February 16, 2024

Overrated and underrated financial advice

In this week's episode, Kristen, Dame, and Pete debate what financial advice is overrated and what financial advice is underrated.

Episode Transcript

Kristen Ahlenius: [00:00:00] To other artists, but then their albums would come out with the song. So that's why a lot of country artists did covers is because they gave the rights to the singles to other people.

Peter Dunn: If you're just joining us on the Pete, the planner show, this is what it's like when we're off the air, Kristen, impassionately making a plea about why country music artists.

have so many covers and Damien asking provocative questions that get Kristen passionate about country music. Hi, everyone. I'm Peter Dunn, Pete, the planner and just. But we number of hours I will be driving on for seven hours to go to Memphis, Tennessee to watch 11 year old boys kick balls. I'm a genius.

Hello, Dame. Hello, Pete. Hello, Christy. Hello. Hello, Andy. Good day. Dame and I are wearing the same sweatshirt today. Apparently one of us uses fabric softener. I don't, I don't know what, what, [00:01:00] like what's going on. Like they're the same sweatshirt. There are different colors.

Damian Dunn: It's just got to be the color grading on our machines.

I mean, you've, you've got a much better, much more representative white balance, I think going on in your

Peter Dunn: your picture. Brian Pinkins joins us via LinkedIn. Brian sir, did you just win some like a corporate award of some sort? I feel like I saw you. That's so exciting. Out there being celebrated on the socials.

Is that in fact true? Jason? Hello, Danza. Hello. Dame coming off the Superbowl. I think all of us were right. Didn't we say we thought Kansas City would win? No, I said no 49ers. Oh, so I was right. Okay. Here's what we're doing today. Good morning. Rick's like, we are doing a review of our stock picks and here's why we're doing it.

Number one. I've been, I remember one, I remember one of my stock picks and I think it's doing pretty well. And then I brought this up to these two people and they giggled and cackled like they know something I don't know. And so it's going to be [00:02:00] more interesting segment than you think. Good morning. Reverend Renfro as well as Jameson and Brian Pinkins won the distinguished achievement award.

Whoa. Brian Penguins with the Distinguished Achievement Award, the old DAA as they call it, did you get some sort of plaque, like a, what are those, like a acrylic, like a plexiglass plaque, you know what I'm saying? Kristen, didn't you get one of those once for a

Kristen Ahlenius: Yeah. I'm the only one who ever got one.

Cause after that year you were like, people don't want awards. They want gift cards. So I have like a one of a kind award on my shelf.

Peter Dunn: Rick Swinks driving to Memphis. Do you guys think that beer is going to happen this weekend?

Kristen Ahlenius: Don't joke. What? That's very high stakes. You shouldn't joke about something so serious.

That would be amazing. Can you imagine? If Rick

Peter Dunn: Swink and Ted Nye went and had a beer in Memphis. Oh my gosh. That'd make them news. [00:03:00] Damn, I feel like I'm forgetting to tell, is there anything I should be telling people? Do I, is there something going on? I don't remember. I don't think so. All right. Well, we're going to be moving through this show today, Jeremiah, so sorry boss hog of liberty.

The other two segments are cap or slaps. What's the, what's the underrated overrated? What are we doing? Yeah. Yeah. Jeremy wants the most caramel moment of the week. Let me try to think of one here.

Kristen Ahlenius: Probably too many to choose from.

Peter Dunn: Yeah, what's the third segment? Oh, it's a question. We have a question.


Beautiful Crystal Award. Brian, wow. He Distinguished Achievement Award. Got that D A A money. Okay. Dame, let's start the show. Okay. Taking a half day today. You don't hear anything at your money line? You can't actually take a half day. I know. You can [00:04:00] Okay, full day, but if you take a half day doesn't count as a full day, it's sort of weird.

I would like to take a half day because I won't be working for the half day. I feel like I'm cheating, so I'm sort of like, well, do I take a full day? But then, I am working, it's confusing and it's upsetting to me.

Damian Dunn: Breaking news, I'm getting a call from the Netherlands right now.

Peter Dunn: Oh my gosh. Very important.

Is, so, what's happening there? Is it, are you going to Amsterdam?

Damian Dunn: I, maybe, maybe I want a trip. I'm curious if I should answer it and just nah,

Peter Dunn: let's not. No, you can't do that. Okay, in three. This week on the Pete the Planner Show, we answer your money questions. Here's how the show works. You email us, askpete, at petetheplanner.

com. That's askpete at petetheplanner. com. And I have a special announcement for you, listener. Singular. I am back actually reading emails again. That's right. I have the password. I was given by my [00:05:00] colleagues and I read them again. I took a several year break due to sadness and low self esteem, but I am back reading your critical emails.

Joining me as always, Kristen Alanius. Hello. Hello. And Damian Andrew Dunn. Hello. Good day. All right. You know, About a month ago, a little bit more than a month ago, we set out to shock the world with our stock picks of 2024. Here's how it works. Each one of the people on this show tries to beat Kristen, which is impossible to do.

You pick the, what you believe to be the best performing stock by the end of 2024, the worst performing stock. And of course you get a little closest to the pen of what the S& P 500 finished this year. Those are the three categories. Kristen won best and worst pick last year. I won the S& P pick last year.

[00:06:00] Let's see how far we've come with just one month in to the year. Dane, before you get started with the details, anything shocking? Are we seeing any, are people going to really learn something here about

Damian Dunn: us? I mean, they will be surprised at the performance of some of these, but probably not surprised once they learn who made the

Peter Dunn: picks.

Alright, let's start with best pick of the year. Can you remind me what I believe to be the best pick of the year? I don't actually remember. I haven't, I haven't run it once. What is it? Do you want me

Damian Dunn: to go through the traditional way that we, we you do you girl. Okay. All right. Pete, you went first in the the choice selection this year and you chose Hekla mining.

Your, your pick, by the way, has gone to Hekla and you are down. 18. 68 percent year to date for your winner down 18. 68 [00:07:00] percent for Hecla Mining.

Peter Dunn: Kristen, can you give that disclaimer that we like to trot out there? Yes,

Kristen Ahlenius: yes, yes. If it wasn't made evident by that last pick, this is not investment advice.

Please don't do anything that we say. We are not licensed professionals. Get your investment advice from people who are. Please.

Peter Dunn: Dave, you have it somewhere on type tape that I chose them as the best performing stock. That's what I'm

Damian Dunn: hearing. Pete, everybody has you on tape saying that that was going to be the best performing stock.

Peter Dunn: Okay. A lot of upside yet, right? Oh yeah.

Damian Dunn: A lot of year to go. A lot of year to go. Can we

Peter Dunn: just, can I paint a picture for you right now?

Damian Dunn: It's going to be with like coal or some precious metal that you're trying

Peter Dunn: to dig. Right now there's some very hard working men and women somewhere in the And at this very moment, they could take their pickaxe or whatever you use to mine, maybe sulfur dioxide, which I don't even know what that is.

And they're going to discover [00:08:00] the world's largest something. And this stock could go through the roof. To the moon. Are we tracking? Sure. I mean,

Damian Dunn: there's always that chance. Always.

Peter Dunn: Do you remember that success stories poster at the mall where the guys mine in and he turns around just at the wrong time on the other side of the wall that he hasn't broke through is just a giant gem.

That's what my, that's what heckler mining stands for.

Damian Dunn: Quitting just before it becomes profitable. That's what they stand for.

Peter Dunn: Okay. What are the other best picks? I don't want to eat up all the time with my great picks.

Damian Dunn: I chose Delta airlines. It is up 1. 7 percent this year. So a little bit of a slow start, but it's trending.

It could have a nice little return this year. Kristen made a pick that we were all skeptical. Well, two of us were skeptical of Bluebird buses. Pete, you may remember that Bluebird buses. Bluebird is up 31 percent so far this year. 31 percent

Peter Dunn: kind of inside information. Do you have? [00:09:00] It cracks me

Kristen Ahlenius: up, you guys.

It's just a hope and a prayer,

Damian Dunn: really. Are you hanging out at Greyhound stations on the weekend?

Kristen Ahlenius: Last year you accused me, last year you told me you were going to take my library card away. Did

Peter Dunn: you, did you personally purchase Bluebird buses when you made this choice this year? I did not. Did you purchase Hekla Mining?

I did not. Okay, Dame, on to the worst pick of the year. Pete

Damian Dunn: you picked big lots. Yes. Yes. Your worst performer. And you know what? They're down 40. 5 percent year to date. Let's go. Shocking and very impressive. Wait, no,

Peter Dunn: can I, I have, I gotta say something. I know it seems like we're trivializing people's jobs and employment and stability.

This is for, we are not getting joy out of their loss. This is an investment exercise of which you should not follow. And we are [00:10:00] trying to elicit entertainment through your bones. So how, how good am I doing? What is it again?

Damian Dunn: Down 40. 5 percent

Peter Dunn: burn baby burn. Wow.

Damian Dunn: Okay. I chose beyond meat for both financial and philosophical reasons.

And that was that a laugh. Yeah.

Peter Dunn: No,

Damian Dunn: beyond me, down 10. 2 percent down, which is a month and a half into the year, down 10. 2, not 40 and a half, 40. 5. But I feel good about that. All right, well, I'm

Peter Dunn: killing it in this category.

Damian Dunn: And then Kristen chose the obvious choice here. AMC movie theaters down 15. 8%. So I am dominating.

Pete is dominating the down category. He picks better losers this year than anybody else.

Peter Dunn: Although I did pick Tesla last year. Yes. I said this year loser. Okay. S and P 500 Dame. [00:11:00] What are we thinking

Damian Dunn: here? This year, the S and P 500, at least from the date we, we picked has returned 5. 89%. Oh, we chose. I chose 6 percent for the year.

So. Could be a very flat year. We don't know. There's presidential year. We don't have time left. Yeah. Kristen

Peter Dunn: chose eight. Okay, still in the game. Pete, you went 14. Yeah, I do. We're all still in the game here.

Damian Dunn: Any of those, any of those could come out to be exactly on on the money.

Kristen Ahlenius: It that that could happen to any of them, which is my favorite part is now we're going to have you on tape being ecstatic about big lots and then some meme account on Reddit.

is going to get people to buy it and it's going to go to the moon. Like that's the best part of doing the best part about doing these check ins is you just never know.

Peter Dunn: I will say, based on the last geopolitical week or two, the [00:12:00] idea that the market could likely end in an absolute catastrophe this year, catastrophe this year seems relatively high, right?

Like it just geopolitically. Man, we're in some choppy waters so to speak. So, Dame, the big takeaway here, this is for entertainment purposes only, the market as a whole this year, it's doing fine. Crypto is having a little bit of a run which, you know, crypto Doug's excited about but it's early, it's early and you shouldn't make your investment selections in a vacuum anyway.

Kristen Ahlenius: I have a question. Okay. You might not remember, but

Peter Dunn: I don't, whatever it is you're about to say, I don't remember when

Kristen Ahlenius: we picked our stocks this year, you text Damon and I, and you said, look out, I've done research. I'm just curious. I'm just curious about what that research entailed, to be honest with you.

Peter Dunn: I do remember that. And I will remember how you've made me feel [00:13:00] just now. I'm sorry. I did some Googling around some different. Newsletters, if you will, of like, what are picks for the year? What are, who's struggling? Who could possibly file bankruptcy this year? Who's looking for a breakout year?

You know, those sorts of things, you know, that's research. What would you, what'd you do? Just like go down to the bus stop.

Kristen Ahlenius: That's exactly what I did. I sat inside some board meetings and made my picks.

Peter Dunn: Dame, what'd you do?

Damian Dunn: A little Googling,

Peter Dunn: a little light Googling. Yeah, a little light Googling. I should have chat GP teed it.

All right, let's do this. Let's take a break. Coming back, what are the most overrated and underrated pieces of financial advice? Is that right, Kristen? Pretty close. Pretty close? Yeah. We'll do that when we come back right here on the Pete the Planner Show. I'm Pete the Planner. A couple other people join us.

Chris, hello. Tom Ricks, hello. Can I tell you guys I had a magical moment this week? It actually made my heart feel nice. Wow. I spoke at a thing [00:14:00] in Indianapolis. And first of all, you both have done public speaking. Someone will introduce you, there will be a little bit of a bio, tell you, so people know who you are.

It's happened, I don't know. Several thousand times in my life. I mean, it's not a thing. No cares, whatever the person introduced me, wrote his own bio based on things that he knows about me or found. And it was, it was just lovely. It was just like really personal and nice. And one thing he said in introducing me, he was saying, Oh, he's a, he's a, this, he's a, that he's a humorist called me a humorist humorist, a humorist.

And I. I was so excited. I was like, I fancy myself a humorist, like a Dave Barry, you know, like a, like, I'm a humorist. Isn't that, I called you

Damian Dunn: a leg

Peter Dunn: bone. That's weird. Not a humor. What's that? Humor. Humor. Kristen, humorist, that's a compliment, right? [00:15:00]

Kristen Ahlenius: I think he meant it as one, yeah. That's what matters.

Peter Dunn: What was

Kristen Ahlenius: that? I don't know. You just never know what words mean. It sounds Is it a real word?

Peter Dunn: Yeah, it's humor. Humorist. Humor's

Damian Dunn: the upper arm bone. I failed biology and anatomy, apparently.

Peter Dunn: Kristen, did I laugh at Damon in that last segment? It was on the fence. It wasn't like a cackle.

Kristen Ahlenius: I don't know that it was a laugh.

It was like a chuckle, kind of. I don't know if it counts,

Peter Dunn: though. Jeremy notes he was sad to see that I was not on the celebrity all star roster for the NBA all star game in Indianapolis this week. Here's what I know. They don't grab local celebrities. We did have a discussion at the office this week. That if there was a local dancing with the stars, I am the level of celebrity that would be invited to be on that.

Damian Dunn: You you have been on that court and performed before though.

Peter Dunn: Let's let's not do that. [00:16:00] Let's not do that. The Harlem Globetrotters happened to have been in town once and I was duped into a impromptu performance with one of the Globetrotters where he lifted me over his head and. Spun me around to the tune of the Titanic soundtrack.

You didn't see that? No. Let's not dig up the video.

Kristen Ahlenius: Ben's already looking it up.

Peter Dunn: Andy, there is a video. Yes. Okay. Let me, let me let you know this right now. Dame, I'm not going to count that as a laugh. Okay. That's fair. You all, this is Dame's will be his fifth week in a row to get a laugh. Potentially.

Potentially. I mean, we can review it after the show, but. I, that was more of like a courtesy of like, Oh, all right, yucky. But I didn't, but I really didn't feel moved. It's fair. It's

Damian Dunn: fair. After the gift that you gave me

Peter Dunn: last week, last week was a cheap laugh, but it just, I was on, I was a weakened state.

Kristen [00:17:00] was spilling tea before the show started about some drama on Facebook. It was pretty interesting. Should we cover it? Yeah, let's do that. Go ahead. What do you got? No. Called my bluff. Okay. Well, I mean, no one cares.

Damian Dunn: I could have swore you said you were going to move through this show.

Peter Dunn: Oh, can I ask a question though?

Like what, why do people share some of the stuff they share on, on social media, like Facebook? Like, why? Why? Like, what is it?

Kristen Ahlenius: You're asking in earnest.

Peter Dunn: I'm asking in earnest.

Kristen Ahlenius: I think it's because people want to feel seen. I think a lot of the time when people share things that you're like, Ooh, why are we putting this on Facebook?

I think that maybe they don't feel seen in their like everyday life and they're searching for that.

Peter Dunn: That's a pretty good answer. Let's move on. That's why I asked if you were being serious. Well, that's a really [00:18:00] good answer. I mean, yeah. Yeah. And again, I'm not trying to make fun of the people that are doing that.

I, I, it's a sincere question of like I don't know, like dignity comes into play for me. I'm like, ah, but it's one of those things, okay. You're clearly sharing the best moments you can work. I guess I get just as concerned about the people that share just the really awful things. And you're just sad. Let's move on.

Okay, that'll be fine.

Kristen Ahlenius: I still am struggling to learn how to use this phone. Jeez.

Peter Dunn: Boomer. Okay. Three, two, one back on the pizza planner show. You know, there's a lot of personal finance advice floating out there from all sorts of people. Some of it is good. Some of it is bad. Some of it is overrated and some of it is underrated.

And right now what we're going to do is we're going to walk through some, some very common. Financial advice as read by the one and only Kristin [00:19:00] Alenius. Kristin, did I describe that okay?

Kristen Ahlenius: It, it, yes. I was thinking maybe a little bit more niche. And I was thinking about like budget hacks or like approaches to spending.

That's where all of mine are. If you want to expand that and the two of you share others, the ones that I have are all more budget related. Are they under or

Peter Dunn: overrated? Are you suggesting that I would Like take over a segment that I actually didn't prepare for and you did. I wouldn't know what's number one

Kristen Ahlenius: shopping in bulk like Costco Sam's Club is over or underrated.

Peter Dunn: Damn,

Damian Dunn: I think it's appropriately rated. I mean, I, if you've got space, it's fantastic. It's pretty, you go out, you get a little bit more for your, you do have to be smart about it because sometimes they're not always the best deals, but who doesn't love having a Pallet of toilet paper at their

Peter Dunn: disposal Damn, you live out in the country.

Do you buy like millet and [00:20:00] sorghum in bulk?

Damian Dunn: Yes, I have it delivered on the on the grain truck and we just sew it into the back 40

Peter Dunn: Is there anything better than reading the word sorghum? That's a great word. I think it's completely overrated. I, I, and here's why. I think that people, myself included, impulse purchase things that they don't possibly need in bulk.

Yes. And then they just consume in bulk.

Kristen Ahlenius: Thank you. And the segment's more fun when you have hot takes, Damien. We're not here to like play Switzerland. Okay, it's It's I feel like it's It's so overrated. I told you guys I was in a grumpy mood today. I think it's so overrated because of exactly what you said, Pete, unless you're being really, really strategic about your purchases, you're buying stuff you don't need.

You're throwing away things you're not using. I think it's just justification. Don't get me wrong. I love Sam's club as much as an ex girl, but I think it's just justification to go to the store sometimes.

Peter Dunn: Yeah, because like there's [00:21:00] that what people call Chicago mix, I would call a Garrett's popcorn, but it's, it's like a cheddar and caramel corn, like in a giant bag.

A, if I'm at a grocery store, I'm not buying that. B, when I'm at Costco, I not only buy it, but I buy it in such bulk, it doesn't make any sense. I wouldn't, I wouldn't normally buy that.

Kristen Ahlenius: I literally have a giant bag of jalapeno cheddar skinny pop in my cabinet, and I didn't need it.

Peter Dunn: I have no comment about that.

Dame Dame, are you, are you a bulk store shopper?

Damian Dunn: I, in limited, for very specific things, yes, like I said, like paper products and trash bags and stuff that I know is going to get consumed. Yeah, we absolutely buy there. I don't buy things that are potentially going to Spoil unless we have a very specific purpose intended for it.

So I maybe we do bulk shopping the Right

Peter Dunn: way number two krista.

Kristen Ahlenius: No spend months. [00:22:00] So like no spend november No spend january

Peter Dunn: underrated

Damian Dunn: I will also say underrated.

Peter Dunn: So

Kristen Ahlenius: overrated. Wow.

Peter Dunn: You are grumpy

Kristen Ahlenius: today. I am grumpy today. Who I don't want to go first though. Cause I'm, I'm the odd

Peter Dunn: man out here. All right.

So, Dame, I'll take this one. Back in the day when I fancied myself a personal finance expert, I would always do my own experiments on my own life. Before I would tell others to do it, I got a lot of value after on sort of those go without weeks or, you know, those restrictive things that sort of reset the system.

I think they're, I think they're really good. I've never done an entire month. I think that maybe that is a little weird, but like, Hey, I'm going to go out to lunch once this week, or we're not going to dine out this week, or we're going to do pantry meals this week. I find all that to be really good to reset you.

Dame, what would you add to that? I think

Damian Dunn: having a financial challenge or any kind of challenge put in front of you that you are going to focus on and be a little [00:23:00] bit more in tune with with what's going on in your life again, whether it's financial or something else has to be a good thing for you have to be paying attention and not just floating through life, not paying attention to what's going on.

So I think having a specific challenge set in front of you if it's no spend month or week or just cutting this one category out. Yeah, I think that's a great thing for everyone to try and undergo before

Peter Dunn: the media, darling, Christie Alenius goes Dame. Do you think she has this perspective that she's about to share because she has an 11 daughter, 11 order at subway?


Damian Dunn: could be

Kristen Ahlenius: okay. That was a cheap call that I

Peter Dunn: couldn't. I was, but I also couldn't get it out cleanly. So I feel like a

Kristen Ahlenius: fool. Big Rick Swink in the comments on the live chat is he is gunning for my vote for a listener of the year because he says it's just a no spend sandwich between extra spend bread and that's what I feel happens to most [00:24:00] people in these is that you're so restrictive that then when you remove those guardrails, you overindulge in spending.

But for me, more than that is it's so hard for it to be binary. I know we've talked on this show about like dry January or like other challenges. To me, some of those are easier and slightly different because it's just like a yes or no thing. No spend months at their core aren't. Even reality because there's no, there's no universe where you can not spend money.

And so I think that slippery slope just makes the concept overrated for most people.

Peter Dunn: Number three. Me again? Sure. It's yours. Well, I didn't. I never, never tip. Like, I don't know. I didn't prepare for this show. Well, Damien

Kristen Ahlenius: did. I think

Peter Dunn: you have one

Damian Dunn: trading in a car just because the new one gets better gas mileage.[00:25:00]

Kristen Ahlenius: I, this is, I'm so grumpy. I think it's

Peter Dunn: overrated. It's overrated too. Cause it just seems like potentially weak justification. Yeah. I think it's

Damian Dunn: overrated. So we don't need a debate. That was kind of boring because we all agreed. Christy,

Peter Dunn: give us one that you're just grumpy on that we're actually on the other side of.

Kristen Ahlenius: I will lump two of them together. And because I think that the three of us will not agree on this one either. And I will say. I'll call it energy hacking. So carpooling to reduce fuel costs and like paying really close attention to like your thermostat. So colder in the winter, hotter in the summer.

Do you think that that kind of restriction is under or overrated?

Peter Dunn: Damn it. I are definitely going to agree on this. Overrated.

Damian Dunn: Yeah, 100 percent overrated. Yeah, you, Kristen, thermostats should just [00:26:00] have like a range of three numbers on them. Basically, you know where you're going to live in those and just set it and forget it.

Peter Dunn: Like a, like a, like a Showtime rotisserie. Yes, yes.

Kristen Ahlenius: I disagree. I think it's underrated. I think it's an area of your life that you can get really comfortable and before you know it, your expenses in those areas can become out of control. And maybe it's because, maybe my bias here comes from living somewhere where energy costs were so high and I saw so much that carelessness led to literally hundreds and hundreds of dollars in utility bills and I'm like Maybe if we were a little bit more strategic, we could save a lot.

I could have regional bias in that.

Peter Dunn: Aren't we coming off the heels of a random man showing up from the water company at your front door to tell you that you had a exorbitant utility bill? And then so you're overcompensating by this, by making it this personal finance hack about how. How good a job you do at

Kristen Ahlenius: this.

Yeah, he did. My water [00:27:00] bill was 270 and I almost cried. Boy, it was awful. It

Peter Dunn: really feels like there's some holes in the cobbler's shoes here today, doesn't it Dan? Sure are.

Damian Dunn: Krista could have filled two city swimming pools with the amount of water she went through. It's true.

Peter Dunn: I will give one quick one on the fly to wrap the segment.

Putting cash in envelopes and then only spinning cash out of envelopes for each budget category overrated or underrated Dame,

Damian Dunn: Underrated for the right person,

Peter Dunn: Kristen overrated, overrated. All right, coming up after the break a question about something. Money, that is, right here on the Beat the Planner show.

Ah, Beat the Planner.

That was dirty. That was dirty. Indiana and Kentucky have affordable rates. Says Deanna. Oh, Deanna. Hello, Deanna Hall. Good to be with you there.[00:28:00] All right, Kristen. Mm hmm. You guys sent me this email, so now I gotta

Kristen Ahlenius: Oh, I felt I felt like I was about to come under fire for a second. I was preparing myself the way you set that up.

I was like,

Peter Dunn: oh no. Oh, under fire? No. I mean, you think I would admonish you here on the air?

Kristen Ahlenius: I feel like it's been a little while. Well,

Peter Dunn: I was accidentally mean to you a couple weeks ago. I

Kristen Ahlenius: didn't think so.

Peter Dunn: You You actually said so on the air.

Kristen Ahlenius: Oh, but like in a lighthearted way.

Peter Dunn: I don't know. I do love that you're grumpy today, though.

It's given me life.

Kristen Ahlenius: I, yeah, I'm just a gripey old woman today. It's true.

Peter Dunn: Robert says it sounds like Pete's taking the whole day off. Yeah. Okay. All right, let's go. Should I go Mickey voice the rest of the show? Sure.

Kristen Ahlenius: I would

Peter Dunn: prefer you didn't. Grumpy [00:29:00] Kristen has a good time. Chris, I think I like a lot, there's a lot about you that I really like, but it is your tendency to occasionally get grumpy that is the most endearing quality that you have.

And it's a, it is an old man grumpy. It's not just a standard grump. It is a, there's a masculine grump to it. And I love it.

Kristen Ahlenius: It is. I really, I really become my father's child when I get grumpy. That is the truth.

Peter Dunn: Yeah. Jeremiah, we do have time for a Mickey voice. Okay. We're moving the show along. Don't be a hater.

Okay, here we go. In three, two, one. Back on the Pete the Planner show, you know, you can email us askpete at pete the planner. com and I actually will read your email and I might put it on. Dear Kristen and co, as I [00:30:00] was listening to an old show, I heard you say that you shouldn't spend more than 25 percent of your income on housing.

I spend considerably more than that, 40%, but I think I'm okay. I still save 12 percent to my 401k. I have four months of expenses in an emergency fund and I still have money left over every month. Am I still in trouble? Signed? No one. I, there's no name on this fair point. That is the, that is the dangers of broad stroke, personal finance advice in the media, which is something that I've battled my.

Last 20 years or so. It's it's a tough one, right? You want to give general rules that apply to most and knowing that you're gonna, you know, deploy ideas that don't hit some. So Dame, is that just a classic example right there?

Damian Dunn: I think so. I think there are certain people who Know exactly what they [00:31:00] wanna accomplish financially, and they know if they can take that, I don't know, additional risk may not be the right term for that, but they can take on that, that extra expense in a category that can get somebody in trouble really, really quick.

And if they know they can still hit all of their other goals and still have some money left over, I, yeah, I, I don't have any issues

Peter Dunn: with that. I mean that to me, Kristen, this is why we have the ideal budget that says it is 25%, but the glory of the ideal budget is to say, but if you don't have expenses and other categories, are you, you know, take care of business in these other categories, then you have wiggle room.

I don't. I don't mind it at all. I, do you?

Kristen Ahlenius: So, my answer depends on this person's life stage, and I think that the two of yours might as well. If this is A single person, do you feel [00:32:00] differently than if this is a young couple that wants to start a family or a couple that's closing in on retirement? How do my, how did the circumstances surrounding a housing decision impact whether you think this emailer is okay or not?

Peter Dunn: Yeah, very well said, by the way. I mean Dame, I would, I would, to Kristen's point, if this is a single person who plans to continue to not mingle then it would probably be fine. If it is a pre retiree who is in the process of paying off their mortgage, it's fine. If it's a family, a young couple about to have kids, probably a terrible idea.

Is it though?

Damian Dunn: I mean, they've got if they've got the cash left over and the income is going to remain steady Yes, kids are expensive and they will add some additional month to month Expenditures and costs to your your financial budget, but if it's financially [00:33:00] feasible Is it

Peter Dunn: horrible? I, I think, all right, Kristen, help us out here because I believe a young couple about to have kids has no idea what they're in.

Kristen, you should know this. They have no idea what they're in for with kids and those expenses. So I think that whatever margin they think they're okay with, it's going to become cost prohibitive real quick.

Kristen Ahlenius: I would probably have to agree with that just based on what the two of you tell me. I mean, how often on this show do we talk about how, you know, your kids are just going to bankrupt you is how it feels sometimes.

So it's just, I, I, you don't know what you don't know. So someone might say, Hey, I feel like this is still something we can afford even if our family circumstances change, but can you,

Peter Dunn: you know, I'm going to, I'm going to go another direction with this too, is. [00:34:00] If you have a 30 year mortgage and it's a 40 percent of your take home pay, generally that's a bad thing.

If it's a 15 year mortgage and you're in the thirties approaching 40, I'm okay with it almost under every circumstance. As long as you have an emergency fund and you're funding retirement. I think if you're in those higher percentages, high thirties to forties, and you are not putting the correct amount away for retirement, It was a bad idea every single time.


Damian Dunn: Pete, you'll grow into that 30 year mortgage.

Peter Dunn: Oh, geez. What other categories though also qualify for this? I mean, transportation's a little different. Are there other categories that like housing that are that large provide nuance? I mean,

Damian Dunn: is transportation really that different? I mean, we're looking at car loans now that stretch into seven and eight years for some people.

Peter Dunn: What do you think is more of a lifestyle decision? A [00:35:00] house or a car, like a true, true lifestyle decision.

Kristen Ahlenius: Well, can you expand on, I want to make sure I understand the context of lifestyle decision.

Peter Dunn: That there is a bare minimum. Utility to a roof and or wheels and that going above and beyond the simple, minimal utility of it all leads to a lifestyle decision.

I would argue a vehicle is probably a pure lifestyle decision than a house because with a house comes the right school system and with the house comes living in a safe area and, and, and, you know, ease of geographic.

Kristen Ahlenius: Yeah, ideally equity. You're talking about two totally different types of [00:36:00] assets as well, which people love to use that as justification for houses that maybe they shouldn't purchase is like, oh, it will, you know, will have equity.

But I do think by definition, that's part of the equation.

Peter Dunn: May pivot quickly. Dame here. It feels like the housing market with interest rates sort of stumbling the last few weeks, interest rates have gone up two weeks in a row. Now mortgage rates. I still fully expect just to be one of the hottest housing markets ever this fall.

Do you feel like the last couple weeks of stumble are going to change

Damian Dunn: that? It's been interesting and there's, I agree. I still think there's upside to the housing market because interest rates are going to come down a little bit and people are going to be able to get freed up and make some housing changes there.

And that will also probably continue to spur on the construction market as well. So I think there's plenty of room for the upside in housing. We have

Peter Dunn: two coworkers right now who are in the [00:37:00] process of Buy in their first home. It's pretty very exciting. It's very exciting. All right, Kristen. So the rule of thumb of 25 percent doesn't work.

I don't think that that's the conclusion that you brought to us. Oh,

Kristen Ahlenius: yep. That's you heard it here on the pizza planner show.

Peter Dunn: I will say this. At a two and a half percent mortgage, which I do love to talk about my two and a half percent mortgage, it has me somewhat rethinking my strategy of trying to get it paid off before the kids go to college and then using the additional cash flow to help out just in case, like with the feeling that interest rates are going to stay high for a while, it I don't have an exact strategy of how I would change it, but I'm trying to reconsider everything because it just feels like such an asset I don't want to part with.

Kristen Ahlenius: That's such a hot take with only a minute left to go in the segment because that has been like your pillar for so

Peter Dunn: long. I am willing to examine [00:38:00] other ideas is what I'm saying as a, as an. As an aging person. Dame, would I be crazy to examine other ideas?

Damian Dunn: No, you wouldn't. Not at all.

Peter Dunn: And yes, Rochelle, I did drive to the bank yesterday and pay my mortgage.

Thanks for asking. And it was very fun and I enjoyed every moment of it. Let's do this. Let's take a break. Come back. Dame's back reading the news this week, which is really good because I did tear a lot. And then also it's a chance for him to get us to laugh for the fifth week in a row. He's got nine minutes and 40 seconds left to try to pull off this monumental task.

Will he do it? Kristen, what say ye? Do you believe that this young man will make us laugh for a fifth week in a row?

Kristen Ahlenius: I fear that the pressure has gotten to an untenable place and that We're not gonna we're not gonna get that laugh

Peter Dunn: this week I actually feel bad that I'm trying [00:39:00] like I don't want it out there that I'm trying not to laugh But it's also in my head.

Damian Dunn: I Think the deck is stacked against me. Okay. Well, there's

Peter Dunn: only one way to find out come back after the break Will Damien done make us laugh out loud for five weeks in a row would be a new show record I'm Pete the planner.

It is worth I mean I do feel like I need to review the tape to see if that earlier one was a real laugh or not

Kristen Ahlenius: When you, the thing is though, when you really, really laugh, back in your

Damian Dunn: chair, head goes up and yeah, it was not the kind of laugh that the other weeks have been built on with the exception of last week, which was a

Peter Dunn: gift.

The weird thing too is let's be honest. No one has ever, everyone closed their eyes for a second, unless you're driving. No one has ever heard Kristen laugh on the air. Ever. She's a silent laugher. Like right now, she's laughing, but no one can hear it. That's, that's true. [00:40:00] That's called truth, Kristen.

Kristen Ahlenius: It's also because I hate my laugh, and I listen back to the show, so I try really hard to not have to the time.

Wait, what is

Peter Dunn: your laugh? Dame, do you know her laugh? I've heard it. What is it? No, I can't do it.

Kristen Ahlenius: It's a cackle and I used to get made fun of for it. And I don't like the sound of it as a result. And I listened back to the show. So when I have to hear my own laugh, I'm like, Oh, not

Damian Dunn: my new segment made her laugh out loud yesterday when she watched the recording.

Kristen Ahlenius: It did, but I was by myself. So it was safe.

Peter Dunn: We you. Work alongside one of the best laughers in the world. Oz has one of the greatest laughs in the history of laughter. She does. Oh man. Yeah. Kristen, I don't know if I've heard you laugh in a really long time. Consider she works with us fair. Okay. Well, Dame, let's see what you got.

Big fella. [00:41:00] You ready for this? Yeah, sure.

Damian Dunn: I'm, I won't be the first time I've disappointed a massive amount of people.

Peter Dunn: Okay. In 3, 2, 1. This week's biggest waste of money of the week right here on the Pete the Planner show is. The Brian Eno Turntable 2. In 2021, legendary musician, composer, and artist Brian Eno released a limited run of 50 turntables, notable for their integrated LED lighting.

This year he's back with an updated model that's slightly less limited. The Turntable 2. Eschews, time out. Granted. Eschews. Am I saying that right? I believe so. I think so too. It's not nearly as fun to say as it looks like it will be like sorghum. Sorghum. Yeah. Eschews, the traditional rectangular shape of the original for a circular resin body.

I also have a circular resin body and precision cast acrylic platter, both of which [00:42:00] benefit from RGB that that's Ruth Gator Binsburg LEDs that slowly change colors as the music plays. The Damn, I'm trying to get Kristen's laugh. I'm throwing everything I can at her. That's hilarious. The belt drive motor supports 33 and 45 RPM playback while the white project aluminum tone arm Ortofon white 2M cartridge and gold plated RCA connectors keep the sound quality hot.

150 handmade pieces and 20 artist proofs will be available from the Paul Stolper gallery beginning This past Tuesday, February 13th. All right, Kristen, you're a big fan. What do you think?

Kristen Ahlenius: I actually am a big fan. I don't know unless this is like [00:43:00] totally out of control. I might not think this is a huge waste of money.

This is, Oh my goodness. I hate this game. This is. Four

Peter Dunn: hundred dollars game hates you as well Damien

Damian Dunn: Kristen this thing has art. I mean it was literally in I think in the the description the copy This is this is a three thousand dollar turntable

Peter Dunn: 25, 000 250 American It's just silly

Damian Dunn: dollars. You can buy a strip of LED lights off of Amazon and wrap it around whatever you got and get part of the feeling.

Peter Dunn: Dame, what's in the news this week as you go for your fifth week in a row to make us laugh aloud? Go. Do it. Tell your jokes.

Damian Dunn: Bitcoin to the moon. At least that's what some people were saying earlier this week, as Bitcoin surpassed 50, 000 for the first time since December of 2021. While the crypto industry [00:44:00] has faced challenges, including scams, bankruptcies, the recent decision by the U S regulators that we've covered recently to allow spot Bitcoin ETFs is contributing to the digital currency's resurgence.

Despite the initial subdued response and prices interest in these ETFs has played a significant role in driving the recent surge, suggesting a possible growing acceptance of Bitcoin into the mainstream, or it could just be your mom trying to make a quick. Buck with their crypto club. The total value of the world's most popular cryptos currency surpassed $1 trillion for the first time since 2021.

And the overall crypto market meanwhile broke $2 trillion in market cap fuel by investor confidence. If crypto were a publicly traded company P, it would be the fourth largest in the world behind guessing game time, the three largest companies in the world ahead of what the market cap of Bitcoin is.

Peter Dunn: Microsoft. Apple and then that other one that's been [00:45:00] popping up here Nvidia or something like that That's a

Damian Dunn: reasonable guess but it's not Nvidia Amazon Saudi Aramco.

Peter Dunn: Ah, well said Kristen is a lot of things happening in the crypto world right now some positive things Has your view changed in the last six months just in general about crypto?

Kristen Ahlenius: No, it hasn't. Despite some of our coworkers efforts to sway me. What I find really interesting about this is I didn't expect the ETF to really have any momentum because I expected the people who were bought in on crypto To not really care about the ETF. So expanding offering via ETF, I like I said, I just didn't expect it to have much of an impact and I was wrong.

Peter Dunn: Dave, do you ever fear? Well, maybe I think you might feel different than I do, but I fear dismissing crypto so much as like, I [00:46:00] don't care that I'm the guy that's like, I'm Bryant Gumbel saying that the Internet is a fad, you know, like you fear that at all. Yeah,

Damian Dunn: a little bit. I, I think there's a potential opportunity long term that we just view it in such a light that we, we we ignore whatever positive trends there may be because we were just so stuck with our lack of understanding or, or willingness to try and continue to revisit it and see what applications may actually have, which is you've Is something that I think you and I specifically have to continue to fight through and look at it with fresh eyes whenever we can, but I think this particular thing is more of a result of financial advisors having a way that they can get some of their clients into a diversified position and getting us some exposure to crypto.

Peter Dunn: What else is in the

Damian Dunn: news this week? If you bought chocolates for Valentine's Day, I hope you budgeted accordingly, because this year the classic, I bought this on the way to our date tree, came with a steeper price tag. The [00:47:00] cost of cocoa experienced a notable spike, reaching a record 5, 600 per metric ton last week.

5, 600, reaching a record since not seen since 1977. Climate conditions in West Africa, where 60 percent of the cocoa is cultivated, has led to a poor harvest contributing. to this increase. Pete, there's a stat here that I'm gonna call shenanigans on. Despite the higher cost, the National Confectioners Association reports that approximately 92 percent of Americans plan to buy chocolate or candy for the made up holiday.

Peter Dunn: I'm gonna say balderdash. No.

Damian Dunn: Kristen, what word would you like to use?

Kristen Ahlenius: I, I don't know. I wasn't prepared for that question.

Peter Dunn: Point of order, if I may, and I don't want to mansplain raw ingredients too. Isn't it cacao?

Damian Dunn: It is, but I didn't want to pronounce it incorrectly, so I just used a

Peter Dunn: different word.

Kristen, would that story have been better if he would have said, Cacao?

Kristen Ahlenius: Only if he would have [00:48:00] said it like that, though.

Peter Dunn: Yeah, Dame, how do, how do you ethically put out that press release? Saying that 92 percent of people plan on buying candy for their loved ones. Okay, we have three people who have loved ones on this show.

My wife did, pardon me, my life partner, Mrs. Planner, did buy candy For our children. I did not buy candy for anyone. Dame?

Damian Dunn: I did not buy candy for Valentine's Day But I don't know if you've noticed the the Reese's Easter eggs are out so I have bought a couple of those for Mrs. Advice because those are the

Peter Dunn: I love those.

But it was for Valentine's Day the 92 percent right?

Damian Dunn: But yeah, the stat was for Valentine's Day specifically.

Peter Dunn: Yes. Kristen, have you bought any cacao products for loved ones? I have not now. Okay. So it's a, it's a dumb stat. Doesn't make sense. You heard. I agree. Is it 92 percent of [00:49:00] adults or people

Kristen Ahlenius: of people working at the confectioners?

Whatever. Yes,

Damian Dunn: 92 percent of Americans was the.

Kristen Ahlenius: No, absolutely not. I

Peter Dunn: mean, shame on the House of Coca Cola.

That's just, how can they put that out there? I know that's not the point of the story, but Dame, you're right. That's ridiculous.

Damian Dunn: Who was their sample? Where did they go?

Kristen Ahlenius: Their employees or their board. I'm

Peter Dunn: telling you. 92 percent of Americans. Okay. 92 percent of Americans don't even have the ability to make purchases.


Kristen Ahlenius: not wrong.

Peter Dunn: Yeah. Yeah. Let's say there's a baby baby. Ain't buying candy and there's a lot of babies.

Damian Dunn: If you did, you'd

Peter Dunn: steal it from him.[00:50:00]

With 30 seconds left, Damien Dunn wins! He

Kristen Ahlenius: does it again. Fifth week

Peter Dunn: in a row. Oh my gosh. Oh my word. Oh my gosh. Congratulations Damien. For those that have no idea what's happening right now, probably on the radio show, Damien has just made us laugh out loud, legitimately, five weeks in a row. It's a new record.

Congrats Dam. Thank

Damian Dunn: you. Wow. A little

Peter Dunn: emotional. Sending you good vibes, everyone, because good vibes are all that's in the budget. I'm Pete the Planner. Wow! Oh my gosh, Dame!

Kristen Ahlenius: I feel so bad for anyone who didn't get to see that, because that was hilarious.

Peter Dunn: That was like a last second buzzer

Damian Dunn: beater. That [00:51:00] was a half court shot, just going for it.

Peter Dunn: I was so close to holding it in.

Damian Dunn: No, you weren't.

Peter Dunn: Oh my gosh. Oh. Good job. Man. Damn, that was good. Was that written in your copy as a joke you were going to try to get out there or not?

Damian Dunn: No, no. How can I make that? You came up with baby.

Peter Dunn: That's a BS statistic though. Totally. For real. 92 percent of Americans. Not true. Read it again. Read that part again. I'm mad.

Damian Dunn: I will, yeah, despite the higher costs, the National Confectioners Association reports that approximately 92 percent of Americans plan to buy chocolate or candy for the made up holiday.

Peter Dunn: I want to, I want to see the [00:52:00] financial reports of the National Confectioners Association. Like, oh yeah, our revenue went up 90, 100, 000%, trillion, billion.

Kristen Ahlenius: Oh, but see, I got, I received for Valentine's Day the chocolate covered strawberry crumble cookies and those have chocolate in it. So like Wait, your special

Peter Dunn: person bought you crumble cookies for Yeah.

Can I ask a question that sounds something other than it's meant? Yeah. Is there a crumble cookie near you?

Kristen Ahlenius: Like not close. Like

Damian Dunn: it's probably There's gotta be one north

Peter Dunn: of you,

Kristen Ahlenius: right? Yeah, absolutely. How far? From my house, like 20, 25 minutes. Okay. So

Peter Dunn: that person went Nearly an hour round trip to get you a valentine's gift?

Yes. Well that's lovely. It was really lovely. That's

Kristen Ahlenius: very [00:53:00] kind. It was kind. But only because I was really, I, yeah, it was kind.

Peter Dunn: Jameson with Crumble Cookies, overrated.

Kristen Ahlenius: Hold on, generally speaking, I would agree with that hot take. However, the chocolate covered strawberry cookie that they only have for Valentine's Day is absolutely delicious.

Peter Dunn: Occasionally someone will bring in some around here and like, I'll have a, you know, you got to cut it in quarters. That's the only way you can consume it or you'll die. Yes. It will knock me. out cold. And so I can't even have one. It's like five times worse than a donut for me.

Kristen Ahlenius: That's because they're just sugar.

Damian Dunn: Ladies and gentlemen, I am looking at an executive summary of a report from the National Confectioners Association. They list a number of micro seasons where chocolate is often given as a gift or people enjoy chocolate in [00:54:00] these micro seasons. Would you care to guess the percentage of people in these micro seasons that Enjoy or gift chocolate.

Peter Dunn: 119 percent Mother's

Damian Dunn: Day. What percentage of people enjoy or gift chocolate for Mother's Day? Well, if we're basing this as Wait, wait, enjoy? It says percentage of people who enjoy or gift chocolate or candy or candy for Mother's Day. 10%

Peter Dunn: No one's giving mammy Skittles.

Kristen Ahlenius: I don't

Peter Dunn: know. 65%. No one's giving their mom

Damian Dunn: candy. These get better.

Peter Dunn: Thanksgiving. Wait, wait, what was it? What was the answer? 65%. That's so stupid. Thanksgiving.

Damian Dunn: You know, it's one of those most celebrated candy holidays.

Peter Dunn: I, I, I used to make homemade candy. 53%, no, 53% is, this is the, this is not right.

Let's get these people on the show and let's call 'em [00:55:00] the, the carpet

Damian Dunn: National Candy Month and other summer holidays. Memorial Day, July 4th, labor Day

Kristen Ahlenius: combine a hundred

Damian Dunn: percent, 40 per 47%. They have the Super Bowl on here, 37%.

Peter Dunn: 37% of people enjoy candy on Super Bowl Sunday. That's what it says.

Damian Dunn: Enjoy or gift.

Peter Dunn: Man, that is some loose enjoy or gift. To enjoy, does that mean to consume? Because what if you consume it and don't enjoy it? That's fair.

Kristen Ahlenius: I think they're counting people both as the giver and the receiver. I enjoyed giving. That gives me two.

Peter Dunn: What's Halloween? What kind of,

Kristen Ahlenius: 100

Damian Dunn: percent they don't say the percentage of people. What they do say is that 64 percent of chocolate and candy sales are generated during the big four seasons, Pete, the big four, Valentine's day, Easter, Halloween, and winter [00:56:00] holidays. That's

Peter Dunn: the whole year.

Damian Dunn: Which of those, which of those four seasons do you think sells the most Valentine's day, Easter, Halloween, winter holidays, Halloween.

Kristen Ahlenius: It's going to be the winter holidays, isn't it? Winter

Damian Dunn: holidays, 5. 6 billion. Halloween is 5 billion. Easter is 4. 6 billion. And Valentine's Day brings up the rear, 4. 2 billion. Wait,

Peter Dunn: wait, wait. It's the fourth largest holiday, but 92 percent of adults.

Kristen Ahlenius: Write him an email, man. A

Peter Dunn: firmly worded email.

Kristen Ahlenius: Jeremiah is going to

Peter Dunn: love this.

How much sorghum is in that candy? Not enough. All right. Hey, Dan. Congrats on your accomplishment. Thanks. And Kristen, congrats on having a special someone that's going to do an hour round trip to bring you cookies on, on Valentine's day. I'll play this

Kristen Ahlenius: clip of the show for him to, you know,

Peter Dunn: that man. Is special.[00:57:00]

I'm just trying to help a brother out. He deserves just all sorts of credit and adoration based on that.

Damian Dunn: And a new

Peter Dunn: pocket flashlight. It is. He is too good to be true. He is a legend. And he's the greatest. Too far.

Kristen Ahlenius: Too far.

Peter Dunn: All right. Everyone else, stay getting money.