Too many teachers leave because of student loans

Student loans are back. Pay isn't changing. Teachers need financial support right now. Let’s improve teacher retention at your school district by providing a financial wellness benefit optimized for the financial needs of K12 staff.

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Your teachers are drowning in loans


Percent of educators who have taken out loans to fund their education


Percent of borrowers who report they won't be able to afford the student loan payments at all


The average total debt taken out by teachers during their careers

A financial wellness benefit built for K12

We help teachers get their student loans forgiven. And so much more.

Don't take our word for it

“​​The advice was straightforward and easy to understand. Thanks so much for your help!”

YML participant

“I’m glad I reached out. Working with the PSLF forms and government entities can be daunting sometimes. You can feel alone like no one is there to help you do that. When I had that support, it made me feel confident when I sent them in, and it made me know it was going to be okay.”

YML Participant

“Stacy has been nothing but OUTSTANDING! She has provided a ton of info and support to my husband and I walking through PSLF requirements. I know she will always have support and answers for us.”

YML participant

“I am proud of the financial support we have been able to give staff with the collaboration with your team and Your Money Line!”

Barry Gardner
Chief Financial Officer