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Of public sector employees reported that their financial stress had negatively impacted productivity



Of government workers who say they would be more inclined to stay in their jobs due to employer benefits



Say economic conditions and market volatility make them feel anxious about financial security

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“We offer a robust, holistic well-being program, and the financial wellness piece of that is extremely important to the Board and the County as a whole. It states that we want employees to be secure in their current financial status and be prepared for a bright future. We feel that YML is the perfect partner to help any of our employees achieve this if they so choose!”

Rachel Beck
Benefits Analyst

“​​​​Clearly, this wasn’t Kristen’s first rodeo. She seemed to know I needed someone to listen, which was true. Then was validating. Then that allowed me to settle my worries and struggles to a point I could hear her direction, encouragement, and my next steps.”

YML participant

“Prompt, courteous, and informative! Many thanks!”

YML Participant

“YML financial guides always go above and beyond to provide the best and most complete information, answering questions that I didn't even know I had! Thank you so much - I am so grateful to my company for this benefit!”

YML participant

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