January 4, 2024

Stock prediction awards spectacular

On this week's episode, Dame, Kristen, and Pete review their 2023 stock picks, and make their selections for 2024.Stock and market predictions are for entertainment purposes only.

Episode Transcript

Peter Dunn: [00:00:00] I know this is not a sports podcast. I totally know it. For lots of reasons. I know it primarily because I created the podcast, not meaning to talk about sports, but I have to get something off my chest. And it's really important that two other people on this podcast who don't care, hear what I have to say, Kristen Dame, hello.

Hello. Good day. I love the Pacers so much right now. Fair. Tyrese Halliburton is the most fun, or funnest, what is it? Most fun? Fun. Most fun. Yes. He's so fun to watch. It is, we're addicted to the Pacers right now, which is a lot of fun. When you, when you care about your local sports team my family all, we sit and watch the Pacers and it's exciting.

And I wanted to share that with you.

Kristen Ahlenius: I am happy that we can have separate. How does that go? No, I am. I'm happy that we can have [00:01:00] different interests. I'm happy for you that we can have different interests. I forget how it went. What a start to the new

Peter Dunn: year. No, damn. I also want to mention here. I am not pandering to the pacers, of course, are clients of your money.

Correct? Yeah. Yeah. So but, but I'm not pandering. And I also enjoyed watching the Colts, by the way, everybody a lot, who are also clients of your money, like, hello, Dave.

Damian Dunn: The big question is, are you wearing your jersey when you're watching the games?

Peter Dunn: That's a great question, and the answer is no. I do have a Pacers jersey that the Pacers gave me that says Pete the Planner on the back, which is, which is, which is pretty great.

Well, Happy New Year, everybody. Kristen, Happy New Year. Happy New Year to you. Damien Andrew Dunn. Happy New Year. That's me. We are all doing dry January as a show, correct? So far. Wait, you keep saying so far. Is it, is it a goal of yours or is it not?

Damian Dunn: No, I just, I, if, if I make it through January, great. If I make it into February or, or beyond, excellent as well.

But I'm, I'm not you know, hard and fast on [00:02:00] January is dry. But I, my sleep has been pretty rubbish lately. So I, I know it will get better if I abstain from. Drinking for a while. So in out of respect for my wife's sleep going into her busy season, it probably makes sense for me to lay off for a bit.

Peter Dunn: Yeah, I'm, I gotcha. Like, I'm I'm at least through January. I think the goals first quarter, the goal I want to be, you know, I'll call for you through the first quarter. Kristen, are you just going to 31 days or what do you think?

Kristen Ahlenius: Just the 31 days. I'm a very like, I'm the exact opposite of Dame. Dame's like, Oh, if I make it, if it goes longer, I'm exactly the opposite.

I'm like, January 31st, like is the goal either direction? That's just what it

Peter Dunn: is. Fair enough. Happy new year to all our listeners. Andy, happy new year. We just are sending out a mug to you today. Good vibes are all that's in the budget. It's going out to you today. Good morning, Jason Brown. Jason is trying to make a run for listener of the year early in 2024.

Made a nice run at the end of last year.[00:03:00] Friends. You brought to my attention that Jeremiah, listener of the show, Jeremiah, who regularly gets upset with us because we have other things to do. It turns out he has a podcast in which the episodes are roughly two hours long each. So, you know, for, for a second person that has a two hour pod, Hey, who has time to record a two hour podcast and who has time to listen to a two hour podcast.

And yet Jeremiah is out there just like, Hey, take your time. It's like, really, I got a job.

Damian Dunn: I don't know that they're all two hours. It just happened to be the one that I clicked on was like an hour 47, which, which seems,

Peter Dunn: seems like a lot. So we should have people listen to, well, yeah, it is a two hour podcast.

I told

Damian Dunn: you. Maybe we just like you, you listen to 10 minutes and you listen to 10 minutes and then compare notes and we can just

Peter Dunn: do a summary. All right. So people should listen to Jeremiah's podcast, but I've never listened to it. Is it [00:04:00] explicit or anything?

Damian Dunn: I believe there may be some adult language there, but I don't know.

I'll listen. I, like I said, I saw it. I listened to basically the cold open. And I haven't made it past that because, well, coming back after a long break means there's a lot of stuff to do. So I promise I will listen to an episode though. It's got a great,

Peter Dunn: it's got a great title. It's better than the name of our show.

I know. Boss hog of liberty. So if you want to take nine hours of your day to listen to a half of episode of boss hog of liberty, by all means go subscribe.

Damian Dunn: We will probably have more meaning if you live in Indiana, but if you don't and you want to get caught up on everything that's going on in Indiana and maybe some things that will still impact you, give it a listen.

Peter Dunn: A couple other housekeeping notes. My comedy show did take place at victory field in Indiana on December 22nd. Danny Dunn for another show. He did amazing. He did amazing. He did such a great job. You know what? I'll give myself nine out of 10. Nine out of 10 is what I'll give really [00:05:00]

Damian Dunn: folks that is high praise coming from Nicholas done if he gives himself a nine out of 10, you know, he had some genuine belly laughs going in the audience.

Peter Dunn: Kristen, the funny part about this, after the show, I was talking to Mrs. Planner and I was like, you know, I'll give myself a 9 out of 10. And she was like, yeah, me too. And I was like, what? I was like, how are you going to give me a 9? So to Dame's point, I am hard on myself. But then when she was like, yeah, it's about a 9, Really?

Really? Okay. Shots fired, honey.

Kristen Ahlenius: So the nap was a good thing because we were concerned for you Friday morning.

Peter Dunn: I was a mess. That Friday speaking of being a mess on a Friday morning, we are of course doing a Thursday show this week cause I have an all day commitment tomorrow, but I do have my second men's soccer league game this evening.

This time though, folks. It's almost at my bedtime. It's at 7 55 PM. Oh [00:06:00] no. And I have worked out significantly more since the last soccer game. So I don't, as Ted says, die on the pitch both figuratively and literally. So I feel like I'm in a better spot tonight. We have less, fewer subs. So I, I don't know what's going to happen.

Are you

Damian Dunn: making your family come watch this again?

Peter Dunn: Ted wants to go. So he he's coming with me, but I think that's it. Yeah, I think my business planner might just be at home on on match. com or something. I don't know what she's doing. So after your

Kristen Ahlenius: report from the first game, I wondered if they would invite you back, to be honest.

So I'm happy for you. You made it sound like you did not do a great job.

Peter Dunn: That's fair. I didn't, but they suck too. Oh yeah. Let's do our so this is the what are the stock picks spectacular? Is that what people are calling this? Yeah, I

Damian Dunn: think that's what I've seen on the line.

Peter Dunn: Yeah. Okay. So we're going to do that stock picks [00:07:00] spectacular, and that will be the review of last year, stock picks, making our new stock picks for this year and predictions and then fun and frivolity, blah, blah, blah.

I bought it. I bought an air fryer over break. You didn't have an air fryer? No.

Damian Dunn: He doesn't live in Northern Indiana.

Peter Dunn: What? Do you have to have an air fryer in Northern Indiana?

Damian Dunn: It's pretty much standard operating procedure for most kitchens in Northern Indiana, I

Peter Dunn: think. Kristen, give me a couple things that I should make in the air fryer.

Kristen Ahlenius: You should absolutely make any potato product in the air fryer, and you can make a skillet cookie in an air fryer. A skillet cookie. Like a mini, like when you go to a restaurant and they have like the mini cast iron skillets and you get a cookie with, you can make those in the

Peter Dunn: airfryer. Okay, I'm not really a sweets fella, despite my frame.

Dame, what do you think I should make in the airfryer?

Damian Dunn: Potatoes are low hanging fruit or vegetables or whatever they

Peter Dunn: [00:08:00] are.

Kristen Ahlenius: That was not that funny.

Peter Dunn: It was funny to me. That was

Damian Dunn: funny. Various chicken pro things you can do with chicken in there as well that really

Peter Dunn: enhance. I'm looking forward to Brussels sprouts.

Cauliflower, potato products, and chicken wings. Those are the four things I'm most excited about.

Damian Dunn: We've done asparagus in an air fryer too. And the asparagus is pretty nice.

Peter Dunn: Hello, Rochelle. Hello, non pilot Jeremy. What?

Damian Dunn: That's not, that's not Jeremy. That's a different Jeremy. We just, he's just non pilot. I thought there was

Peter Dunn: just one Jeremy.

Not anymore. We even work with it, Jeremy. Okay, let's do a show. Oh, I gotta get ready. Anyone else have anything else to say? No. Great. This will be a good show then. In three, two, one. [00:09:00] This week on the Pete the Planner Show, we answer your money questions. Here's how the show works. You email us askpete at petetheplanner.

com. That's askpete at petetheplanner. com and we will answer your money questions. Next week, because this week we are reviewing our 2023 stock pick predictions and whatnot, and then making our predictions for 2024 Happy New Year to you and to yours. I don't know what exactly that means. Kristen Alanius joins us from your money line.

Hello, Kristen. Hello, Pete. Damien Dunn, no relation. Also from your money line, also not related to Kristen because they both work at your money. Line. Hello, Dame. Good day, Pete. No one ever asks. Are you two related? They do not.

Damian Dunn: No. Yeah Yeah, I wonder why that is. Is she

Peter Dunn: your daughter? No, shh. I mean she could be your daughter Technically, yeah, but She could be [00:10:00] yours, too Okay, so let's get started on the show And if you love Damien, which who doesn't boy is this to show for you Damien is the keeper of all predictions.

And there are gonna be winners and losers today. I think Dame as you and I have become accustomed to say, this is the episode of which people should know to not take any of our advice. None. This is entertainment. And then you will quickly see that this first segment, why that is the case. At least as it relates to me Kristen, before Damien goes off on his extravaganza, like Joseph in the Technicolor dream code of radio.

Is there anything you want to say?

Kristen Ahlenius: Just that you're exactly right. This is entertainment. This is not investment advice, and you should take your If you're going to take any investment advice, it should be from people who are licensed, which the three of us

Peter Dunn: are not. Correct. I do have a driver's license [00:11:00] though.

And also a really good song. All right, Dame, let's spend the wheel. Is that what we do or do the, what's the let's go.

Damian Dunn: Yeah, that'll work. I, you know, to add on to what you and Kristen were saying, we haven't put our money in these pigs. You shouldn't either. I think that's probably the best caveat for that.

Peter Dunn: So wait, wait, is that true? Not

Kristen Ahlenius: technically, but technically. Okay.

Peter Dunn: No,

Kristen Ahlenius: I just mean that, like, nevermind.

Peter Dunn: Go ahead.

Damian Dunn: That was great. Great interjection, Kristen. Thanks. Should we just rip the bandaid off, Pete for, for winners of the year? I mean, you are first on my list. We all picked three individual stocks.

Some of us did better than others. There was a very clear winner. In the winter selection this year, but we'll start with Pete, Pete, you had an interesting pick this year, but you want [00:12:00] to tell the audience what you chose as your winning stock for the

Peter Dunn: other thing that people should remember is like, typically don't remember what I chose.

I think I chose bank of America.

Damian Dunn: That is correct.

Peter Dunn: That is correct. Bad year to choose a bank stock with rising interest rates. Yeah. Like, yeah. If I had to do it over again, Would not have chosen bank of America. So my guess is I got hammered.

Damian Dunn: Pete, I will give you credit. You finished positive. You, you did not lose money on your winning pick, which is, I mean, that, that's something, right?

That isn't my

Peter Dunn: losing pick.

Damian Dunn: You you returned 1.

Peter Dunn: 32%. You know what, that and a nickel can buy you a cup of coffee right there, buddy. Not

Damian Dunn: at Starbucks. All right. Fair enough. All right. I chose apple. I, cause I, it was just too easy to, to pick something [00:13:00] that you knew was going to have a great year.

47. 78 percent return. Not bad.

Peter Dunn: Not bad. Kidding. I, let's go through this. I don't, I don't believe I own any shares of bank of America outright. I'm just trying to be disclosure sensitive here. I'm sure I do. And some fund of some sort. Okay. Okay. Dame, do you own individual shares of apple? Yes. Okay, fair enough.

We're just disclosing Look, I want to be honest here and now we're on to kristen kristen

Damian Dunn: kristen chose tesla as her winner of the year this year She was the winner of our winning pick challenge tesla returned a Stellar 109. 74 percent in 2023. 109. 74. Pete, if you're keeping track, she beat you by a lot.

Yeah, a lot.

Peter Dunn: Yeah, so, Kirsten, do you own any shares of Tesla [00:14:00] outright? I do not. Okay. You did, didn't you, at one point? No, I don't. Yeah.

Damian Dunn: You did at one point, didn't you?

Kristen Ahlenius: Years ago, when I used to, like, have a little, like, Okay. Play investment account. I don't currently.

Peter Dunn: I don't think I have, but it's possible I have.

And by the way, we all own some Tesla, I would assume within indexes and whatnot indices. Kristen, that's a phenomenal outcome, 107%. When does your newsletter come out? Yeah.

Kristen Ahlenius: Very funny. I will never be able to do that again. That's why I'm so nervous for today's show. Is I've done a really bad thing by performing so well on my first appearance.

Peter Dunn: That'd be an interesting thing for in a performance review, like at your job and be like, I had a great year, but I'm terrified of next year because I'm going to have to do it again. Exactly. You know, it's funny. This is not the topic of the day. I was talking to my father at one point two years ago about the height of his business success.

It was, there was a, I'm trying to think about this[00:15:00] sort of a monumental moment. And I was like, ah, what was that like? And he was like, well, it was great until I realized then we'd have to do it again. Right. So it's like totally. And then I've adopted that mentality myself as you both know.

Congristan, congratulations, winner of the winner of the year. Thank you

Damian Dunn: on to the

Peter Dunn: losers. Hey, you're saying my name now.

Damian Dunn: Well you said it Pete Pete for your loser, you took a very interesting route and chose Tesla as your Loser if you're paying attention just a couple minutes ago. You know that Tesla was up 109 point seven four percent one hundred and nine point seven four percent That is an interesting track to take when you're trying to pick losing stocks.


Peter Dunn: if, if my, was my loser, the biggest loser, or was it my loser, the biggest winner, because then it can get confusing. It's like when you get a [00:16:00] negative results from an x ray and it's like, no, and it's like, Oh no, that's positive. If I, if my loser, is it the biggest loser is my loser, the biggest winner. You tell me.

Exactly. Exactly. I won. Sure. Okay. Who's up next?

Damian Dunn: Me. I chose Xerox. It was looking pretty okay. Mid year. Then they rallied to end the year and they were up 24 percent in 23, well, 24 percent in 2023, but that was hot on the heels. Well, I should say news that just came out. Was it yesterday? Hot on the heels.

They're, they're cutting their workforce and year to date Xerox is down like 12%. So as always, kids timing is everything,

Peter Dunn: which brings us to Kristen. Kristen

Damian Dunn: Kristen's loser pick for the year was a stroke of genius. She chose Right Aid, a little known [00:17:00] drugstore who also just found themselves in the news for using face recognition technology in their stores, and they're getting slapped on the hand for that.

They basically went out of business. Technically there was still some value in their shares of a whopping 22 cents at the end of the year. I mean, she was down 93. 47%. She picked the only stock that went down all year. Although Pete tried really hard with his winner pick for this year. So Kristen wins the loser pick as

Peter Dunn: well.

So Kristen's the winner of the winner and the winner of the loser and I'm the loser of the winner and the loser of the loser. Yes, and you're just a sandwich. It's a Dame

Damian Dunn: sandwich. All I did was make money this year.

Peter Dunn: All I did was like, let's take a break. Let's hose off. Let's take a break to come back after the break.

And then we'll do, how do we do on our S and P 500 predictions? All right. That, that is next. Then we will also do the 2024 selections. This is very exciting. All that's next right here on the Pete, the planner show. I'm Pete, the planner [00:18:00] eight seconds early. Why Dame?

Damian Dunn: Give the people more Mellencamp.

Peter Dunn: More Mellencamp.

Kristen, that's a phenomenal, phenomenal performance that you're not going to be able to do again.

Kristen Ahlenius: Absolutely not. That was that was something that's I was really nervous about Tesla truthfully when you said that at last year at this time, when you picked them in opposition. I was very nervous because it's just, it's a volatile pick.

You just don't know.

Peter Dunn: So what do you, I mean, I know this is not the forum for this and by this is not the forum. I mean, I'm pretty sure this is the forum for this. What do you think it will do this year? Yeah.

Kristen Ahlenius: I was reading, I really wanted to pick them again for this year for my

Peter Dunn: inappropriate. I didn't

Kristen Ahlenius: because that's not fun.

Peter Dunn: So you're feeling bullish about them.

Kristen Ahlenius: I am [00:19:00] feeling bullish,

Peter Dunn: yeah. Which is not investment advice. There it is. Correct. Dave, what do you think?

Damian Dunn: I think they will have another good year. They continue to get their manufacturing process down. They're churning out more cars each and every quarter than Wall Street's expecting.

They aren't having any problems selling, and even though they have some technical issues every once in a while. Consumers don't care. They don't care about panel gaps. They don't care about interior quality as much as they do. And maybe some other cars, they just want that kind of car right now. I think that will

Peter Dunn: continue.

First thing on a Tuesday morning, our first day of work of the year, I talked to a Bitcoin Doug and he had driven a rental over the holiday on a vacation, a Tesla. And he was like, Like through the moon. Are we over the moon through the moon or the moon? Yeah, I don't know. He was he was moon. He was mooning me is what I'm saying Okay, let's come back with S& P 500 performance and then get into [00:20:00] our picks I was right about the pics I'm so excited.

You ready to do this. I mean, sorry, Jeremiah. We don't have a we don't have a fortnight to record Oh my

Damian Dunn: he's gonna be so disappointed. He missed the missed us talking about him and his baby show.

Peter Dunn: So for this year, should we buy? What is that? So for this year, should we buy kristen's pick or short pete's?

That's a great question It's a great question. It's very fair to ask in three two Back on the Pete, the planner show reviewing last year's stock predictions, 2023 stock predictions. It's the results show the stock picks spectacular as no one calls. So we're reviewing the results from last year. So far we have learned.

That are winners of the year. Kristen won the winner of the year contest. She also won the loser of the year contest. I lost the winner of the year contest and I lost the loser of the year contest. And now we are on to what many people call [00:21:00] the most important aspect of all of this, which is predicting where we think the S& P 500 will end.

And so Dame, if you would to take your time, cause this is the most important prediction and tell us how people fared,

Damian Dunn: we we had quite a spread in predictions for the S and P 500 for 2023. I started at 2%. I thought it was going to be a pretty rough year in the S and P 500. I said 2 percent last year, Kristen was a little higher than average 13 percent return.

And Pete was way out there. I thought it was. Absolutely bonkers. Pete suggested 19%.

Peter Dunn: That's not true. I, I said 23%.

Kristen Ahlenius: I don't know if on our show you said that, because I recall us all laughing at you because on a different show you predicted like 32%. No, I honestly ,

Peter Dunn: I, I [00:22:00] projected 30% on another show, which I'm actually doing later today to, to review that prediction.

I swear. I said, did you listen back? I didn't. No. Why would I listen to our show? That's a good, that's an absolutely great question. I swear. I said 23 percent

Damian Dunn: fine. I'll give you, you're going to be the winner either way because the S and P 500 last year returned at 24 percent depending on if you're taking an index or the actual performance, you know, 23, 24 percent either way, Pete was the

Peter Dunn: closest.

What's another way to say that? You win. Yeah, I

Damian Dunn: win. Oh.

Peter Dunn: Ah.

Kristen Ahlenius: You can win. It's okay. Whee.

Damian Dunn: All right, should we jump into our winner picks for 2024? Let's do it.

Peter Dunn: Real quick, I did want to congratulate Dame on third place on that last one. Thank you. Yay. Thank you. Okay. Winners. [00:23:00]

Damian Dunn: Alright winners. How do we want to do this?

Should we do ladies first since she was the reigning champion?

Peter Dunn: Let her, I think she gets to choose the order for the two that she won and I'll choose the order for the one that I won.

Kristen Ahlenius: That's fair. Can we just say our picks first and then justify them? Like we eat. Okay. Pete, what's your winner?

Peter Dunn: Oh, I got to look.

I don't remember what I don't remember. Give me a second. Oh, here it is. Oh, here we go. Okay. Heckler mining. What? Don't we have overlap? Hekla Mining. I did research. Oh, we didn't do our disclaimer. Dame, Dame, Dame,

Damian Dunn: Dame. Disclaimer. This is not investment advice. If you didn't, if you missed the first segment, go back and listen to it.

So you will know this is not investment advice. But please do not act on any of the suggestions we make. This is purely entertainment purposes only.

Peter Dunn: Okay. Hekla Mining.

Kristen Ahlenius: Interesting. Damien, you're a winner.

Peter Dunn: Delta Airlines. [00:24:00] Okay, wasn't that my pick two years ago or three years ago or something

Damian Dunn: Kristen your pick your

Kristen Ahlenius: winner bluebird as in the buses

Peter Dunn: Oh, really?

Mm hmm. All right. So do I have to describe mine first?

Kristen Ahlenius: Yeah. Let's hear the justification for this company that we don't know at all.

Damian Dunn: What's the ticker for Hecla Mining? I can't believe I don't know that off the top of my

Peter Dunn: head. It is on the New York Stock Exchange, Dame. So the fact that you, it's like the periodic table, you should know all of them.

It's H L. Mm

Damian Dunn: Oh, the big

Peter Dunn: HL, HL, just based on my research, I feel like, and, and mark the price as of the open today, please. Okay. I think it will come close to doubling non investment advice. I think it's got a great chance to find the highs that it once enjoyed. [00:25:00] It's roughly at 4 and 30 cents a share right now.

And it's 52 week range is three 55 to seven. I am for entertainment purposes only. Bullish. And I will not be purchasing this position in my own portfolio.

Damian Dunn: I just want to make a note that Yahoo finance shows a heckler mining as overvalued right now.

Peter Dunn: Here's the thing. Yahoo finances, entertainment too.

Okay. Okay. Jim Kramer. Sorry. I know. I don't want to just name and names. All right. Dame, Oh, Mr. Delta

Damian Dunn: airlines. Yeah. I, I don't know if you know, I, Pete, do you travel a little bit for, for business and pleasure? Occasionally Delta has an amazing product and I don't know. If you're aware, their earnings per share has just gone bonkers over the last 12 to 18 months.

They continue to make [00:26:00] great revenue. Their margins continue to expand and people are still spending money that they don't have. And that's going to continue to translate their, their hiring has slowed down a little bit for pilots. So they're getting caught up on that. It's just going to continue in 2024 to make money hand over fist.

Peter Dunn: Is this because you're trying to gain favor with pilot Jeremy?

Damian Dunn: Yes, actually I'm hoping that because if it doesn't go well, I'm going to blame him for it and I can continue to to bring his name up on, on the show. But if it does go well, maybe he sprinkles a few frequent flyer miles into my account for me, or it gets me some free upgrades.

It is


Peter Dunn: noting that I primarily fly Delta and I enjoy the product very much. And also. Heckla Mining's earnings per share is minus nine cents. Hey, that doesn't Room for improvement. Exactly. Right. Yeah, Dame, Dame chooses something that's flying high, so to speak, and, and, and he's like, Ah, I'm just going to keep it going.

We'll see what sort of landing you're in for . [00:27:00]

Damian Dunn: Kristen, it was Bluebird. What's the Bluebird? What's part ticket for? Bluebird?

Kristen Ahlenius: BLBD.

Damian Dunn: BLBD. All right.

Kristen Ahlenius: I chose Bluebird kind of because I wanted to choose Tesla again, because I think Evie just in general is here to stay despite what. Dame likes. So I chose, I wanted to choose something kind of in that space.

And then I started doing this research about how there's this push for electric buses and how more states are getting on board with using them for transportation for like public schools. And they've beat earnings the last four quarters. Analysts have them poised as a buy slash strong buy. Earnings per share is not great, but I think overall I'm cautiously optimistic about Bluebird.

Peter Dunn: Damn, what does Yahoo Finance, the bastion of advice say? Overvalued. [00:28:00] I will say that I use CNBC does not have it at overvalued or at least heckle mining, because I'm only talking about myself, because you guys know. It has It is not overvalued. The price target, in fact, is 587 and seven people have it listed as a buy and to have it as a hold and none, no analysts of the nine following it, have it as a override.


Kristen Ahlenius: Yeah, we'll see.

Damian Dunn: It's a really confident response.

Peter Dunn: All right. So I feel now we can do the side bet where. Who's guests do we feel the best about collectively? Damien. Okay. I feel better about Damien's than I do Kristen's and clearly better than mine.

Damian Dunn: I didn't even know that company existed until about seven minutes ago, so I'm going to stick with mine.

Peter Dunn: Okay. So Damien, it's a consensus. We believe Damien will win [00:29:00] the best pick of the year.

Damian Dunn: Now we'll just make a note in my spreadsheet three stars that we all agree. I'm the preseason

Peter Dunn: winner. Who do we believe to be the loser of the best pick of the year? You, Dan,

Damian Dunn: man. You know what? I'm going to pile on, I'm going to say you, Pete.

I'm going to say,

Peter Dunn: I am going to go with me as well. Coming up after the break, we're going to pick our worst stock picks of the year and our S and P 500 predictions. All that is next right here on the pizza planner show. I'm. Pete the Planner. A couple more seconds of Mellencamp there for the people. It's alright.

They love it. Okay, so, we're gonna have plenty of material for the next segment. So now it is part of the show that you are dreading. For entertainment purposes only. For entertainment purposes only. Kristen. Yeah. At this time next year, 12 [00:30:00] months from today, which is the we're recording on the 4th, January 4th of 2024 is when we're recording.

Who is the president elect of the United States of America? I don't. 12 months from today. That's the point of a prediction. You have to say what you think.

Kristen Ahlenius: No, no,

Peter Dunn: no, no. You're not saying who you want to win. You're not even gonna predict who you, it's not who you want to win. Mm mm. It's, why? What, you think this is a trap?

Kristen Ahlenius: I think that it's, okay, you guys, you

Peter Dunn: guys go. I'll go. Oh, Matt went back. Look at our research department coming in. Jiminy Christmas. Oh. Matt comes in and says that my S& P 500 prediction was 19 percent on January 6, 2023. Send that man a mug. Matt, I'm gonna send you a I don't know. I also claim Matt, stop.[00:31:00]

He said I claimed Baker was gonna go bananas. I did. It was rotten

Kristen Ahlenius: bananas. Matt is making a run for listener of the

Peter Dunn: year. He's in a good spot. I'll go first. I, I don't think it's incredibly secret. I, I, I don't prefer the, the president former president Trump. I'm not really a fan, but I, I actually believe that he will be the president elect at this time next year.

Whether I want that to be the case or not, I think that is just simply a prediction. It's not a political thing. It is just like, you know, sitting around amongst friends of which I believe we to be. I think he'll be the president elect.

Damian Dunn: I will say, I believe that Joe Biden will be the president elect and he will step down shortly after taking office and hand the reins over to whoever the vice president is.

Peter Dunn: Dave, it is worth noting, you said that the last time. [00:32:00] There it is. You said it exactly

Damian Dunn: the last time. So my timing is off, but I think that's how the transition is going to

Kristen Ahlenius: happen. Kind of like your Xerox

Peter Dunn: pick, huh? Wonder if I said the same thing last time though, too. Did we make a prediction on the show?

Research department, get on that. Come on, Matt. All right, Kristen, are you willing to weigh in or would you want to pass? I

Kristen Ahlenius: was going to say what Dane

Peter Dunn: said. Really? Yeah. But you also think the step down?

Kristen Ahlenius: Yes, I do think

Peter Dunn: that. Okay. Yeah, yeah.

Damian Dunn: Interesting. All right. I think there will, I think there will be a, I think there will be very few debates this year between the candidates.

Peter Dunn: Well, I don't, yeah, I don't, I think if, if trump is the nominee on that side, right? Like he said, he wouldn't debate anybody, right? I have no idea.

Damian Dunn: I don't, I don't pay attention to what he says. I don't know.

Peter Dunn: Here we go. Just for clarification, since we're doing predictions, shortly thereafter the election, like, makes the [00:33:00] inauguration or, like, what are we, what are we thinking?

It's got to be inaugurated to be able to pass. Yeah, within

Damian Dunn: the first year, within the first year.

Peter Dunn: Okay, do you think he'll choose Kamala then? Well, he's gonna choose Kamala again as his roommate. Are you suggesting that he will not choose Kamala as his roommate? I have no idea. I, I You follow this stuff very closely.

Damian Dunn: Yes, clearly. I know. At one point in my life, I did. And then I realized that I needed to go outside and touch grass. And so I I stopped because I I hate United States politics.

Peter Dunn: All right. Well, that's that's all we're gonna do on politics for now. And by the way, I also felt those were simply predictions.

And we did a good job of keeping it at that. So Kristen, thank you for don't

Damian Dunn: wager on those. Oh,

Peter Dunn: I'm following up more closely than I did this time last cycle. And I'm hoping it's on a downward trajectory as opposed to, I follow up more going into the next year because I don't think it's good for him a mental health [00:34:00] when I'm really like, Oh, okay, let's move on.

Thank you for letting me pull your teeth. We're

Damian Dunn: going to get like nothing either. Any of us can do about it. So why in the world get yourself wrapped up in it?

Peter Dunn: I think you can vote.

Damian Dunn: Well, yeah, but there's nothing we can do. I

Peter Dunn: know. I'm just kidding. 3, 2, 1. Back on the Pete, the planner show. We wrapped our 2023 predictions are we, we, we, we, we looked at the results of our stock and market predictions for 2023.

We have now began to unfurl. Is that a word unfurl? Yes. I

Kristen Ahlenius: would not be the person to

Damian Dunn: ask. Yes. Like a flag. Sure.

Peter Dunn: Of 2024. We've gone through what we believe to be the best picks of the year for entertainment purposes only do not do any of these things. And I just want to clarify on our winners of the year.

Kristen shows blue bird buses. Dame shows delta airlines and I chose [00:35:00] notes, heckla mining. I am not making a purchase of that security. Dame,

Damian Dunn: Not planning on making a purchase, but am planning on using the product.

Peter Dunn: Same, but you're also not going to purchase heckla. Nope. Okay. Kristen, are you purchasing Bluebird?

No, I will not be. We like to keep it clean here. Like I'm, I will over disclose cause I am not trying to mislead anybody. All right. Biggest losers of the year. Kristen chooses the order because she won the loser of the year last year. And of course I lost the loser of the year last year. Kristen, who chooses first?

Damian Dunn: Ooh, I chose a company that I think is going to have a really difficult time in 2024. And I philosophically disagree with beyond meat.

Peter Dunn: Oh, you philosophically disagree with. Plant based meat?

Damian Dunn: Yes. That's why. There's meat out there. Just eat meat. And if you don't want to eat meat, [00:36:00] don't fake it.

Peter Dunn: What a take! That's the most dame take ever. I love it. Dude, you're my man. I don't care. I've never even had beyond meat. I wouldn't necessarily consume it, but I have no philosophical beef with it. Oh. That's horrible.

Kristen Ahlenius: Oh

Peter Dunn: my. All right, who's next, Kristen? You, I went back and forth on this one. I was, it was between two, two different stocks going with big lots. Interesting. I think they will file for bankruptcy this year and I'm using the Christian provision and now I'm just trying to choose places that are filing for bankruptcy.

This is not investment advice. This is for entertainment purposes only. I choose big lots and I chose them right over canopy, which is a [00:37:00] cannabis. Company that's been struggling, but I choose Big Lots. Kristen,

Kristen Ahlenius: I too used the Kristen Provision and I chose a company that we're all probably familiar with that we probably don't really frequent, and that is a MC Entertainment Holdings.


Peter Dunn: whoa, whoa. Wait a second game. You followed Thunder Kitty or whatever that guy's name was. Yeah. Mm-Hmm. . Was he, that was part of the whole Reddit thing, was it not?

Kristen Ahlenius: GameStop A MC. They were main stocks. Yeah.

Peter Dunn: Kristen,

Kristen Ahlenius: they keep escaping bankruptcy. So same.

Peter Dunn: I mean, I'm doing fine. . . Okay. A MC. Okay. Now, Damon, you do your, your quick analysis here that you go to at.

Yahoo finance.

Damian Dunn: I'm working on it. Hang on. AMC is overvalued, which is good for Kristen [00:38:00] at this case. However, the one year target estimate price for AMC is 735 current stock price, five 51.

Peter Dunn: Oh, no, I'm not worried

Damian Dunn: they have a minus 3 earnings per share. Hey, so they are

Peter Dunn: enriching. Okay. Okay. Okay. Damn.

What else?

Damian Dunn: Beyond meat, pull that up. Is overweight as a, sorry. Come on, come on. Computer is overvalued as well. They don't have earnings per share because they don't have earnings. Well,

Peter Dunn: now that you have negative

Damian Dunn: earnings per share, I don't, I don't know why it says not available at this point. Yeah, maybe you're, maybe your research department will have it.

Before you use

Peter Dunn: entertainment, I use real stuff. Yeah.

Damian Dunn: So not a lot of data here, but what I do know is nobody, nobody wants this product. Nobody did. [00:39:00] That's why they can't sell it. They have, they have billions of dollars in debt and they. Can't figure out a way to pay it off. So they're in trouble.

Peter Dunn: Can I just say that their earnings per share is minus or negative 3. 90. And the current going quote of the year on this show was there's not a lot of data. All there is, is data. On my page,

Damian Dunn: on my page, on my page, the thing that I use to make my decision.

Peter Dunn: All right, go ahead and go to mine. Feel free. Oh, do you want me to do it?

Damian Dunn: Mines? Of course

Peter Dunn: I've got it. Big Lots is hold on. I'm going to pull it up now. Fifteen dollars. And a negative 15 and 93 cents is the earnings per share. It is considered to be overvalued. Its current price is 7 and 16 cents. It's earning or pardon me. It's price [00:40:00] target is. 5 and 75 cents. Yeah, that's what I see.

All right. So who do we believe is going to be the best worst pick of the year Damian

Damian Dunn: man You make a strong argument with big lots but I have a philosophical problem with agreeing to any of your picks because you're Past history doesn't pan out very well.

Peter Dunn: Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

Damian Dunn: I know. You know what? I'll throw my hat in your ring, Pete. I'll say I think you might have the best loser

Peter Dunn: this year. Thank you. That means a lot to me. I know losers. Thank you. We have a lot of mirrors in our house. Kristen, who do you think is the biggest loser?

Kristen Ahlenius: I think for, so question for the two of you.

If both of these companies file bankruptcy, then who wins? Whoever files first. Okay. Ooh. Well, then maybe you're, [00:41:00] That's fair. That's fair. I think that maybe then you will

Peter Dunn: beat me. So, you think I have the best

Kristen Ahlenius: pick? Yes, I think you have the best pick.

Peter Dunn: This is the best day of my life. So hard to say. And I also think I have the best pick.

So, we all stacked hands, as people say around here, on Dame for winner. And everyone said, I'm the good to win the loser. Now it's time in the last two minutes of the segment to reveal our S and P 500 predictions for 2024, since I won the category last year, handily. cErtified financial planner Damien Dunn got last.

Damien, I want you to go first of what you believe the S& P 500 will do in 2024.

Damian Dunn: Presidential year markets are usually underperform in presidential years on average. And I think there's some potential headwinds. Will the Fed do too much? Will they not do enough? I think it could [00:42:00] be a challenge. I'm going to go with a 6 percent return for the S& P 500 this year.


Peter Dunn: Okay. Kristen.

Kristen Ahlenius: Similar feelings, but I wrote down 8%.

Peter Dunn: All right. Well Dame, get your typist keys and fingers ready to go and log my vote. My prediction that is because as someone who does very good job in this arena. I think what I have to say carries more weight and I would also like to point out that these are also all for entertainment purposes only 14 percent up up 14 percent real quick.

Just to clarify, I do own S& P 500 obviously Dame. Yes. Absolutely. Kristen. Yes. Are, is anyone going to sell short AMC, big lots or beyond me? I know. I am not either. Okay. Wow. Look at that. Look at [00:43:00] that. Would you look at that? Oh, that was fun. All right. Coming up after the break. The first biggest waste of money of the week of the year here in 2024, this show started, I believe in 2009 in some capacity.

This is now entering its 15th year. This segment. So the weird thing about this one is I both love the item and hate the item at the same time. And I, when that's the case, it means I probably love it. And I just hate that I love it. So all that is next right here on the pizza planner show. I'm. Pete the planner.

I think our picks were really good this year. I mean, some of them,

Kristen Ahlenius: except for the mining

Peter Dunn: one. So I will, I, I, I don't, I should probably say this on the air, but because the podcast doesn't matter. Sorry, Jeremiah, do I have to start calling him the boss hog of liberty? Is he the, is he the boss hog? I

Damian Dunn: haven't listened long enough.

Don't ask me these [00:44:00] questions.

Peter Dunn: I don't want to listen so long. I'd have to like sell one of my kids. I don't want to listen to a two hour podcast. You listen

Damian Dunn: to everything on like five times speed. Anyway, you'll have this thing over in

Peter Dunn: no time. Then it would be like the boss piglet of like that. It's sort of a funny joke to me.

I do think for my S and P 500 predictions, I do think the biggest headwinds I see are not economic as much as they are the geopolitical possibilities, like, you know, get thrown into a constitutional crisis. What happens to the market? I'm not sure. Right. So that's where I'm a little nervous.

Damian Dunn: This is, can we all agree that this is going to be the worst election cycle ever?

Peter Dunn: Oh, I, I can't imagine it wouldn't be. He, you could, you could say the last two were awful. Oh yeah. And then I would say when Mitt ran against Barack in the second term for [00:45:00] Brock, that was like a really like genteel election site. They were like both sort of nice, like on the, the trail to some degree.

Even reading. Mitt Romney's biography or biography a couple months ago. It's like, it's like, yeah, it's fine. Yeah. It was very Gentile Gentile. I should say very different. But it's gotten worse for sure. This is going to be ugly. I don't care for it.

Damian Dunn: No, there's going to be very few redeeming traits that will be reviewed of anybody.

That is going to be discussed and I weep for my country.

Peter Dunn: That's fair. Let's move on. Let's move on. Biggest waste of money of the week. Let me get it ready to go. I love hate this thing so much.

Damian Dunn: I can't wait. You have, you have all of my attention

Peter Dunn: right now. I bought, Can I, I bought something on, I was gonna do a little review here.[00:46:00]

I bought a hex clad pan. Yeah. I'm sure you've seen them online. The heck Gordon Ramsey does the, I honestly, the finest plan I own. It is it

Damian Dunn: lives up to the

Peter Dunn: hype. They, this portion of the program brought to you by hex cloud. When you want to have a marketing budget where you just throw money at. Top 1 percent podcasts.

No. It's unbelievable. Nice. I love it.

Damian Dunn: What makes it, what makes that pan superior to what you had in your inventory?

Peter Dunn: Heats super evenly. Like in it, in it, in it, you get both a nice crust. Like I made some nice salmon. I made some chicken and I made steak. Like it gets a really nice crust, but then nothing sticks at all.

And it's easy. You just wipe it out. I don't put it in the dishwasher to sort of wipe it out. It is amazing. I put it under the broiler last night. I made a little frittata. That's right. [00:47:00]

Damian Dunn: How long do you think that coating is going to last at nonstick?

Peter Dunn: Well, I think it's going to start. I'm ingesting it now, right?

And so once I die from ingesting that codeine. It's a joke. It's a joke, Hexclad. They're not going to sponsor the show now. Yeah, way

Damian Dunn: to go. Come on. It'll help with your weight loss, though, because it just slides right through

Peter Dunn: your system. That is, I had not thought of that. What if we just, that, like, this makes sense.

What if you just like coat your innards with like a polymer of some sort and things just slide on out?

Damian Dunn: Right through. I think some people have you know problems like diseases with that and it doesn't necessarily work that way

Peter Dunn: But well now you've got me mocking people that didn't even understand that was a thing Yeah, what a jerk.

What a guy. Didn't know Lestra used to do that. It did something about, it didn't allow you to like absorb fat. Remember the Lay's Potato Chips?

Damian Dunn: Kirsten, those were [00:48:00] out while you were alive.

Peter Dunn: Oh, okay. Okay, let's continue. The captain of my adult league soccer team just sent us a motivational text. I just received it.

You don't want to share? I think it said update your beneficiaries. Okay. All right. That was clever. Wasn't it? I liked it. Okay. Three, two, one this week's biggest waste of money of the week right here on the Pete, the planner show is the GE profile, smart indoor smoker. GE extends barbecue season with its Profile Smart Indoor Smoker.

The compact countertop appliance allows pitmasters Can I get a timeout?

Damian Dunn: Yes, first one of the new

Peter Dunn: year. No pitmaster is going to have an indoor smoker. Like, like, there it is. Allows pitmas Literally no pitmaster will [00:49:00] use an indoor smoker. Ask Chad. I will ask Chad. To infuse food with rich flavors inside.

It uses the same wood pellets as an outdoor grill for the same great taste, but uses an active smoke filtration to turn smoke into warm air. Time out. Isn't that the same argument that the vaping industry, Oh, it's just vapor. You suck in chemicals, you just blow out, you blow

Damian Dunn: out vapor. Yeah, I, I don't know if I fully agree with this

Peter Dunn: technology.

An integrated temperature probe and preset smoking functions ensure that anything from brisket and pork to salmon and vegetables or beyond meat is perfectly cooked. The GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker will be on display at CES on January 7th and is heading to retail later. This month kids. You know, since Kristen became an amazing guesser, she's going to guess second this year Dame has to guess first.[00:50:00]

Damian Dunn: I will say, does it say what the capacity of

Peter Dunn: this thing is? That's a great question. It is the size of the refrigerator, the small refrigerator that you took to college. Oh, not, not the big refrigerator that you took to college. The half size of that. Yeah.

Damian Dunn: Okay. I will say. 799.

Peter Dunn: Okay. Kristen, best guesser of the year.

I believe if we really tracked it, you probably had better guesses last year. I'm

Kristen Ahlenius: really happy for me. I'm going to say 500.

Peter Dunn: And Kristen, next week you will be picking first. 1, 000. Now here's the thing about this thing. I like it. I do too, but it's huge. And I, Mrs. Planner gets upset. When I make certain foods that smell up the house.

It's like, Oh, it smells like that. She doesn't use a voice like that, but you know what I mean? I, I cook with [00:51:00] this thing once. I'm sleeping in the basement. Like I can just feel the marital strife from this amazing device. And I'm just, I don't know, it's amazing. But it's like, I'm going to get in trouble because our curtains are going to smell like, like pork.


Kristen Ahlenius: love kitchen gadgets. I would buy it if I had a more reasonable price point.

Damian Dunn: It's not something you could leave on your counter, though. I mean, it would take up a ton of space. You've gotta have a spot for it in a pantry or garage or wherever you're gonna be able to stash this thing away. Cause I don't think it's gonna be something you leave on your counter all the time.

Peter Dunn: It's the size of a toddler that's in the 80th percentile.

Kristen Ahlenius: I leave my big air fryer on the counter. It's fine.

Peter Dunn: That's the other thing. So our air fryer, as I mentioned, is coming in. I get it tomorrow. It's being shipped tomorrow. Mrs. Planner is very against appliances on the countertop, so I'm gonna have to find a place to put it, and that's why I can't, I can't get a toddler sized smoker for the kitchen.

Dan, [00:52:00] what's in the news this year?

Damian Dunn: A best selling personal finance author and entrepreneur admits that he has more than a billion dollars in debt and doesn't think it's a bad thing.

Peter Dunn: Are you doing a Robert Kiyosaki segment? Yeah,

Damian Dunn: I

Peter Dunn: Have we talked about this? No, no, no. We can, we can talk, we can talk about him.

Respectfully. He's like, we've talked about it. He's like super upset on TikTok these days. Yeah,

Damian Dunn: we, you're right. We, we did have this conversation where it was like all of a sudden it was crazy. Bob on, yeah, on social media. He's

Peter Dunn: got super hot takes like, yeah. Flaming hot take. I would say right now in terms of the personal finance experts out there in the ethos.

He is he's like, I got the hottest takes right now. He's got hotter takes than Dave.

Damian Dunn: Let me read his quote to you. Quote. If I go bust, the bank goes bust. Not my problem. [00:53:00]

Peter Dunn: Why? I mean, here's the thing. I mean, he could easily call scoreboard on me or you or all of us. I just like, I just can't get down that way.

I don't know. I hate that. Respectfully.

Damian Dunn: I don't like what it does for the people that follow him and the message that it sends. To people who are genuinely trying to make a positive change in their financial lives because man that is

Peter Dunn: Tough kristen. Do you think what he's doing is dave's like don't owe anyone a you know, a red cent and this fella is saying owe people a billion dollars.

Do you feel like he's actually trying to overcompensate for the debt free audience? Because why else would you be like i've got a billion dollars in debt debt doesn't matter. I feel like it's actually against dave

Kristen Ahlenius: I feel like he is trying to capture people who have maybe felt some type of way about the other narrative for a really long time and being like, join us [00:54:00] over here.

Like, it's okay. I just think that he's trying to be trendy in the opposite direction. Proving

Peter Dunn: once again, Dame, the extremes really gather attention. Exactly. People are just like, eh, it's more complicated than that. They're like, no, no, don't listen to that well reasoned moderate centrist.

Damian Dunn: Mm hmm. If it can't fit on a magnet on your fridge, don't listen to

Peter Dunn: it.

Yeah, what else is in the news? Forget

Damian Dunn: Picasso paintings and Mickey Mantle rookie cards. Could the hottest new collectible be a Valentine's day theme cup sold exclusively at Target? The Galentine's collection of pink and red cups made by Stanley are priced from 20 to 45 at Target, depending on the size.

But now they're going for as much as 200 on. eBay. It's true. Hard to find. We'll with extra extra care, said one eBay seller who was asking for 190 for one pair. Kristen, I heard you say that you [00:55:00] didn't get one too bad because they're already sold out. You'll have to go to the second hand market and overpay drastically.

Peter Dunn: I will not. I don't get it. I just don't get it.

Kristen Ahlenius: Let me say, I don't really get the whole, I saw videos of people running, like a Target opened and people were running to get these cups. That I don't understand. I don't own one of them. I actually own a vintage one, but I don't own a new one. But the pink is so aesthetically pleasing.

I wanted

Peter Dunn: one. Speaking of aesthetically pleasing pink I got new shoes today. I was going to show you know, we're on the radio. Oh, can you see them? I can't.

Damian Dunn: No, I see the bottom of your shoe. Now. I see the ankle. Are they white? They're not even pink.

Peter Dunn: They're guava colored. Nice. What else is in the news?

Damian Dunn: A long awaited update to the free application for federal student aid, better known as the FAFSA, was released on December 30th, but some families are having [00:56:00] trouble accessing the online form, which has so far only been available for short periods of time during what the Department of Education is calling a, quote, soft launch.

Agency is monitoring site performance, conducting plan pauses for maintenance and making updates. The FAFSA application was available for a 30 minute window on December 30th, another 30 minute window on December 31st, and a two hour window on January 1st, really stretching the capability of the website there.

According to the Department of Education, more than 30, 000 forms were successfully submitted during those times and the form was reopened. On the afternoon of January 2nd, Pete we haven't, I don't believe we've talked about this. There were some major changes to the FAFSA that happened this last time.

And the argument is that more students will be will qualify for financial aid, but there is so much more to that because there are some changes that will put an additional burden. We could potentially take a segment in the future to talk about FAFSA [00:57:00] and the changes and what you should anticipate the, your financial situation is going to look like for your student.

If you are going to be sending kids off to college soon, can we do that?

Peter Dunn: Let's do a couple of segments on it in coming weeks or months, you know Kristen, I know that both of your all's team follows what's going on with student loan repayment. And I think I saw a little note. And headline the other day that you've got until the fall of 2024 now before you're actually penalized for late payments.

So I know that was part of the plan of getting people started back up. But once again, the whole student loan space is a mess from the student loans that exist to the ones that are on the horizon. And we will cover it all here this year. On Kristen and company. All right. So thank you for listening. As always, everything we said today is for entertainment purposes, only sending you good vibes, good vibes, or all that's in the budget.

I'm Pete, the planner. Wow. One hour on the nose right there.[00:58:00]

Anybody want to take anything back? They said on the show tonight. One

Kristen Ahlenius: of my picks, maybe.

Peter Dunn: Alright, you guys gotta see these shoes. They're really good. Alright,

Damian Dunn: just take

Peter Dunn: it off. Take the shoe off. Oh, you know what? That's actually a better idea. Come on! Hold on. That's a much better idea.

Damian Dunn: You messed up. You reset your lighting, didn't you? He did. It's orange again. Or you're, the white balance on your, on your camera, you are, you are not the same because that looks like a white shoe.

Peter Dunn: I didn't touch it. I've been gone. It's not the same as it was. It's okay.

Kristen Ahlenius: Full screen here. Forrest and I already messaged about it.

Peter Dunn: How did it go back to crap? I mean, Whoa, kids, if you're listening, I did not mean those words like it's the color of like if you, what's that place called? Office. 65 Fair Oaks farm, you know, where you can see a cow being born or whatever. [00:59:00] They've got a little piglet barn. This is the color of a piglet.


Damian Dunn: not what it looked like on my camera, on my

Peter Dunn: screen. Oh, well, anyway, I got that new shoe smell though. Smells like a finish line back in 1992. Lovely. Alright, well I'm done with this. I'm going on to do the IBJ podcast later today where I'm going to meet my predictions from last year. I had some, I had some pretty, pretty hot takes on that show.

Damian Dunn: Well, one of them is going to turn out okay. You want to refresh us on what some of the other ones?

Peter Dunn: You know, the thing was, I ended up being right on a lot of it. Other than the timing just got messed up. Yeah. I said the housing market was going to get hot in the third quarter because interest rates were to come down.

And the reality is interest rates are just starting to come down mortgage rates. And I'll actually if we were going to do other economic predictions on this show, I think the housing market is going to go bananas in the third quarter this [01:00:00] year. Just like Bank of America last year, but

Matt right now Matt says my shoe looks more like a bisque. That's fair. Matt is currently in the running and the leader of listener of the year, despite the fact that it's been used primarily to discredit and mock me, which is, which is actually good listenership. Kristen, have a good day. Dame, I hope your day is at least moderate.

Appreciate them. No, I mean it. everyone else, stay getting money.