January 18, 2024

The first day of retirement

On this week's episode, Dame, Kristen, and Pete talk about their visions for their first day of retirement.

Episode Transcript

Peter Dunn: [00:00:00] Hello friends, Peter Dunn, Pete the Planner, Pete the Planner Show. It's good to be with you. It's early. I know you're like, what? It's 9am, you're an hour early. First off, as Damien will tell you, I'm almost always an hour early. It's just I don't necessarily go to air. I, I tend to be early and everything.

But anyway, the show is recording and live streaming an hour earlier today due to the snow delay. Actually, I don't think that's the truth, but I do have to go speak to a bunch of school people today, and that's why it's a early show. Damien Dunn, Full Strength, how are you, buddy?

Damian Dunn: I'm great. How are you?

Peter Dunn: Chris Nelanious, up three hours earlier than normal, how are you? Sleepy. There are the Power Rangers, we are the powerless Rangers today. Hello Penkins, greetings. This might be a better time for him. Andy makes it in. Andy, did you get

Damian Dunn: a

Peter Dunn: broken [00:01:00] mug? A broken mug. We have to know. We mailed you a mug in one piece.

Our hope is that it arrived broken. I mean, you know what I mean? But Rick Swink says good morning. Rick Swink says good morning. Good morning, Rick Swink. Did your mug come broken? Hello, Spencer. You don't have a mug. Oh. I'm sorry to report that the mug came. Unscathed and in pristine condition. Oh no.

Aaron makes it in. Hello, Aaron, a frequent emailer to the show. You may or may not know that. I know that a mug arrived intact coffee brewing now for Big Rick Swink. Okay, enough of that frivolity.

Damian Dunn: There's no chance that Rick drinks his coffee. Anything other than black is there?

Peter Dunn: I mean, 0 percent chance Rick Swink even looks towards dairy when he's taken down that caffeine.

Rick, can you verify that you are a black coffee drinker as am I? [00:02:00] Dame is not a coffee drinker. Dame slams diet cokes at all hours of the day. Not today. Kristen drinks iced teas.

Kristen Ahlenius: Does not discriminate against caffeine sources. She drinks

Peter Dunn: them all. Ben our VP of marketing listening to the show wants to know who packed those mugs.

If they arrived so intact. Something says he's fishing for a compliment. I think so. I love that. We have a vice president of marketing packing mugs for the radio show. That seems like a really good use. His could you, his his BA . Oh man. It's awkward. Dane, what percent are you today? I mean, you are a player, you are out there, you're a gamer.

Where are you at? I'm

Damian Dunn: probably 75, 80% today. Okay. I just got a, that, that lingering headache from not getting great sleep and being a little achy and all that stuff. It's congestion and whatever. I'll be fine. I'll drop 20 today. That's

Peter Dunn: fine. Oh, man Rick Swink says I like to change it up occasionally.

It's either black or basically a [00:03:00] chocolate milk I mean, he's honest though. Yeah And then Ben says he did not pack those mugs. He was doing business. That's good. Good answer Ben, whatever Kristen this early in the morning This is tough for you. What's your percentage of productivity and skill at this point?

Kristen Ahlenius: Nine o'clock is my ramp up hour, but I pushed my caffeine earlier an hour, so hopefully we're okay. But I'm feeling like 70 percent this morning, gentlemen.

Peter Dunn: I'm 100 percent feeling pretty good. Here's the thing, though. I'm going into a bachelor weekend. It's Ted and I. The boys, the girls are off on a youth sports adventure of their own.

So Ted and I are at home all weekend. I asked him if he wanted to go to Cain's on Saturday night after his basketball game. You know, the greatest chicken fingers in the world. And he said, Dad they don't have grilled chicken fingers. And it doesn't seem like you're into your fitness right now. [00:04:00] And I was like, Ted.

You can just go with the ladies if you want, like, because you're not going to ruin, you're going to not ruin my weekend. Because typically, if I say, hey, let's go get canes, or something like that my partner in life is like, I don't know, when she's gone, when she's across state lines, it's like license to clog my arteries, right, Kristen?

Is that how you think of

Kristen Ahlenius: it? I think that that's probably, if I had to imagine how that goes, that's probably exactly what I would envision.

Peter Dunn: James on a health kick. He's the healthiest person in the world these days, other than the virus that's currently wreaking havoc on him Dame, do you eat worse when Mrs.

Advice is out of town?

Damian Dunn: I, I, I've been eating worse in general for a while. My breakfast consisted of two donuts this morning. So

Peter Dunn: Yeah, let's do a show. I don't know the topics of today. We did discuss them. All right. What's the first one? What was it? Oh, do you want to do the out loud, loud [00:05:00] budgeting, or do you want to do parent stuff first?

Let's do the

Kristen Ahlenius: budgeting thing first.

Peter Dunn: Damn, now I want donuts. Sorry. Did anyone bring donuts in the office this morning, do you think? No, not with the snow we got. No. Okay. I guess my job's to bring the

Damian Dunn: donuts. You could show up, you could show up to your talk with a dozen donuts and just let everybody fight over them, you know, for Couple hundred people.

Peter Dunn: During the break, I'm going to tell a story about donuts and the first week of my marriage, second week of my marriage. And when I thought I had made a horrible mistake. So I will, I will share that note with you here in about 9 minutes and 40 seconds. 32. This week on the Pete the Planner Show, we answer your money questions.

Here's how the show works. You email us, askpete at pete the planner. com. That's askpete at pete the planner. com. And here's what will happen. It's a good question. We'll answer it on the air. If you're complaining about something, no one will even know. Anyway, hi, I'm Pete sometimes Cranky, [00:06:00] Kristen joins us, she's asleep, Dame's here, he's sick, it's gonna be a great show everyone, hello Dame, hello Kristen.

Hello. Hello. Kristen! It turns out there are all sorts of What some would call financial memes floating around out there, ideas, things out in the zeitgeist that suggests that money's funner than it used to be. And one of those things is this concept of loud budgeting. And I kind of think I know what it is, but I'm so annoyed by all of that, that I'm just going to shut up and listen.

Can you help me understand the trend of Loud budgeting. Is it just out loud accountability? Is that all it is? I

Kristen Ahlenius: think that would maybe be a fair summary, but I think what it really comes down to is saying, being forward about your financial priorities. And if something is not in line with your current financial priorities, not being apologetic about saying, I don't want to partake in whatever this [00:07:00] activity is that's going to cost me money because it stands in the way of my financial goals.

Peter Dunn: Damn, years ago, I would do this bit if you will, on, you know, you're in your 20s, you're, you're, you're a young person, and a friend calls you and says, I'm getting, I got engaged, I'm getting married, and we're getting married in the Bahamas, and I want you to be a bridesmaid in the bachelorette parties in Nash Vegas.

And, and then you're panicking. You're listening to this cause you're going, I'm trying to get my financial life together. I don't want to go to the Bahamas cause I don't even like your fiance. I don't want to go to Nash Vegas cause it's, it's just Tennessee. And I'm going to hang up and I hope everything works out because you just don't want to be part of it.

That's loud budgeting. Damn. That's a

Damian Dunn: great question. I don't, I don't think it's quite like that. But I mean this whole concept is, is kind of intriguing to me. I mean, can you imagine that if people had to be Accountable for the [00:08:00] transactions they made, not just you know, to themselves or a partner, but to a wider group of people, how that might potentially influence consumption behavior amongst.

Different groups. I mean, there are some groups that I, I think might plow headlong into it and use it as kind of a status. Like, look how much money I spent on da, da, da, da. But if you're if you're exposed on how much money you're spending on Potentially unhelpful things or unbeneficial things that that might be a really interesting experiment.

If we could Go round up a few dozen people and maybe try

Peter Dunn: that out chris. I'm getting the hang of this. This is helpful What if i'm at church? And they're passing around the basket And it comes to me and it's quiet There's a there's a song playing something tasteful and I catch the pastor's eye and i'm like, sorry Sail at the liquor store, and I just keep passing the basket.

Is that loud butchering? I

Kristen Ahlenius: think, [00:09:00] in spirit, that is loud butchering. That was an accident. I did not mean to be such a dad just

Peter Dunn: now. Oh my god, she's

Kristen Ahlenius: made it. Oh, the two of you have really rubbed off on me. I, okay, I know you're being facetious. And we probably would not do that in that example, but I think by definition, that's what loud budgeting is, is this is getting in the way of my goals and I am unapologetically not partaking in this thing that costs money.

All right.

Peter Dunn: I'll be serious for a second. I think loud budgeting occurs in my household. But I'm quite, I, I wonder because to our kids as you try to, and we're going to talk about kids stuff here in the next segment, but because we're really well planned show I wonder, is this really about outside the doors of your home to your extended family, to your coworkers, like someone said, Hey, let's go grab 12 salads at whole foods.

And you say, Doug, I [00:10:00] can't. We're saving for college is that is actually more in line of what we're talking about.

Kristen Ahlenius: Yeah, I think it's about people beyond your immediate circle, because ideally, you're already having those conversations with the people who are impacted by your financial health instability.

And this is about that next your acquaintances, your friends, your coworkers, whatever, those people that don't need to know all the details of your financial situation, but maybe you're trying to be unapologetic about what you're trying to achieve.

Peter Dunn: Dame I'm going to, I'm going to risk being really obnoxious here for a second, but it's also incredibly honest.

I think living in Carmel, Indiana is one of the hardest places in the world to loud budget.

Damian Dunn: That's interesting. Yeah. I can see that. I, I mean I've had conversations with other Carmel lights. Is that, that the it,

Peter Dunn: it is the going term.

Damian Dunn: I, yeah, I, I I can see how that would, would be the case. I, I. [00:11:00] I'm wondering, like, if you had your close circle of friends, shouldn't you all be helping each other hit that next goal or whatever you're working on, whether it's weight loss or some health goal or financial goals or whatever, I mean, shouldn't, shouldn't you all be there to support each other?

So if somebody says, you know what, Mitzi, I can't go to Starbucks with you today because, Mitzi, you know, I mean, it's caramel name. I don't know. That seems rude. Because I gotta put some dollars in the 5. 29 today. Shouldn't Mitzi just say, yeah, that's a great idea. Let's just make our coffee at home with Pete the Planner.

Kristen Ahlenius: Okay, but also I think that the concept of loud budgeting is probably easier for people like us, because people just expect us to make financially prudent decisions. And I call all the way back to years ago on the podcast before, I think I had just started working here. Pete, [00:12:00] you were traveling as you do, and you had a cup of coffee, I believe from like Starbucks and someone came up to you and made a crack about like, Oh, you bought your coffee from Starbucks.

Like, I thought you were a financial advisor or whatever they said. So I think people just expect us to be prudent and unapologetic about our decisions. And I think it's harder for people who aren't.

Peter Dunn: Well, I want to say this to a more recent example. Remember last Friday show when I was talking about how much I wanted hot chicken?

Well, after the show, I ordered hot chicken because I really wanted hot chicken. And I ordered it via DoorDash and I'm out in the lobby and one of the other tenants in our building sees me standing there like a guy waiting for DoorDash and he goes, Pete, the planner gets DoorDash? That can't be a good idea.

And so, Kristen, that wasn't years ago. That was 165 hours ago and it was not ideal. Dame, let me understand this. Is there a [00:13:00] person in your life that you can think of that is not family in which you've gotten to the, I'm going to be honest about my inability to want to afford this.

Damian Dunn: There are people that I could do that with.

There are also the same people that I don't do that with.

Peter Dunn: Interesting. Say more.

Damian Dunn: I mean, I, I, I feel like I have that sort of relationship with them, but I, it's just not a topic of conversation that we come up with on a, at all regular basis. Saying infrequent would probably even be more frequent than what we do because we just don't talk about money all that much.


Peter Dunn: I, I'm with you there and maybe it's a PTP thing. Maybe it's a financial expert thing. I don't, I don't talk about money with friends much at all. If they start talking about it. I'll listen and I usually don't give tips as Mrs. Planner says, I don't PTP them. I just sort of sit and [00:14:00] listen, but yeah, Dame, I, I have great friends, so I talk about just about everything with, I don't really talk about money that much.

Kristen or, sorry, Dame. Okay. Y'all do you feel like

Damian Dunn: it's one of the other, like people either share everything with you or they don't want to talk about money at all with you. It's probably one of the two extremes.

Peter Dunn: That's interesting. I kind of don't notice that if they don't want to talk about it because my default when I'm not at work, I don't want to talk about money with people.

And I, and I'm not in a rude way. If you want to talk about me, that's fine. My preferences, we don't get into conversations about dollars and cents. Let's do this. Let's take a break. We're going to do the old tweener segment next. We're going to finish this conversation and move on to how that affects how we parent and role model for our kids.

All that's next on the Pete the Planner show. I'm Pete the Planner. A couple notes for my friends here. Number one let's do what I just said. Number two, I want to give you a warning of what I just thought of for the third segment. Oh, like my column for this week that I shared through on Monday [00:15:00] of like, let's just sort of have some fun.

Like first day of retirement. Oh, okay.

Kristen Ahlenius: That can be kind of fun. Yeah, sure. I forgot that was this week's column

Peter Dunn: already. Me too, man. That was a weird week. Yeah, with at the risk of going inside baseball on people here, the first week of the year in which for our organization, which started on Tuesday the 2nd for most people in our organization was the longest four day work week in the history of humanity.

Then somehow the next week was fast. This week was slow. It is the weirdest start to a year. I can't believe it's only January 19th. I get usually at this point in the year, I'm like, Oh, it's March. We've missed our first quarter. Right? Like it's wild. It's only January 19th.

Kristen Ahlenius: Yeah, it's, it feels

Peter Dunn: long.

Rochelle makes it in. Hi, Rochelle. Welcome to the show. We are better late than never. You're not late. We're early.[00:16:00] Amy, first time I'm with you been podcast devotee for five plus years at six 10, 10 a. m. in Las Vegas. Thanks for the energy this morning. Hey.

Kristen Ahlenius: That's because Amy's trying to win listener of the year.

Peter Dunn: Oh, that's nice. Amy, that's very kind. We're glad to have you with us. We're glad to give you a little energy. A little pick me up in the morning zoo. You guys, I overshared at our team meeting on Wednesday at the end of our team meeting. All team meeting about my current YouTube watching habits, and it got a little bit awkward.

I mean, you guys have known me long enough to know, Oh, what's happening? Did he, was it as weird as it felt after the fact? No, because

Damian Dunn: I expect that from you went to go watch it. And the link that you sent was. I understand. I

Peter Dunn: get it. Thank you. But I mean, damn, we're the same person. . I know. Yeah.

Damian Dunn: Person.

There's very little you.

Peter Dunn: Yeah. Okay. Christie [00:17:00] didn't watch it. Well, of course you didn't. It wasn't on TikTok. It wasn't 30 seconds. Can't hold my attention. No. When

Kristen Ahlenius: I saw that, it wasn't the judge that I thought it was. Oh yeah. I was like, yeah, I thought it was, yeah, I've seen his videos and I was like, oh, I love these.

And then when it wasn't him, I was just kind of disappointed. .

Peter Dunn: It was same sort of feel. So here's my current obsession. There is a court, I think it's called Washtenaw County in Michigan. It's like near Detroit, I think. And there's a YouTube channel that streams and then posts court proceedings. It's the only way you can really talk about it.

And it is my current wormhole, rabbit hole. It is a hole. I spend so much time just listening to court proceedings. And as I tried to explain so eloquently during our team meeting, I like it because it is this fine line between empathy and accountability, and it's [00:18:00] just fascinating to

Damian Dunn: watch. Well, you picked an amazing clip to send out, too, because the judge was slapping down an attorney.

In, in defense of trying to help out the, the defendants or the, the couple that was there. So who doesn't like to see attorneys get handled that way every once in a

Peter Dunn: while. It was, it was fun. Andy says she's going to take away her, away herself from cow hoof trimming videos. I watch those until they get a little graphic.

But at least I'm, I've made my way. away from Indian head massage videos, which was it took a month of my life. Why would you

Damian Dunn: watch hoof trimming videos if you, if you click away right when it gets to the good part? It's like, just talk to somebody, trim their

Peter Dunn: fingernails. David is really working Kristen this year.

Good morning, Kay and company. Do you know David Kristen? I do not. He's just a big fan. Okay, so here's the story. Mrs. Planner and I got married on July 29th of 2000 [00:19:00] and We went on our honeymoon. We came back and then It was like a Sunday or something, so we went to the store like our first as married people go to the store, fill our new home with groceries.

And yes, we owned a brand new home upon a month, a month and a half after graduation. It was 106, 000. We owned a home. It was our 1400 square foot condominium. And we're putting stuff in the car. And it's just in this moment, you're realizing that I had gone to the grocery store with a different person, my entire life.

And she had gone with yet another person to the grocery store her entire life. And we had never really gone together. And so we're just putting stuff in the cart that is like part of our childhood and freedom. And oh, now I get to make this. So I'm putting in easy cheese, you know, and, and she's like, what are you doing?

She's putting in these whole foods. [00:20:00] This is before whole foods. We get to that one aisle of the story. It's got like the milk. Some may call it the dairy aisle. And there's usually a table running down the middle of the dairy aisle of sort, a display that's got Intamin's bakery products on it. Are we tracking?

Yes. And I grabbed the chocolate covered Intamin doughnuts, the white cake doughnuts, they're actually yellow, with the chocolate. They come in like a Box of skinny eight or something like that. I put them in the thing and she just said, no, she just said, no. I said, what's that now? And she said, we're not that household.

And I was like, we're not going to get impotence. With each other and it was in that moment. I was like, what have I actually done here? I'm 22 years old. I had a [00:21:00] full head of hair. I'm slightly overweight. Well, it was winning. That was fine. And I was being slapped down for the intimate donuts that I thought were going to be a major part of my adulthood.

That's the thing about young marriage is that you, if it's young enough, like Mrs. Planner and I were at 22, you have this vision of what your adult life's going to look like, but you've yet to fulfill any of it. Cause you just got out of school. And in that moment, what I thought was going to be a keystone to my adult life.

And I've not had an intimates donut since then. Oh, I'm not kidding.

Kristen Ahlenius: Do you feel like you're missing

Peter Dunn: out? On a different relationship? Or do you mean instruments? No. Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know. I didn't know how much we were sharing. Mrs. Planner and I actually talked about that this week randomly because we went, now we get to go grocery shopping again together [00:22:00] because The age of our kids and we went I saw the intimates and I was like, Hey, would you look at those?

She's like, Yeah, I'm glad we never went down that path. And I was like, I felt like a hostage.

I was blinking at a lady in had a different shopping cart trying to get her attention. Look at me now.

Damian Dunn: Yeah, everybody always talks about, you know, the challenge of learning to share a house with somebody when, you know, the bathroom debacles when you would be married, nobody ever talks about sharing the refrigerator and the changes that come along with being married and your food consumption.

That's interesting.

Peter Dunn: Dame, was there an item that you came into the marriage buying that you are currently no longer

Damian Dunn: buying? Oh, I'd have to think about that. Yeah. Not off the top of my head.

Peter Dunn: So you're not holding a deep seated grudge like I am?

Damian Dunn: No, no, I, donuts flow freely in our house. That's not an [00:23:00] issue.


Peter Dunn: man. Last, I mean, I broke another rule last night. I got the, you know, I have the air fryer, right? Cause I'm a, I'm a white woman from 2017. And I Made chicken wings last night. We had chili, which is a form of soup, which is insulting to me. So we had soup chili last night and I was like, Oh, I'm just going to fry some wings.

Miss planner, not a wing person. And so, but I just sat there and just like an absolute, just, just eating them right in her face last night. What'd she

Damian Dunn: have for dinner?

Peter Dunn: Chili. She had this soup like thing. Yeah. Oh, Danza made it end. Good morning, Danza. Okay. Let's do a show. I don't know how this is gonna go.

Three, two, one. Back on the Pete the Planner show, talking loud budgeting. The, the trend that is taking over. Kristen loud budgeting. Do you think? [00:24:00] It is a good trend. Do you think it is honest and healthy and, and helpful?

Kristen Ahlenius: I do think that it's honest and helpful. Yes, I do.

Peter Dunn: So, I didn't ask you, I asked Dame, is there a person in your life outside of your household of, that is not, well, you could be family, I guess, that you honest budget with?

Wait, loud, loud budget? What are we calling it? Loud budget. That's what the kids are calling it. Okay. I

Kristen Ahlenius: am pretty unapologetic about how I do and don't spend money. I don't think that anyone in my circle would be surprised if I was like, look, I'm already going to two concerts in March and your girl's got financial goals.

So I will not be in attendance. I just, I don't think people in my circle would find that surprising at all.

Peter Dunn: I, as I said a little bit earlier, I feel I don't have the bandwidth or not the bandwidth, the liberty to [00:25:00] share my financial restraints and feelings allowed, given what I do for a living. Like maybe I should, I mean, I do, I do more on this show, frankly, than I do in my Personal life. I told you last week, I'm, I'm in a blender over what we're spending on sort of young teen activities, which sounds weird if this was a transcript sports.

And, and Dame, as I said last week, it's all starting to come under the guise of, well, we only got a few years left with these jerks before they're out buying doughnuts on their own.

Damian Dunn: Yeah, well, fingers crossed buying doughnuts on their own. I, I gotta, I just realized this the idea of loud budgeting.

Is I agree with Kristen healthy, I think, and I think it's the social media aspect that's given me pause to it for whatever reason. I don't know. Why would you, why would you need to do that? That's because we're old Pete, obviously, and we don't, we don't understand social media [00:26:00] and how that necessarily works and how you could potentially use that as a benefit in your, your life.

But the fact that you would want to broadcast this indiscriminately to whoever finds your channel. Just kind of twist my mind a little bit, and I don't think I understand that part of this, this whole discussion

Kristen Ahlenius: ping pong back to me, please, Kristen. I think it has to do with accountability, and when we I'm a big proponent of how we need to receive accountability.

I'm a big believer in Gretchen Rubin's work and people who have identified that they need external accountability. I think a lot of people find that through social media. Gentlemen, you can, you will know whether I am or am not actively consistently working out because it will be on my Instagram story.

Like that's just who I am as a person, because I find accountability. Externally, and for a younger [00:27:00] generation, that is through social media.

Damian Dunn: What do you get out of that approach versus just keeping it with a circle of friends? Like, IRL, as the kids would

Kristen Ahlenius: say. The kids would not. Indie

Peter Dunn: Racing League? Yes.

Kristen Ahlenius: I, I don't know.

I just I don't, maybe it's that as someone who has an inconsistent relationship with fitness in my life, maybe it's because I've had other people say like, Hey, I've seen that you've been able to commit to this and now I'm committing to this. And it brings this sense of community to something that two things that collectively just talking nationally that we struggle with our health and our finances, and it's this sense of not being alone and feeling like you're building up your community that I think maybe there's a little bit of a generational separation and how social media can be the answer to

Peter Dunn: that.

I have. A point that [00:28:00] it really tows the line between understanding and condescending, so I'm just going to throw it out there. All right, you and I have interacted on social media for six this year's right at least and I had a life on social media even before that. And so to Kristen's point. Whether it was charitable ideas I would put out there from a leadership perspective.

Hey, not look at me, but Hey, maybe you consider this too. Or yeah, I'm working out or I'm taking a picture of this bottle of wine or a, so I, I have absolutely done that idea of I'm putting it out there and I have now aged out of that. I don't want to call it maturity. I don't want to call it wisdom. But there's the old saying, when you're in your twenties, you care what people think in your forties, you don't care what people think.

And when you're in your sixties, you realize that no one was thinking about you the whole time. [00:29:00] Right. And so I do believe personally, I've entered that stage where I just don't, I just don't post, I might post a picture of my kid doing something, but that's it. I, and, and, and that doesn't make me better. It just makes them a different stage of life.

So I feel like Christian to what you're saying about if I'm working out, I'm posting the same. I totally did. And I don't want to go that I did when you're, when I was your age, because there weren't computers when I was your age. But I feel like, does that, is that a reasonable conclusion or not really?

Well, we

Kristen Ahlenius: can't know because we aren't dealing with the same situation. I grew up with a cell phone in my pocket, right? It's different. I don't know a world where people don't overshare on social media. Every year when I see my Facebook memories, I just want to crawl into a hole and just delete my Facebook forever because the things that, you know, seventh grade Kristen used to post on social media are [00:30:00] so cringy, but it's because I don't know a world without it.

I don't know a world without Facebook statuses and Instagram posts. I think it's

Peter Dunn: different. Dame, do you want to be the one to tell her that it was a much better world? Or

Damian Dunn: should I? It absolutely was. I was thinking, how much, how much would we have to gather up, Kristen, to get you to do a month without your cell phone?

Ooh. A month

Peter Dunn: without my cell phone? It's like a safety issue, Dame. She lives in the middle of nowhere.

Kristen Ahlenius: It would, I don't think it would be as much. It would not be that much. I love you guys. No, I love to do weird challenges that push me outside of my comfort zone and a legit safety issue. I would absolutely do that because I think growth happens when you're uncomfortable and I sign up for that kind of stuff on a pretty consistent basis.

Damian Dunn: Pete, how much would it take for you to do a month without your cell phone?

Peter Dunn: Oh, well, I mean, whoa, whoa. Are we talking social media? Are we talking about just the cell

Damian Dunn: phone? . Oh, IYE. I, I already know you don't give two rips about social media. It'd be without your cell phone. [00:31:00]

Peter Dunn: I I mean, our business would collapse.

I . I can't, no. Yeah. Sorry. Can't do it. All right. I, I don't know how we got here, but that's, that's actually the subtitle of the show. Wouldn't that be a great, that has to be a name of a podcast, right? I don't know how we got here. Probably. It should be. It should be. Dave and I are the same. All right.

So we talked loud budgeting and there is an interesting crossover point within a household when you have children and you are parenting the importance of loud. Like it, it might be the original loud budgeting is just to say to your kids. No, we can't afford that. That makes no sense. And I've always believed even before I knew what the heck I was talking about, telling your kids, we can't afford it is like the, the best thing you can ever say, Dane, what's with [00:32:00] the time we've left, Dane, what's been your journey?

We can't afford it. I

Damian Dunn: mean, from. I mean, I will say that my experience when I was younger that was a much more common phrase that was spoken the household I was in versus what it is now, and I've done a pretty poor job of setting those that expectation that it's okay to say we can't afford something, and I, I'm hoping my kids are watching right now.

We're going to do a better job of that.

Peter Dunn: Yikes. Uncle Pete says hi. Make sure to eat your vegetables. Okay, let's do this. Let's take a break. Coming up after the break, we are each into detail. Our first day of retirement, what are we doing? What are the elements and why are they there? That's all next on the pizza planner show.

I'm Pete, the planner, you know, in that world of we can't afford it. I've gotten to this place, unfortunately, where if I deliver that phrase. [00:33:00] One, if not both of my kids were like, Oh, come on, we know better. Like, like Ted wanted the new FIFA, which isn't FIFA anymore. It's E A F C, which is a soccer game on the Xbox.

And I was like, come on, dude. I just, I was like, Ted, we're spending so much money. He was like, he goes, you can't afford 28. Shut your mouth. Person who looks like me, yet somehow cute. Do you ever look at your dogs, Kristen, and you're like Hey, Can't, can't afford a new chew toy, Domingo. I don't remember their names.

I'm sorry. Come on. I know their names. Hold on. I know their names. They're, they're cocktail names. Manhattan and Old Fashioned. No. Close. Margarita. No. Mimosa. No. Hold on. I'm close. You're close. You're very close. I know. Bloody Mary, who's a weird name for a dog. Okay Greyhound, which is a cocktail, [00:34:00] would be a great name for a dog, but not yours.

Not a golden retriever. Pete. Sex on the beach is awkward. Pete! Okay hold on. Oh, it's the mint drink that no one wants that you smash it up. It's a Moscow mule. No, nope, nope, nope. Stick with me here. What is that called? It has got rum. It's got mint. M m Mojito. Oh, oh yeah, thanks Danza. Mojito, and then the other one is Cosmopolitan.


Kristen Ahlenius: not, the other one is not a drink, it's a liqueur.

Peter Dunn: Wait, a drink, oh.

Kristen Ahlenius: It's, it's not a name of a drink. Alize.

Peter Dunn: Yeah. Mad Dog. Nailed. Mad . . Okay, hold on. Schnapps. No. Okay. Don't, don't ruin this. You're ruining the show. That'd be great. . Okay. Sch stops [00:35:00] Schnapps. Okay. The Laur gold Schlager. Mm mm-Hmm. . Hold on.

Dame, do you know this? Yes. Oh. Oh, Bailey's? No. No. Kahlua. There you go. Why?

Kristen Ahlenius: I don't know.

Peter Dunn: When you named them, were you drinking?

Kristen Ahlenius: No. I don't like either of

Peter Dunn: those drinks. Jägermeister, says Danza. That's a great name for a German shepherd. Jägermeister! Okay. What time? Oh, I gotta get going. I gotta meet school people.

Oh, I wonder what my, kind of my vibe will be.

Damian Dunn: Pete, if you walk in, there's a box of Entman's donuts on the table.

Peter Dunn: Go on, smash them. Okay, just checking. I'm just saying if a box of Entman's donuts showed up at our office someday next week, the yellow slash white cake on the inside, chocolate on the outside, I would [00:36:00] not be upset.

And I would also not. Share that. Actually, I would share it on the podcast because Mrs. Planner does not listen to the podcast. I don't want to be like, she doesn't listen. It's not like, start listening. No, I mean, like, I mean, let's move on.

Damian Dunn: Some of her friends do listen and they rat you out sometimes though.

Peter Dunn: They're my friends too. And they, are

Damian Dunn: they, are

Peter Dunn: they if they rat you out? They like her more. I think if you polled. Everyone that Mrs. Planner and I are couple friends with, if you, every single one of them, you said, okay, just be completely honest. Who do you like more? Everyone's choosing her. Every single person, everyone.

Do you think you, dangerous question you don't have to answer, but I'm going to put it out there. I'm going to watch your faces because it's a podcast. Do you think you like your significant other more than they like you? Dave, take your hands away from your face. [00:37:00] Do you want to answer this? No. I think I like my wife more than she likes her.

And I don't blame her. I don't blame her. I'm annoying. I mean, people listening right now, you give me an hour a week, it's probably enough. And you're thinking, could have been in 49 minutes. 49 minutes is where I tapped out. She's got decades. I mean, if things go well, a century with me. That's what she has.

Century. It's like, she's like life without parole. But Dame, you're not going to answer?

Damian Dunn: No,

Peter Dunn: no I'm not. Kristen?

Kristen Ahlenius: I'm not touching that, no. I

Peter Dunn: get the sense he likes you more. That could be true. Yeah. Yeah, I like my wife more. Yeah,

Damian Dunn: since we're all there. [00:38:00] Yeah, I like my wife more.

Peter Dunn: Okay, here we go. I'm getting text messages.

Damian Dunn: It's Mrs. Planner.

Peter Dunn: No. Well, it's a two hour delay, so my kids go to school at like two and four. It's like, I don't even know what's going on. Just in time for dinner. Brian says he, his wife hates when she, when he flirts with her. That's interesting. Right? Yeah. Well, and I assume that he means with her as opposed to like flirting with like a server at a restaurant.

That's a fair point. Mrs. Planner hates when I flirt with Hooters waitresses. I'll tell you. I'm kidding. Of course. Another place that I stopped going when I got married turns out. Back to the chicken wings, just like that.

Danza says y'all are such wife guys. I don't know what that means, but I'll I don't either. What's a wife guy, Danza? Let us know. David says he likes his wife more than she likes him. Good [00:39:00] answer. You know I am, I saw, I am always fearful of giving relat actual relationship advice publicly because I feel like everyone who writes a book on relationships gets divorced, , like literally every single one.

Sure. I saw a story in the the news this week in which some woman was giving intimacy advice. She was like a, a, a marriage intimacy expert, and she got divorced and the, the article was about that, and I'm like, so I will never give such advice. However, I do want to point this out. I think most healthy relationships involve a guy liking his partner more than the partner likes him back,

Damian Dunn: right?

Wouldn't this be similar to a financial expert going bankrupt?

Peter Dunn: Yeah, right, right. Yeah, exactly. And by the way, I just all for what it's worth. I the way I'm talking about this, I am not, I was not being inclusive of, of same sex couples. So I, there's no, there's no no animus there. I was [00:40:00] just talking about my situation, just pointing that out.

Okay, let's see what Continue. First day of retirement. 3, 2, 1. Back on the Pete the Planner show. Kristen, I write a, a newspaper column for a, anyway. I, in my column this week I sort of talked about, I did talk about, I'm such a good speaker. I talked about my vision for my actual first day of retirement. And I wanna share it.

I'll re, I'll sort of read it to everyone here, and I would love to hear what your current version of re first day of retirement looks like. It is, it is meant to be an evolving thing and there's different reasons things exist within it. But here's my first, here's my current one. Wake up around seven.

So Kristen, I know that currently you are out [00:41:00] on my vision of retirement

Kristen Ahlenius: out immediately, not interested game.

Damian Dunn: I think that's perfectly

Peter Dunn: reasonable. Well, I lose you on the next one. Make a pot of coffee. Nope. Okay. So you're right. No,

Damian Dunn: it's not true because I will always make Mrs. Advice her coffee.

Peter Dunn: You're a wife guy apparently.

Yeah. Delete my LinkedIn profile. Alright. Journal while listening to Thelonious Monk. Work out and not post about it. Go to brunch with my wife. Read, check in with my kids and what they're doing. Make dinner while listening to Anthony Hamilton, clean up dinner, watch some random game I arguably don't care about on TV, and then go to bed around 10 p.

m. That is my first day of retirement. It is taking me years. To refine this. I'm very proud of it right now. I know it will continue to evolve. You notice there are certain [00:42:00] elements of there that are not there. No, there's no hygiene.

But I assume people assumed that I would take care of the hygiene. Who wants to go first? Anyway, any reaction to that? Anyone want to dump on my Vision of my life either of you it sounds like

Damian Dunn: a really enjoyable day. I mean Frankly, it could be a weekend, for for a lot of people. I mean We talked about mock retirement.

Have you practiced any of this pete to make sure that's what you actually want to do Maybe stringing a few of these things together. I

Peter Dunn: have lived this day before and I usually do it during Not vacation. You can't go. I've had this conversation this week holiday day offs. Okay. Mondays, things like that.

Okay. Or between Christmas and New Year's. We know everyone's off here. So I didn't sprinkle in watch all the Liam Neeson. Action films, but, but I would [00:43:00] remove that in retirement and my, my wife and I were talking about this the other day and she, per our earlier conversation on the show or podcast, I don't remember if we made it to air, she said, I just, I share this with, she was like, I just don't want you to sit around and watch dumb YouTube videos all day.

I was like, oh, honey, I believe that ship has sailed. I don't, I don't want to live an intimate donut list life. Who's up next? Here we are. I'll

Damian Dunn: give it a shot. I think I can get through most of my day. I'll wake up probably, probably around seven, maybe a little earlier because there won't be an alarm clock.

So it'll just be whenever the sun wakes me up. Go make Mrs. Advice her coffee, then go hop in. A fun car and drive

Peter Dunn: to I thought you were gonna say hop in the shower and I was like, I'm out. Why, why are you making us think of that? Well, you didn't. Yeah.

Damian Dunn: Well, why were you thinking I was gonna say that?

What were you thinking about? I'd

Peter Dunn: just been doing some [00:44:00] sketches about your perfect day and I got to the shower scene.

Damian Dunn: Drive to donut shop? Get get a couple donuts, enjoy them, drive home enjoy them, drive home grab the grab the golf clubs, go play. Probably just 18 for the first day. Grab a late lunch with Mrs.

Advice go watch any potential grandkids do an evening sport at that point. And have a nice dinner afterwards and fall asleep watching reruns of some 90s show. That's

Peter Dunn: pretty good. That's pretty good. Now we are, we are the same. I mean, those are, those are versions of the same day. Right.

Absolutely. Kristen. You are the theoretically the furthest out from retirement and that's not a judgment by the way. Just sort of a math.

Kristen Ahlenius: I'm younger than you. Yeah. Okay. You

Peter Dunn: don't have to rub it in. I mean, we know. [00:45:00] What do you think? I mean, get in my flying car. Right.

Kristen Ahlenius: Sorry. Go ahead. I've not ever given this any thought prior to the column you wrote, which I told you this, but is one of my favorites that I appreciate that I, it, it just was a different take and it made me think.

And for that reason, I really liked it. And. I don't know if I know exactly what the structure of a day would look like besides not waking up at 7 a. m. but, and it involves caffeine, but I would hope that by the time I am not actively earning income that I have made it to a place where I've also worked on me as a person and I can slow down.

I would hope that my retirement is. Me being really intentional about [00:46:00] taking time for the things that I know that I don't take time for because of the like fast paced life that I tend to lead and that includes like having every farm animal under the Sun and just like and like a hundred dogs and just like taking time for the really little

Peter Dunn: stuff and So Kristen is going to be a shut in with, with a lot of animal waste.

Damian Dunn: It's just going to have a farm, a golf cart a hundred dogs and a well stocked freezer.

Kristen Ahlenius: You have your day. Let

Peter Dunn: me have mine. We know what we should have done is create each other's because that would have been so much better. Man. If we did pre planning for this show Kristen, help me. I'm with you. I do again.

And I hate to always fall back to this, but I think it's very real Damon. I've had another 15 years ish minimum to live [00:47:00] life, to sort out some of these hamster wheel scenarios. But for you, what sort of. What sort of things are you doing within that element for your brain? Right? Like what? Like what?

What are you doing for inner peace within that?

Kristen Ahlenius: I don't, in retirement?

Peter Dunn: Yeah. Not now. Well,

Kristen Ahlenius: I would say, Ooh, I don't know what it, what are the examples from your guys' day that do that?

Peter Dunn: Well, I can tell you Dame's Dame, go ahead. You can tell me. For inner peace. Yeah, driving. Yep.

Damian Dunn: They're absolutely driving golf.

If you're doing okay is inner peace, but frequently there's a lot of outer anger that comes along with golf. But no, I think driving is something that would absolutely give me that piece when I'm well now and in the future. Well, Dame, you

Peter Dunn: [00:48:00] also had watch your grandkids play a little game or something like that for me.

Journaling. Yeah, I think that's a great question. I think that's And listening to music, reading and then cooking and listening to music. Like, if I'm journaling, listening to music or, or cooking, I'm in my, I'm like, I forget about the fact that my wife won't let me buy Intamin's donuts when I'm making like a four hour meal and listening to music.

It's like the greatest thing in the world. How would your

Damian Dunn: answer have changed 15 years ago? How would it have been different?

Peter Dunn: Me? Yeah. I guess 15 years ago for Kristen, she was like, I'll get my driver's license. Yeah. That's a great question. I honestly, my answer would have been Kristen's answer.

Damian Dunn: Here we go.

Mine would have been a lot more, mine would have been a lot more active. You know, you know, go on a five mile hike in the mountains and you know, whatever. But it's,

Peter Dunn: I'd play racquetball on a small tennis court with what looks like a squash with a whiffle ball. And people are like, what's that? Oh, it'll be a hot craze.

Don't you worry. And we'll call it [00:49:00] a corner shown ball. No, what should we call it? Oh, how about pickleball? And then people be like, well, you're correct. Makes perfect sense. Kristen, are you denying the fact that 15 years from now that your financial mind will in, in being will not have developed into what is to crotch the old men here?

I hope not. Me too. Let's do this. Let's take a break. Let's reset Kristen's brain. So she doesn't have to think about that. And we'll come back with biggest waste of money of the week and the news right here on the Pete, the play show. I'll be planner.

We don't want to

Damian Dunn: do a ptp show financial time capsule and each of us write down things that we come back to or have emailed to us in 10 or 15 years and then we can laugh

Peter Dunn: together. Yeah. And by the way, I think the point of the exercise wasn't to say, what are you going to do every day? Right. The point is the first day.

First day. [00:50:00] First day.

Kristen Ahlenius: Go adopt a bunch of dogs.

Peter Dunn: Hope it's in your budget.

I I, I've talked about this and I need to talk about this in the column. I think I've shared this with both of you and probably everyone here. I'm very thankful for the Pete the Planner thing. Very, very, very thankful. I'm also looking forward to it not being a thing anymore. Like, I am, I am really excited to let the domain go.

Like, you know what I mean? Like, I'm just like, it was neat. It's great. Goodbye. That's how I feel. That could

Damian Dunn: just be Peter Dunnan, friends, not Pete the Planner.

Peter Dunn: Yeah, that's a good point. I just, I, I, it's like, you know it's what I see is sort of young up and coming personal finance experts. I'm like, good for them.

They're going to have their day in the sun. I'll be done. Like, I, I'm not trying to compete with them. I don't want [00:51:00] to like my legacy. I don't care. I, I just like move on. Like I'm, I'm not so caught up in a legacy And maybe 15 years ago, Kristen, to the question, I would have been a lot more somehow subconsciously legacy driven than I, than I am now.

But I think it goes to that. You care what people think, you don't care what people think, and then you realize that no one cares. Right. So, which is, sounds a little gross in the back end, but I believe it to be true. Was Tiddy condescending for you, Kristen?

Kristen Ahlenius: I just, you asked me questions and then told me I was wrong for pretty much the whole show.

Peter Dunn: That's fine. I did. Which ones? Okay. So your vision of your own retirement. I didn't tell you you were wrong. I was just teasing there.

Kristen Ahlenius: You asked me. How did you set up? Oh, loud budgeting. And you told me it's because I'm young and that I won't eventually care about social media.[00:52:00] Do you disagree with that?

I do disagree with that.

Damian Dunn: Okay. You think social media is a part of your life forever?

Peter Dunn: Yeah. I don't think you're wrong. I think we're just, I don't think you're wrong. I really don't think we're mature. It's not, no, no, it's not mature. It's just, we're different stages of life. If it, because what if by calling you wrong, which I'm not, I'm saying I'm right.

And I don't believe that. I just, I believe that my view is my view. It isn't right or wrong. And your view is your view. It's not right or wrong. Yeah. We've had different views. Kristen, I'm sorry if I was condescending to you today. It's okay. Dame, if I was condescending to you. I'm not sorry. Yeah, I get that.

Okay. Yeah. The show won't be around here in 10 years. That's a good point, Aaron. It'll be the Kristin and co. Everyone will know. I'm just old. Here we go. I think I like this week's biggest waste of money of the week. But you tell me in three. [00:53:00] Back on the Pete the Planner show. I should have started that segment with this week's biggest waste of money of the week.

Right here on the Pete the Planner show. It's, wow, he's losing it. The Tesla Cyber Beer plus Cyber Stein limited edition set. It's certainly not Tesla's first oddball product. It's not even their first beer. But this Cyber Beer plus Cyber Stein limited edition set does continue. The ongoing fascination with the Cybertruck in an unexpected way included are two bottles of Tesla cyber beer Hell's Lager and bottled at 7 percent ABV in California by Buzzrock Brewing Company that arrive encased in gloss black sleeves with Cybertruck logos.

They're joined in. The set by a pair of matte black ceramic beer steins glazed and fired to mirror the Cybertruck's form with glossy interiors and Tesla logos. The sets are available now while [00:54:00] supplies last. Kristen, you won Best Stock Pick of the Year in 2023 because of your love and adoration for Elon Musk and his stance on life and humanity in the world that exists.

Nailed it. What would you pay? To be able to acquire, this here beer and stein.

Kristen Ahlenius: I wouldn't, but if I were going to, 1. 75.

Peter Dunn: 175. Dame done.

Damian Dunn: Do we know, are these like 12 ounce bottles of beer? Is that,

Peter Dunn: is that, you know, that's a great question. I would guess it's going to be like a bomber, which I believe is 20 ounces.

Let me click and look. You mean to look

Damian Dunn: at it? I'll just say 300

Peter Dunn: bucks to 11. 2 ounce beers. You get two 11. 2 ounce beers. I'll say 300 bucks. [00:55:00] They are sold out. And the answer is. They are 150. Kristen continues to climb the ranks of guessing right here on. Dan, what's in the news this week?

Damian Dunn: Well, I think this story pairs nicely with the Tesla beer Uber revealed this week that it plans to shut down the alcohol delivery platform, drizzly.

By March, the ride hailing app bought the company for 1. 1 billion three years ago when everyone was drinking at home getting purchases doorsteps. After the Uber takeover, it came out that a 2020 data breach affecting two and a half million of Drizzly's users was caused by a security vulnerability that the company and its former CEO were aware of but failed to fix.

That prompted the FTC to limit the kinds of customer info that Drizly could collect and store, which might have undermined its ability to profit from selling the data. Uber isn't alone in quickly [00:56:00] bailing on a subsidiary that once cost a pretty penny. Google recently slashed the product team at Fitbit, the wearable tech brand it acquired for 2.

1 billion in 2021 as it focuses on developing its own Pixel watch.

Peter Dunn: Yeah, Kristen, have you ever ordered from Drizzly? No, I have not. Dame? Nope. I don't think I have, but that's the nature of Drizzly. Exactly. You are, you're drinking. You can't afford to go to a liquor store from a security and safety standpoint. So you pay to go do that. I don't think I have. I believe though, honestly, I've gifted.

Booze via drizzly. I don't even know if

Damian Dunn: it's available. I would be surprised if it's available in my area and definitely

Kristen Ahlenius: Kristen's definitely

Peter Dunn: not What else is the news, Dan? The

Damian Dunn: Biden administration wants [00:57:00] overdraft fees cut to as little as 3. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proposed new rules this week that would cap the fees banks charge customers who try to spend more than they have in their accounts.

The agency proposed 3, 6, 7, or 14 as the upper limits and is seeking public input on the right amounts. Wonder what the results of that quiz, or that, that poll is going to be. Unsurprisingly, banks, which frequently charge 35 per overdraft, stand to lose billions of dollars in annual revenue if the rules take effect and are expected to fight hard against them.

Peter Dunn: Could have done an entire segment on this. Sorry. No, no, no, that's not criticism. I only criticize Kristen. I'm just kidding. I'm kidding, of course. Kristen, I have massive mixed feelings on this. What do you think? I

Kristen Ahlenius: do as well. I, ethically, I have a really hard time with charging. People who maybe are barely making it if that's why you're overdrafting is because you're living, you know, so [00:58:00] close to that zero balance budget charging them 35 for overdrafting.

I don't think that that necessarily works to say, like, we shouldn't do this. There should be some penalty for doing that because it's not your money to spend, but 35 is egregious.

Peter Dunn: Yeah, I mean, I'm with you, Chris. I might. My feeling is. From my, from what I have seen, and it's been a while, but from what I have seen is that overdrafts certainly occur on people who are really, really paycheck to paycheck, but they also occur for people who shouldn't be, they just don't pay attention, they have no idea, they're just out wildly gallivanting their cart around and overdrafting.

Dan, where do you land?

Damian Dunn: I don't think I have as big of a problem with the 35 overdraft as the two of you do. I, I don't like it, I hate it, but there has to be a penalty for it. And if it's [00:59:00] 35,

Peter Dunn: then it's 35. Well, actually, I, well, this is the thing, I don't think I have a problem with 35. I, I think, I think any time I'm not anti regulation by any means, but I think telling a bank what they can and can't charge for loaning someone money is, is kind of weird.

You're, you're, Oh, you are low. What I do think stinks is when it's 35, all in one day, cause you overdraft. I think there should be limited to 35 for the day as opposed to 35. I would, I would buy into that. That's interesting. I don't know. What else is the news? I The

Damian Dunn: Buffalo Bills offered fans 20 an hour to shovel snow out of Highmark Stadium when it got hit with a blizzard so fierce that the team's playoff game against the Steelers had to be moved from Sunday to Monday.

That's the 33. 3 percent raise from the 15 an hour the Bills offered shovelers after a snowstorm in 2022 and a clear example of how wage growth is [01:00:00] outpacing inflation in the current economy. In November, nearly 60 percent of Americans were making more money than the year before. After adjusting for inflation, according to Brendan Duke of the Center for American Progress, and that includes the bill's shirtless shoveling mafia.

Peter Dunn: Kristen, when you go and shovel snow for 20 an hour, if you could walk to a stadium and do it. If it wasn't like sub zero, I mean, is that something you would do for 60 bucks, you know, three hours of shoveling?

Kristen Ahlenius: I, if it were, if I were a fan, absolutely I would. I would not do it if otherwise, like I would have to be like, come on, we got to play this game, like, let's all, let's all do it.

It's not really even the financial incentive that's getting me there.

Peter Dunn: Yeah. It's the spirit of the team. You know, I I think the NFL playoffs this year, the, how they've had to [01:01:00] adjust to the weather. And to this point, Dame, the economics of the entire national football league have been dramatically changed because of weather this year.

Yeah. Who plays, who wins, like who wins. What is he?

Damian Dunn: He's a quarterback, right?

Peter Dunn: Carson. Yes. I don't even know what I'm saying anymore.

Damian Dunn: There was, there was some personality that said that, you know, certain games should be held in, no, that was the college football championship should always be held in whatever city it was held in this year.

But yeah, I could see somebody making a misguided argument for neutral site playoff games. If there's going to be

Peter Dunn: in bad weather, what's in the show this way, Kristen, who's winning the super bowl this year.

Kristen Ahlenius: Hopefully I was rooting for Lisa's Eagles, but you know, I know. So I mean, we've got to root for the other Kelsey brother, I think.

Peter Dunn: Okay. Does any of that have to do with the [01:02:00] massive Taylor Swift fan that you are? No,

Kristen Ahlenius: it has to do with loving the Kelsey documentary and just like rooting for them as people.

Peter Dunn: Yeah. Awesome. Dame, what do you think? Who wins?

Damian Dunn: I'm going to go with great story, Brock Purdy and the 49ers.

Peter Dunn: I'm going with the Ravens.

That's it, everybody. Sending you good vibes because good vibes are all that's in the budget. I'm Pete the Planner. This is the Pete Planner Show. Appreciate you listening and we will see you right here. Next week. We won't see anyone. It is audio format. Oh, Kristen, are you going to send me hate mail today?

Mm mm. Okay. Absolutely not. Okay. Are you going to fax me hate

Kristen Ahlenius: mail? I don't know how to use a fax machine.

Damian Dunn: No, she's going to put a video on TikTok about it.

Peter Dunn: Holds you accountable.

Kristen Ahlenius: No, I can take it. Two years ago, I might have cried, but I'm fine. [01:03:00]

Peter Dunn: I didn't. It's one of those things. By the, by the, by the idea that I said, Hey, was that condescending? I had some level of awareness that it probably was, right?

I don't want to say, but it didn't stop me. I, I was trying to give my perspective. What I found is I was, in giving my perspective, I, I couldn't give it without getting there. Yeah. I don't know. At least I'm aware of it. Sorry. It's really fine. Yeah. Ah, good news is Dame's never condescending. So only 50 percent of your co hosts are condescending.


Big plans this weekend. A bachelor weekend at my house. I'm going to be eating grilled chicken fingers, which defeats the point of slaughtering a chicken if you can't fry it. Dan?

Damian Dunn: I think we've got a couple of dinners on the schedule with some friends. So hopefully I'm not nearly as [01:04:00] sick as I feel like I am right

Peter Dunn: now.

All right, we give them COVID too. Kristen? I have COVID. I know you don't have COVID.

Kristen Ahlenius: It's tomorrow night is the annual Euchre tournament. So, I will be, I know. I, I, I I think I tied for second last year. We tied. So, it's 20 people, new partner every hand. Oh. Yeah. So, we'll see. Is there money?


Peter Dunn: Yeah, absolutely. What's the, what's the top price?

Kristen Ahlenius: I think it's a 20 buy in. Last gets their money back. First gets like half of the pot. Or like 60 percent or something like that. And then second. Guess the rest. Well, second and third I think each get 25%. Maybe something like that.

Peter Dunn: Sounds fun and social.

Damian Dunn: Yeah. Pete are you a big card player?

Peter Dunn: No. No, I mean, my wife's family used to play cards all the time, so we used to play. I got in a little bit of a poker phase that I'm [01:05:00] not in. This planner and I will play Bananagrams, but that is not That's not the same. I'm not even sure what that is. I don't know what Bananagrams is.

Bananagrams, it's, it's nothing. It's like Scrabble. Out of a banana pouch, which again, No, no, no, I mean, Google it, Google it, it's like Scrabble out of a banana pouch. Huh. Bananagrams. Kristen, you ever played Bananagrams? I've never played it, no. Ah, you know what it is? I do know what it is. Okay, so you are not feeling awkward.

No Dame is struggling. Dame, you card guy.

Damian Dunn: I, I enjoy Euchre quite a bit, but other than that not

Peter Dunn: so much. What do we do? I gotta go. Oh yeah. Sorry. This is silly. I'm sorry. Okay. Everybody stay getting money.