody

Peter Dunn: speaking of that person, Kristen. Oh. How often do you have a different lifestyle than these two olds here? Yeah. How often do you get carryout? A week.

Kristen Ahlenius: I would say that I am in the same camp of [00:16:00] most of the meals that aren't cooked are carry out.

But a lot of those are like with people. I, like, my friends and I don't That's terrible.

Peter Dunn: I don't I'm not interested. I'm sorry.

Kristen Ahlenius: I'm sorry. But like, I, I will get carry out or be like, hey, ordering pizza and like people will be at the house. So I feel like it's a little bit different, but similar quantity vibes, I would say for sure, three, maybe even four, depending on how much people

Peter Dunn: are around.

So this is where this, this, the rubber hits the road, so to speak. we've got two teenagers. Ted is now at 11, could be 12 years soon eating like a man, right? It smells like a man to eat like a man. So our carry out is low end 50 normally. 80 to 90 per carry out and do that 150 bucks a week. That's 600 a [00:17:00] month.

Easy and carry on. That doesn't even count like weekend lunches as you're like, get right in that sandwich. Dame, where, where are you guys at?

Damian Dunn: I Mean, it's gotta be somewhere close to that. Although a lot of our, our grab and go type of stuff. Is a little less expensive. I mean, Mrs Advice and I don't always get something to eat when we when we're stopping by.

Sometimes it's just for the kids. So it's it probably actually runs less than that because we're not doing full blown meals for the family at these these a lot of these stops. But I bet we're 500 bucks a month, pretty, pretty easy on carry out and or dining out,

Peter Dunn: I should say. What does a young, young woman with no children, what do you do there?

Kristen Ahlenius: Well, it's, you also have to recognize that my options for carry out are a lot different. the two of yours. So like, even if it's from like a place where you can sit down and have a meal, it's probably a lot [00:18:00] cheaper. So I, I guess I don't know that exact number cause it's a lot of like Venmo's and things like that.

But significantly less like last night I had Jimmy John's. It was. It's 9. So different.

Peter Dunn: I was going to suggest that since you live in such a farm ish community that like your carry out options include hay, millet. Yeah.

Damian Dunn: Exactly.

Peter Dunn: Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. All right. So that's mine. Out is insensitivity to. Carry out prices Dame in or out.

What do you, when we wouldn't choose, what are you adding? What are you taking away 2024?

Damian Dunn: Oh, I'd like to add a little bit more awareness to what is going on on the daily financial spectrum. We are big champions of the lazy man's budget around here. And it's easy just to kind of get sucked into that process and live your life.

And just keep the wheels turning on that. And miss the, the, the bits [00:19:00] and pieces that are going along with your financial life. And sometimes you get surprised at the end of a month and that's never a good feeling or rarely a good feeling. So I think I, I would like to be a little, a little bit more active in my, my weekly financial life going forward in

Peter Dunn: 2024.

Short of the shock of the statement, when you see it at the end of the month, is there something that you feel like isn't getting accomplished because of that? Or by the nature of the Lazy Mane budget, you at least don't have to deal with that?

Damian Dunn: No, not necessarily that. I mean, we've, we've got everything, all the bases covered, but it's just one of the things where you just need to have your finger on the pulse a little bit better.

Peter Dunn: All right, let's do this. Let's take a break. Everyone calm down. Grab a snack. Hopefully not carry out. And we'll come back and we will talk ins and outs, what we're going to try to eliminate in 2024 financially from a behavior standpoint, and what we're going to add to our journey. All of that is next on the Pete the Planner show on Pete the Planner.

And that's how you do a segment that you don't know is really going to exist. And I really enjoyed that. Thank you very much.[00:20:00]

Kristen Ahlenius: I'm glad that you didn't go to me first because I was talking like in mass, not for me personally, I hadn't really thought about my own personal.

Peter Dunn: Oh, wait. So you're just going to hear to give advice to others, but you're not going to explore your own habits?

No, no, no, no, no.

Kristen Ahlenius: I have explored my own areas for improvement in 2024. I don't know that there were any specific to personal finances. I was thinking like collectively, what could we be better at? But I have one now. We're fine. The

Peter Dunn: cobbler has holes in her shoes. I'm sorry. Is that a, is that a. Does that apply

Kristen Ahlenius: there?

I don't know even really what that meant. So,

Peter Dunn: Dean, I feel like old guy phrases. If we don't continue them, they die.

Damian Dunn: Yeah, a hundred percent. There's going to be generations beyond us that don't know the great life. Altering phrases that we've grown up with that were handed down for generations.

Peter Dunn: Whether it's a little league coach or your dad [00:21:00] or like your grandpa, like your mom or your grandma or your, your third grade teacher, they never gave you like these idioms that made half sense.

It was always some male that was just giving you some over the top phrase that, that you miss. Like I, I had a. Social Studies teacher in high school, Howard Buckwalter. Is that the name of a Social Studies teacher or is that the name of a Social Studies teacher? He was close to I feel like I've talked about him on the show.

He looked like the old man in Up. Yeah. Yeah. And I think I've shared before. He used to say, Something to like if I, if I offered you all extra credit, you jump on it quicker than a duck on a June bug and I just remember thinking and all of us were like 1415 and we're like, what, what's a June bug? What?

Why is a duck jumping on a June bug? And why are you saying [00:22:00] this? Mr Buckwalter? And like those things, those things are gone now. We don't have phrases like that anymore. Yeah,

Damian Dunn: maybe we should create a bathroom reader full of sayings that we grew up with for people to continue to edify their

Peter Dunn: lives with.

Now all we have is grab your Stanley and hot goss. Mm hmm.

Damian Dunn: We have one. I found it. Hot

Kristen Ahlenius: goss. That's not a thing.

Damian Dunn: It's on the internet. It's Urban Dictionary. Lots of things

Kristen Ahlenius: are on the internet.

Peter Dunn: Kristen, I want you to lift whatever beverage you have. On your table there in front of you up right now so we can see it.


Kristen Ahlenius: not a Stanley. It's a Yeti. Nice try though.

Peter Dunn: I have some coffee in a Contigo. Dame?

Wait a minute. Hydroflask. Hydroflask.

Kristen Ahlenius: Dame has a Stanley. Doesn't he? Yeah,

Damian Dunn: see? You do? Yeah, our family has [00:23:00] an abundance of Stanleys.

Peter Dunn: Wait, wait, wait. Do you drink out of a Stanley out of a straw? Sure.

Kristen Ahlenius: He has on the show

Peter Dunn: before.

Damian Dunn: Oh, yeah. Why, why wouldn't I? It's a great vessel for drinking fluids. I don't know.

Peter Dunn: I just like, I, I don't want to get this into like a gender thing, because then I'm just like this old cantankerous guy.

But like, I don't know. I just like, I don't, you drink out of a straw, Dame?

Damian Dunn: So, interesting that you bring this up. It restaurants. Absolutely not. I don't drink out of straws. It's just there's a glass. There's a glass there for a reason. I will drink out of the glass. But if there's a straw in like a to go cup, I will, I will use it.

But if they're in a thermos or some something like that, then yeah, I don't have much of a choice. Unless I can get a lid that replaces that, then I would absolutely be down for that. But if it's got a lid attached to it and this with a straw in it, I'll use

Peter Dunn: it. So you do primarily just like it. Social and like private [00:24:00] sucking because if you're in public, you're going to, you're

Damian Dunn: going to pour.

Yeah, I mean, there's absolutely no way to look intimidating while you're sucking out of a straw.

Peter Dunn: Chris brings up an amazing point that actually occurred to me as you were saying this. You most definitely should drink out of a straw at a restaurant based on, I would argue, Chris's argument is the cleanliness of the container itself, the vessel.

Damian Dunn: If you feel like you need to drink out of a straw at a restaurant, why are you eating there in the first

Peter Dunn: place? That's why we only get carry out. All right. Three, two, one back on the Pete, the planner show talking ins and outs and no in an out burger is not coming to central Indiana, although if it was Damon, I would take a double, double fries, animal style.

What habits are you leaving behind back in 2023 and which ones are you recommitting to or finding a new in 2024? [00:25:00] The author of this seminal work is none other than Kristen Alanius, creator of the in and out concept of goal setting. Kristen, in your personal finances, as you dig through them deeply and think about them here in 2024, talk to me in specifics probably five Things that you're going out with and five that are in in 2024.

Go ahead. The mic is yours. You

Kristen Ahlenius: know that I have a list prepared. Absolutely. In a moment of vulnerability, because I know that this is wrong, my out for 2024.

Peter Dunn: Don't feel judged by whatever reaction I have. It's

Kristen Ahlenius: not that big of a deal. But as a personal finance expert, I feel some type of way about admitting it out loud.

The out is caring about my credit score.

Peter Dunn: What? Why?

Kristen Ahlenius: Pause. It's not that I put, like, pressure on it. Like, I'm like, oh, I need to [00:26:00] do this to increase it. But, like, I still don't have a healthy relationship with looking at the FICO score that comes with my credit card statement. And, like, looking at where it's at, where it's been.

Which I know is silly. I tell people all day, every day, once you get to a good score, just like don't care. It's a privilege, first of all, to not care about your credit score. But that's the goal is to get to a place where we don't care. And even though I'm in that place, I still find myself thinking about my credit score for literally no good reason.

Peter Dunn: I don't want to judge anybody. I mean, and maybe here's the other thing, Damon, I have to do in these conversations with you, Damon, when we were your age, Kristen, we were not as smart as you are at your age. Dame, that's rude. I'll speak for myself. I'm still a dumb man, but I was a much dumber man when I was your age.


Damian Dunn: were absolutely signing up for credit cards to get a t shirt and a two liter Mountain

Peter Dunn: Dew. Yeah, [00:27:00] and we were drinking them in a Stanley with a straw. bUt damn, I, I just don't give a rip about my credit score now. I'm glad it's high, but I also don't care. Right. Or how is that how you feel?

Damian Dunn: I mean, saying I don't care isn't necessarily genuine because I would for sure care if it wasn't.

So I, I have a vested interest in it being there, but at the same time, our, our, our financial habits are such that I am not concerned that it's going to drop anytime soon, short of you know, me getting hit by a bus and us losing the passwords to our online banking account so we can pay our bills. So I.

I'm not concerned with it. And maybe that's the, maybe that's the takeaway is, is that I don't, I don't have to be at this point and I don't know if that's a privilege or necessarily, maybe it's a reward for doing things financially right for so long that it's not not a concern of mine.

Peter Dunn: [00:28:00] That's fair. I mean, I'll say this and without being the, well, someday Christian, I would say within 10 years, you, you will not give a rip in any capacity.

Kristen Ahlenius: I, I don't know if that's just, I don't know if I'm capable of that as a person, you guys. I am just so, I don't know if it is this like, when I grew up in school, like I was a perfect attendance kid and would like cry if I was going to miss school. Like it is, I think just who I am to care about this metric because I am being measured and I'm obsessed with like being measured.


Damian Dunn: you care? I'm curious, and you may not have a good answer for this. Do you do you find yourself more concerned with your credit score or retirement fund balances?

Kristen Ahlenius: Por que no los dos? Why not? Both I I check, I, you guys, I log into my betterment every day. I just, I don't, and maybe the, all of it, maybe I need to take a step back in [00:29:00] 2024 from looking at those things.

With the frequency that I do because everything is fine and I know everything's fine, but I, the relationship there is not good.

Damian Dunn: So how is your day impacted when you log into your betterment account after a week that we've just had the last fivers, you know, five ish days? I mean, does it does it make a tangible impact on your mood or your behavior when you see your account dropped by the thousands of dollars?

No, so why

Kristen Ahlenius: do you check I don't know I don't know and I I just have this suspicion that I am less alone in that than I Broad scope than I am in this platform right now I think there are a lot of people who care about their credit scores Or their retirement account balances who are checking on them with a higher Degree of frequency than they need to because they just have this what I would call maybe an unhealthy relationship with those numbers Like I said in this [00:30:00] conversation, I feel like I'm alone, but I do not think that I am alone brought up

Damian Dunn: I mean full full disclosure when I was aggressively saving for some goals I would Regularly check my savings account balance, even though I'm I knew what it was because I could do rough math in my head, but I like that positive reinforcement of, of seeing me start to achieve that goal.

So I understand checking account balances, but maybe there's a, maybe there's something more there as far as seeing numbers and, and just trying to make sure that you're, you're measuring up to some, some goal.

Peter Dunn: So Kristen, is the out to stop caring so much about your credit score? The

Kristen Ahlenius: out is to have a healthier relationship with those metrics.

I think that's what we just uncovered is that for me, and maybe that's too lofty of a goal for 2024 because I want, I want it to be achievable. So for me, maybe that first step is the credit score. Cause [00:31:00] that's the one that truly does not matter in my financial life. It does not matter.

Peter Dunn: Dame, do you want to You gave us that you're going to be more sensitive sort of the end of the break, more sensitive to everyday spending.

To me, everyday spending includes dining out. Like what other categories are currently in a household with a teen and a preteen? Like, well, what, what, what other expenses

Damian Dunn: exist? Well, I expenses in our house specifically are going to be around their athletic endeavors, but there's only so much that we can do to mitigate some of those costs.

So I guess the other, Other area that we could have potential control over is going to be just discretionary purchases through Amazon just makes it too darn easy to go out and buy stuff that you probably don't need, but just makes it all that much more convenient to have in your life. So maybe some discretionary purchases can can get jettisoned a little bit.[00:32:00]

Peter Dunn: It just occurred to me in the next segment. Can we talk about travel? Youth travel sports. And Kristen, you're just gonna, you're going to have to be the voice of reason and Dame and I can be, you know, your subject. Is that okay? Can we do that in the next segment? Yeah. What? Kristen, what else? Any other in and or out for 2024 for you?

Kristen Ahlenius: In for me is more intentionality around my intermediate savings. Like I have a set amount that I save for the intermediate, but I think I need to be more intentional. I have a really good handle on my short term goals and I know, I know what I want my long term goals to be, but I think I need to put some more time and energy into What really are my intermediate goals and making sure I'm funding all of them appropriately, or are they all achievable?

Because we all run out of money. Eventually money is finite. So what, what things can I achieve on the track that I'm on and which things might be out of

Peter Dunn: reach? I'm curious, [00:33:00] does feel more like consumption goals or do they feel like accumulation goals?

Kristen Ahlenius: Accumulation goals, probably. Okay.

Peter Dunn: Yeah. Yeah, that's interesting.

I will say, and it kind of gets into the next segment here Dame, your intermediate goals and my intermediate goals are really coming into focus really, really, really, really fast. And so I wonder, Kristen, if just the stage of life thing, Right. Because, you know, I got a daughter going to college three or four years.

Right. And then the son, seven years after or from here, but anyway, good, good thought. Good rambling thought. As a radio professional, I'm sure people didn't turn the channel when I said that coming out of the break confessions of a youth sports travel parent. Oh, all that's next on the Pete, the planner show.

I'm a youth sports travel parent, right?

Damian Dunn: This is Pete. Could you, could you guess your credit score within 20 points? Do you think? Yeah.

Peter Dunn: [00:34:00] Yeah. I'm just gonna say a hundred, but I don't really know. I don't know. I mean, 800, what's it go up to eight 50 now? I think so. I don't know. 800. I don't know. Who cares? yEah.

All right. So the, the, where this segment is going, I found myself in a conversation last night saying a phrase that I. I never thought I would say and I've judged others for in the past. And so Kristen, I'm just going to present this idea to you, Dame, you can take any perspective or role you want to feel like you need to take in this conversation,

Damian Dunn: but are you, are you doing this in the break or you want to do this on the air?


Peter Dunn: I'm doing it on the air. I'm just setting it up. We're doing it in like five seconds here. I just, okay. 3, 2, 1 back on the Pete, the planner show. So years ago, I believe it was [00:35:00] in USA today. I wrote a column about youth travel sports. Actually. Yeah, it might've been, no one knows could have been on a blog called Pete, the planner.

com the newly redesigned Pete, the planner. Oh yeah. Yeah. Have you been. It looks great. Shout out to Forrest on our marketing team for doing that. You, you guys are both on it. Looking good.

Kristen Ahlenius: Forrest calls those our rock band headshots, I think is what he told me. And I love that. They

Peter Dunn: look great. I haven't heard him say that.

I like it. So I wrote this hot take about why youth travel sports is financially bad for, for a lot of people. And it was, it was based on this idea, very simple idea that investing too much in youth travel and the I word there it is and putting too much money towards youth travel sports will actually lead to student loans.

That's it, right? You're saying, I'm not going to save for [00:36:00] college because instead I'm going to spend this money in the now and as a byproduct of that, I can't save money to get rid of the cost of college. So I'm going to pause there for a second. Is everyone tracking Dame? Is this, are we good? Yes. Kristen, that's, but do you disagree with that Dame real quick?

Do you disagree with that idea?

Damian Dunn: mAn, in general, I think that is how a lot of people. End up. So I don't disagree. I don't think it may be quite as ubiquitous as you thought it was when you made that statement.

Peter Dunn: Originally, Kristen, anything you want to,

Kristen Ahlenius: I think, generally speaking, you are correct.

Peter Dunn: Okay. Can we can we clip that?

Can we clip what she just said? Generally speaking, you are correct. And she said that to me. That will go on my LinkedIn page. Can't wait. Can't wait to delete the LinkedIn page. Okay, so last night in a discussion, I [00:37:00] found myself saying, Oh my gosh. I'm scared. I'm also trying to, as I think about this, strip out the details that I should strip out.

Someone has an interest to continue and pursue a particular path, right? And having been a division three college athlete personally, and my wife as well, Mrs. Planner, we, we know that college sports is not, first of all, it's not the end all be all. Second of all. It's a pretty big range and spectrum.

You don't have to be a D one superstar to enjoy and getting to have a nice experience for four years. You can go to a thousand person liberal arts school on the Ohio river and be just fine. Knowing that at least one of our little people has this in mind last night, I said as we were considering a pretty big expense, [00:38:00] I said, you know, if this person goes and does this, this expense really is an investment in that in it.

I know it came out of my mouth, Kristen. Should I quit my job?

Kristen Ahlenius: Immediately. Immediately. I'm just being honest though. Oz will accept your resignation. At 11 o'clock. But will Molly?

Peter Dunn: Yeah. What? Yeah, innit? But okay, so here's my justification, Dan, it, I am not cutting back what we're saving for college. We have college, college will be paid for, not a problem.

It really, in, in my estimation, in the conversation, it really was saying this will help this person enjoy that activity in college or be part of that activity in college. It [00:39:00] wasn't, this is an investment as a way to get a scholarship has nothing to do with that. It was really, this person enjoys this.

This is something they said is important to them, and I'm willing to support that cause. So investment was a financial in the current, but it wasn't investment in terms of a financial payoff. It was more about satisfaction. Does that make it better?

Damian Dunn: Yes, because that's the entire point of having that that mind space or that perspective is If I'm investing in my child to build the skill or to do, do this event or sport or whatever it is, I'm still willing to do it and not expect to have any financial benefit once they reach college.

If I am still willing to pay that money for that. With that parameter around it, call it whatever the heck you want, but I have to know that I'm doing that, not expecting there to be a big payoff once they, they matriculate to whatever university they're going to go to. [00:40:00]

Peter Dunn: And Kristen, this is where I get stuck, and I'm just, sometimes I overshare, sometimes I, but I'd rather seem realistic.

The reason I feel like I can entertain these thoughts and battle with it is because we're in the financial position to both pay for college, And I don't want to say write a blank check check for youth travel sports, but spend rather aggressively. And so that is unrealistic in terms of what most people deal with, but it is also my reality.

So that's how I have to make decisions. And I don't, my question to you is not, am I a raging hypocrite? It's, is there anything wrong? With the thinking here, and I want you to be honest.

Kristen Ahlenius: I don't think that there's anything wrong with ultimately how you're going about that decision, but the danger for me is in the word investment because what Dame said, what Dame said, I think is key.[00:41:00]

Dame said that he basically used the same phrasing that we use when we're talking about loaning money to family. And we say, you just should not expect to get the money back. It was really the same phrasing applied to this situation. So I'm like, you are gifting the experience to your child. You're not investing.

So and I think it feels different. And depending on your level of ability to achieve the long term goals, That phrasing is important. I

Peter Dunn: agree. I think you know, Todd makes a point on our YouTube live chat here. He said I have a friend who went all in with his son in a sport with the notion of scholarship would be given.

The son eventually got burned out and quit the sport as a junior in high school. It's funny. I was having that conversation with Oz this morning as she quit her illustrious volleyball career. You know, cause Oz is like six, seven that's, that's the thing with this is I think [00:42:00] part of this conversation, Dame comes along with the pressure that comes with the spending and I'm going to, I can't, I'm going to get over my skis a bit.

What I have witnessed from afar both as a personal finance expert and as just another parent on the sideline that gets to listen and watch is you have people who are not in amazing financial situations that really do have to sacrifice to pay for this or that. And there gets to be, and not judgmental, this is observational, like a desperation in their eyes.

And then the, the stakes go higher because we're giving up this. for this and you're not playing well and that's a, that's a tough element. Again, I'm not judging. I would, I think I'd probably feel the same way if I was choosing between something else I want funded and that, Dame, I got to assume you see that too in, in, in, York.

Damian Dunn: Yeah. Her view. Yeah. I mean, not only do I see it, but I mean, I'm crying. I remember being a kid and, you know, having this, [00:43:00] this pursuit or a couple of different pursuits and mom and dad spending money on me. And then all of a sudden, I mean, like, I don't want to do this anymore. And I kind of blindsided him by it.

And all of a sudden they've just spent some cash and just. It was kind of for naught. And there's, there's a emotional impact and a relational impact on everybody involved at that point. So you got to make sure you're spending money for the right reasons.

Peter Dunn: I was shocked as anyone, when you're just, you're just shot, I blew the joke.

Oh, What the heck? Kristen has as a go ahead. Damn.

Damian Dunn: No, I was just sighing at my my

Peter Dunn: disappointment. I was trying to get out. I was just as shocked as anyone else when your dressage career ended.

Damian Dunn: Yeah, that's a mouthful though. Did you,

Peter Dunn: Kristen, did your name say criminy a few minutes ago? No. He's got old guy phrases just oozing out of that beautiful face.

You said criminy? You said [00:44:00] criminy? Did you not even hear yourself say criminy? No. That's not

Damian Dunn: good. I'm going to need confirmation from the listeners

Peter Dunn: that I said criminy. You 100 percent said. Coming up after the break. Biggest waste of money of the week. On the news right here on the Pete the Planner Show.

I'm Pete the Planner. Crimony. That's

Kristen Ahlenius: the fact that you don't know is telling

Peter Dunn: you 100 percent crimony. But here's the

Damian Dunn: thing. Was it when I couldn't hear and I had to back out of the stream? Because if it was, because if it's, if it is, you're probably lucky I didn't say something else. No, you

Peter Dunn: know, you said crimony as a transition point.

Oh, I think you said it, Dane, but I hardly noticed because I also say crimony is what Andy says, but that's also why she's going to get a broken coffee mug in the mail today.

I hope it's broken. We'll send you another one, but I, it's just so funny if we send out like gifts to people and they're ruined, it's very on brand. I used to be a lot more critical of the [00:45:00] actual industrial youth sports complex. Or the youth sports industrial complex, I should say used to be put a lot more blame on them and, and they are certainly not without complete blame or zero blame, but it is a parent's decision of how are they going to deal with their resources.

I don't know when I said the when I said the I word last night, I, my face went white.

Damian Dunn: Was one of the first podcasts I listened to viewers was with you and was it Travis Dorch? Oh my

Peter Dunn: gosh Travis Dorch former Purdue University hunter. Yeah, who then went to punt for the Cincinnati Bengals then I believe went out to Idaho yeah, University of Idaho.

Let's look at them. What a universe to study youth sports Psychology. All right, so let's look him up Travis Dorch Utah State. There he is.[00:46:00] Wow. Yeah, he's doing TEDx talks. Dr. Travis Dortch to you, Dane.

Damian Dunn: Oh, my mistake. I'll put some more respect on

Peter Dunn: that next. You know what? Yeah, he is a human development and family studies founding director at Utah State University.

Should we have him back on the show? Sounds like it. Man, he's got good

Damian Dunn: hair. Kristen can get him one of the Purdue football helmets to sign. For

Peter Dunn: my basement. For your basement. I saw the picture of your basement. That sounds so creepy. A little bit, yeah. Wow. But I think you sent it, so. I did

Kristen Ahlenius: send it. And you're committed now.

You saw the

Peter Dunn: picture. It looks really cool. Doesn't it look really good? It really does. Looks great. Thank you. Oh, wait we did a segment on what brand of containing are you drinking? Oh, what brand of container are you drinking out today? Do we get a what's in Damien's pocket today segment? Yes. Kristen, can we guess Damien's?[00:47:00]

What's, what do you have in your hand?

Kristen Ahlenius: A flashlight and a

Peter Dunn: pocket knife. Why are they already out of your pocket?

Damian Dunn: Because I saw the comment and I figured you were gonna read it, so I prepared

Peter Dunn: it. Can we see him again? Hold him up. It's a flat flashlight. Hold on, I want to go full screen for the people that care.

Okay, so on your, the orange thing is what? That is a flashlight?

Damian Dunn: It's a flashlight. It's a three mode flashlight. It's got Don't shine my eyes. It's got a, it's got a UV light so that when you are in hotel rooms, you can check to see what, what's around there. Time out. Time out. I know you're going to go with the restaurant now.

It was just the, the one that I thought you might be most interested in.

Peter Dunn: Wait, I just kicked Dave out. I just, I didn't mean to do that. Sorry, Dave, you're back. I just accidentally kicked you out. Why would you look at Sheets in a hotel room with the UV, whatever light that is. Because then you got to leave the hotel room because everyone's filthy.

That's fun.

Damian Dunn: It's fun. And then I've got a [00:48:00] laser on there as well, which I won't because I'll blind half of the people watching green or red green. And then I can see it like at least 200 yards away and then just a flashlight multi mood flashlight on that. So it's

Peter Dunn: that's a lot. Do you say multi mood? I, I heard mood, and that's much more intriguing.

Oh, and then the knife. The knife does have one blade that can kill a person. Just one. Yeah, just one. But with all the she many Christmas with all the Krav Maga. Do you even need it the knife? Yeah,

Damian Dunn: I can cut stuff. I mean occasionally you got to open things and

Peter Dunn: or you can't get into an Amazon box with your Krav Maga Then you have not gotten well,

Damian Dunn: but then I destroy what's in the box to

Peter Dunn: what are you ordering?

More flashlights? Sometimes. Kristen, what's in your pockets right now? Nothing. Women [00:49:00] carry nothing

Kristen Ahlenius: in their pockets. Women carry nothing in their pockets. All

Peter Dunn: right, I'm going. I gotta, I'll show you. Oh, ow. I about lost my ears here. Okay. How

Damian Dunn: how's soccer been going while you're digging there?

Peter Dunn: I skipped my game last night.

Okay. I've got my wallet. Okay. I've got a single key fob for my car. I've got my keys to the office on a single key ring and I have your pucker up and kiss your money. Hello, Pete, the planner branded chapstick.

Damian Dunn: That is a decade old. Probably at this point.

Peter Dunn: It is very old, but it still lubes me. Well vintage.

I have vintage lube. On these here lips.

Damian Dunn: Okay. Don't react. Kristen, just let him sit in it.

Peter Dunn: Okay. Three, two, one. This week's biggest waste of money of the week right here on [00:50:00] the Pete, the planner show is the. Swarovski Optic AX Vizio Smart Binoculars. During this year's CES, Swarovski, Did I say that right? Yeah, that's better. Optic introduced its latest innovation.

The AX Vizio smart binoculars harness the power of artificial intelligence to upgrade the nature watching experience. As you're viewing, the binoculars can identify wildlife in real time. Well, Cap, can I get a timeout? Yes. Can't anything identify wildlife in real time? It's like a deer walks up, it's not like I go Give me a week and I'll tell you what, what that was like.

I can see a deer, but not anything can see something in real time. No, anyway as you're viewing the markers can identify wildlife in real time while capturing photos and videos of your session with a built in [00:51:00] camera. Oh, media is sent to the. Swarovski. I'm going to stop saying that optic outdoor app to be downloaded to your phone or device and shared with your friends to bore them on social media.

Hey y'all look at ground squirrel observations can even stream live. Mark Newsome, the industrial designer behind the ax found inspiration in the brands. Tabich series, taking a forum follows function approach to create the ideal combination of simplicity, functionality, and ergonomics. These binoculars will be released on February 1st.

Kristen, what?

Damian Dunn: Did she win last week?

Kristen Ahlenius: I didn't win last week, but I thought 2024 was the year that I got to go second. Sorry,

Peter Dunn: you weren't mentioned on the Boss Hog podcast. Whatever that thing is, so. Kristen, what does this cost?

Kristen Ahlenius: I don't, this is gonna be so bad. It's a smart device. It [00:52:00] has an app. They are 350

Peter Dunn: 350 Damien Andrew Dunn, who you have a pair of binoculars from this manufacturer.

Do you not? No, no,

Damian Dunn: no. They're Steiner's. But they're they're, they're very, very good.

Peter Dunn: So this is to say you were the type of person who knows multiple brands of binoculars.

Damian Dunn: Well, glass. I mean, because, okay, yes, multiple. Yes,

Peter Dunn: Damien. I know this has occurred to everyone else in our organization, but you are Ron Swanson.

Damian Dunn: Somebody has actually called me that in our organization. So,

Peter Dunn: Damien, what do you think this brand of glass? I

Damian Dunn: mean, if it was just the binoculars itself, it was probably gonna be around at least a thousand dollars, but it's at CES and there's tech involved. So it's going to be at least double that.

And I'll be aggressive and say, Oh, are we still playing prices? Right rules. Do I have to [00:53:00] be careful with going over? Then I'll say 2,

Peter Dunn: 000. 5, 890 to identify wildlife and stream it live to people who don't give a rip. Dave, what's in the news this week? Security and

Damian Dunn: Exchange Commission officially approved spot Bitcoin ETFs this week.

The 11 exchange traded funds will let old school investors and Bitcoin enthusiasts alike access the world's biggest cryptocurrency without having to keep a long password for a crypto wallet. That's right, this move makes it even easier for your mom to become a crypto bro. Now that it's real, what does that mean?

Bitcoin ETFs will make investing in crypto more accessible by providing investors with exposure to Bitcoin without them having to buy it themselves. Pete, there are some very creative tickers for these ETFs. Can I share a few of my favorites with you? Please do. VanEck, the ticker for their ETF for Bitcoin [00:54:00] is hodl.

HODL. Yeah, I knew that was coming. Yep. Franklin Templeton, EZBC, easy, Bitcoin, and possibly my favorite ticker of all time. Valkyrie Burr. BRR. The money machine just goes bur

Peter Dunn: I received on Wednesday, January 10th at 12:37 PM. A slack from one of our coworkers and the slack says today is the SEC's deadline to rule on the Bitcoin spot ETF.

If they communicate a decision, my 24 hour prediction is 35, 500 if denied and 60, 000. If approved,

this person was so wildly wrong. I think it bumped to 49 and then fell back to what? 46, 47 couldn't tell you.

Damian Dunn: Yeah, it [00:55:00] jumped and I'm looking up right now it is at 44 three and it is down four and a quarter percent

Peter Dunn: today. Being a, a, a predictor of securities is not as easy as people. We make it look easy on this show.

We make it look easy. Dan, what else is in the news? How

Damian Dunn: much would you need to get paid to stop having nightmares if you were on the plane that sprung a hole mid flight? That's a good question. Alaska Airlines thinks it's 1, 500.

Peter Dunn: That's not the number. That is not the number.

Damian Dunn: That's what the airline offered passengers who were on flight 1282, which had to make an emergency landing after the door plug on the Boeing 737 maxed.

9 blew off, quote, to assist with any inconveniences, according to the Washington Post. The airline also provided an apology and a full refund, as well as mental health resources from Empathia. While some passengers may later decide to sue to get more cash from either the airline or Boeing, at least they don't have to buy new iPhones, as one of those survived a [00:56:00] 16, 000 foot fall to earth after being sucked out of an airplane.

Please let me know what case was on that phone.

Peter Dunn: Wild. Okay, we're going to try to be as honest as we can here right now, I mean, which is generally what we try to do, but, but don't get, don't get crazy, Kristen. Oh, if you're on that flight, how much money do you believe and you can frame it however you want.

Okay. You should be paid or if at all from Alaska airlines for contributing to that near death experience for you, be as serious and honest as you care to be. I,

Kristen Ahlenius: for me, that would, the, the reality is, is that that's a priceless amount for me. I am the type of person, I just, it would, it would have to be, before I would not stop laughing at you, it would have to be broaching.

Six figures.

Peter Dunn: Oh, well. Okay. Well, that, [00:57:00] that's okay. Game. Where are you at?

Damian Dunn: I think I agree with Kristen. I don't know if there's a set amount of money that would make that okay for, for me, but I'd feel really, really good with a number starting with 50, 000. That's my

Peter Dunn: number. That's my number. Yeah. I don't, I mean, it's really hard to put yourself in these people's shoes that also were sucked out of the plane.

50 grand feels about right to me. Yeah. Do you, this is more, maybe a character question. So you don't feel like you have to answer it. Dame, would you participate in the class action suit?

Damian Dunn: Class action suits. I mean, well, I guess this is such a small number of people. Yes. But you know, like those national class action suits where you get 3 and 74 cents.

I who cares, but this one probably,

Peter Dunn: probably, what do we believe? Kristen, the final number will end up being, do you want to take a gap? Oh, maybe this is the prediction. [00:58:00] Oh, oh, but okay. Well, here's what we got account for, though. If it is, it is now class action status from what I understand. So it's going to be this aggregate amount.

And so we were going to have to guess this pre attorney fees. So we're, you know, we're not going to take the third out and we're going to have to divide by the number of passengers. Oh,

Kristen Ahlenius: that's too much math for me.

Damian Dunn: Just do it. Just do the aggregate amount. What's the award going to be before they divvy it up amongst all the parties?


Kristen Ahlenius: then what is it Dame? How

Peter Dunn: many people were on the plane? Like 200? That's, that's what I don't know.

Damian Dunn: I think. 20 million, 20

Peter Dunn: million dollars. I was close. 20, 25, yeah? Yeah. I love that we're just talking about this so definitively. Yeah, yeah. 50 grand sucked out of a plane. Oh man, all right. Good times everybody.

Hey Yeah, go ahead.

Damian Dunn: Pour one out for Fruit Stripe Fruit Stripe gum, by the way. Its manufacturer said they shut it down.

Peter Dunn: I saw [00:59:00] that, man. It's some of the best five seconds of your life can be had with a stick of Fruit Stripe gum. All right. That's it. Kristen, thanks for being part of the show. Dame, thanks for being part of the show.

Everyone else. I'm sending you good vibes because good vibes are all that's in the budget. I'm Pete the Planner, and this is the Pete the Planner Show.

Kristen Ahlenius: The craziest thing about that whole thing is I saw And I don't even know if it's true, but that the person who was supposed to be in the seat next to the door that separated itself from the plane missed their flight.

Damian Dunn: Really? See, I saw a picture and I thought the seat was still there, but like the cushion on the back got sucked out.


Peter Dunn: ha, ha. Jeremy, Jeremy just said 50 K is less than traveling. Your sports, I'm like, Oh boy. All right. So Andy, of course, [01:00:00] Gus, she's listener of the year. Who's going to receive a broken coffee mug within hours says 171 people are on the flight. Okay. So let's go times 50 grand and see what we come up with.

That's 8. 5 million in after

Damian Dunn: and after attorneys fees. Okay. So we're going to have to

Peter Dunn: then half divided by 0. 33. Oh, that's not how that works. It's Friday, I'm out of math. I, I think we end up, I think we end up at 20 million. I think that's the number, Dame. I think it is too.

Kristen Ahlenius: Whatever it is, is just not, that's the hard thing is like, The money does not fix the fact that, like Rick said, you'd never fly.

I don't think I could ever fly again.

Peter Dunn: Do we feel like ethically or morally that Alaska Airlines is obligated to pay people this? Or is this sort of like, this is what we can squeeze out of them? Like, do you feel like they have a [01:01:00] Because I'm sure their ticket terms of service say they don't have to pay anyone anything for this.


Kristen Ahlenius: is that under the assumption that like all the parts to the plane are going to make it to the airport with you like,

Peter Dunn: because they didn't question

Kristen Ahlenius: and negligence is never part of something like that.

Peter Dunn: So the negligence is interesting because then it starts to go. And by the way, none of us at this point.

Well, I don't know what I'm talking about. Not at all. But doesn't it go over like, because now Boeing's involved and Boeing CEOs apologizing. Right. So would Alaska Airlines even be making this payment or would Boeing be making this payment? Well, I don't,

Damian Dunn: I don't know whose responsibility is to make sure that those bolts are tight.

Yes, they should have been tight from the factory, but there's ongoing you know, maintenance requirements for each of those those planes and, and airframes. So I don't know if they're supposed to get checked every so often or whose [01:02:00] responsibility that is. If only pilot Jeremy were on to help us.

Through this

Peter Dunn: conversation talk. Yeah, we had green lasers. We've had doors being sucked off of planes This is this is pilot Jeremy's segment thing. Where is he? Anybody got anything else? I do have a meeting. I'm late for right now. So for that In in honor

Damian Dunn: of fruit stripe crumb best candy. That's not a candy bar

Peter Dunn: best candy. That's not a candy bar I'm not a big candy guy. I'm not either a toffee is toffee a candy bar Reacting

Kristen Ahlenius: your

Damian Dunn: age, man. Yeah, you got Werther's in your

Peter Dunn: pockets, too Guys, the show is ending Cry many

Damian Dunn: Okay, that's a little

Peter Dunn: much. You said crime any whatever play the tape Kristen as you think about the age of your co [01:03:00] hosts Yeah, and you think about who eat like what it what's a what's that thing?

What's your real age or you what's your Biological age. Yeah, who who is older? What

Damian Dunn: I Love how she didn't have to think about it for a minute. That's

Peter Dunn: not a question who is

Kristen Ahlenius: older Dame or me Okay. There is a difference with the distinction. Dame is older, but you are aging more quickly because I feel like Dame was born, Dame was born an old, old man.

Whereas like, I feel like you are like coming into being an old man. Does that make sense?

Peter Dunn: Old man moment of the week. Are you ready for this? Ben his daughters are selling Girl Scout cookies. And so as I would expect, and as I would hope. They film a little video. They put it within the company slack channel and say, Hey, buy some cookies.

And I love that. You know, I love I love that. It's great. And so within the message, Ben puts a link where you can [01:04:00] order your put your cookie order. You can pay him and do all of this in my excitement and gusto. About this moment, I completely read past the link and put my order in manually for in the slack channel of like, I'll pay and take a back to the tag along Samoas and fenments.

And it was like the oldest guy moment of like, Hey, old man, there's a link. And so Ben, God bless him. He put the order in for me and was like, Hey man, you owe me 18. I am a, I Kristen I've crossed over. I'm pre elderly.

Kristen Ahlenius: Yeah, I think I had already done my little donation and paid with my Apple Pay before you had, like, manually put your order into Slack.

Peter Dunn: I like that you called it a donation as though you're not going to consume those cookies. I didn't. I donated them. Oh, you can donate cookies? Yeah,

Kristen Ahlenius: at the top, there's like a donate [01:05:00] option, and I did that in lieu of getting them shipped to me.

Peter Dunn: So, I'm older than Dame, is what you're saying? You're

Kristen Ahlenius: aging quicker.

Peter Dunn: Yeah, I feel that you guys, I have some, I have some anxiety by how much I'm aging right now. I really do. But I think that's, I would, Dame, is that a midlife crisis? What are we, what are we approaching here?

Damian Dunn: Yeah, it's probably a midlife crisis at this point.

Peter Dunn: Oh, well, at least it's dry January. Dame, how's your moist January going? Very well, very well. Yeah. Yeah. Kristen and I are still drier than the desert. Is that a, that a thing? Yeah. That's what Howard Buckwalter would say.

Damian Dunn: It just goes in our bathroom reader.

Peter Dunn: It's our bathroom reader. The bathroom, the idea of a bathroom reader in itself is inhygienic.

Unhygienic? I've got a UV

Damian Dunn: light for it.

Peter Dunn: Oh, okay, with that I'm gonna go. [01:06:00] Gotta go. Proving once again that Kristen's number one, and Dame's number two. Okay, everybody, stay getting money.