Insider Strategies on Creatively Channeling Federal Funding for School Staff

Student loan repayments are back. Let’s improve teacher retention and student outcomes at your school district using existing funds you have already been allocated. Join us for our webinar with ESSER fund guru, Nathan Williamson, on November 8th to learn how.

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Insider Strategies on Creatively Channeling Federal Funding for School Staff

Are you grappling with the challenges of staff retention within your K-12 school district? The financial aspect of retaining top talent is often one of the major barriers. But, did you know that there are untapped opportunities within federal funding that can be creatively channeled to address this concern?

Join us for a must-attend webinar as Nathan Williamson, a former Indiana Department of Education Director of Title and Federal Grants, unveils unique strategies and insights to maximize your federal funding to keep your staff in your district.
Understanding federal funding streams
Creative allocation of funding to best support your goals
Ensuring compliance
How you can best leverage funds for school staff retention
What other school districts doing with their funds to impact staff retention

Webinar Hosts

Nathan Williamson, CEO, MAZI Education LLC | Former School District CFO | Former Director of Title Grants and Support, Indiana Department of Education
Nathan Williamson serves as an educational and financial consultant for school systems across through MAZI Education. He is a student-focused leader that has served in roles ranging from preschool to the university level in instructional, administrator, and financial capacities at the local and state levels. Beginning as a teacher for immigrant families and youth, he moved to roles in instructional coaching, district administration, and state level directorship. As the Director of Grants for the Indiana Department of Education, Nathan oversaw an annual $500 million dollar budget with high marks for efficiency and audit success. As Director for Special Populations for Gary Community Schools, he led a team that exited state control and vastly improved compliance for children with disabilities. He has written several competitive grants as a lead or co-lead, garnering over $100 million in additional dollars for his organizations.Nathan has a B.S. in Elementary Education & English as a New Language and a M.S. in Language Education from Indiana University, his principal license from Indiana Wesleyan University, and an Ed.S. from Purdue University in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. He has served on several state and national boards, including the National Association of ESEA Program Administrators and appointed by Governor Pence to the Indiana Early Learning Advisory Committee

Stephen Blackburn, Senior Account Executive, Your Money Line
Stephen Blackburn has 14 years of experience in public education as a former elementary school teacher (8 years) and former school administrator (6 years). He also completed the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship at University of Indianapolis. In addition to his time spent in central Indiana schools, he also taught on the Navajo Reservation in Southeast Utah and at an environmental camp on Catalina Island. In his newest role at Your Money Line as a Sr. K-12 Account Executive, Stephen focuses on helping school administrative staff pour into the staff and educators they serve to assist with the attraction & retention of top talent.

Schools can't often win on compensation, but you can shine on benefits

59% of the US workforce reports that financial stress impacts their work. Your Money Line addresses some of the biggest challenges facing teachers—and their employers.

How we help teachers

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    Loans and navigating the PSLF program
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    Retirement planning
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    Monthly budgeting
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    Leverage existing benefits
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How we help employers

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    Attract top talent
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    Retain quality teachers
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    Increase retirement participation
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    Reduce financial stress
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    Improve classroom performance

We help teachers, stay teachers

Financial issues impacts teacher retention and performance in the classroom. With YML your school staff will:
Understand their financial life - so they can stress less and retire on time
Better leverage federal and state specific pre-tax tools- so they can reap the benefits of being an educator
Navigate complex federal programs like PSLF-so they can get their student loans forgiven
Stay teachers- so you can provide a quality environment for your students

A financial wellness benefit built for K12

We help teachers get their student loans forgiven. And so much more.

Leverage state funding

Many states also offer state funding to support teacher retention. Your Money Line is a qualified vendor to put these funds to work at your schools.


Give every teacher a hub for their financial wellbeing

The combination of Your Money Line's AI-powered software tools and human certified financial planners provides your team with the most customized and accurate financial picture.

Complete financial visibility

Measure financial stability and gain full visibility of your financial picture with our budget and Financial Account Integration tools

AI-powered financial recommendations

Leverage our AI to spotlight notable patterns or changes in your finances so you can make better decisions
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Unlimited access to certified financial planners

Ask one of our certified financial planners any question, any time via phone, email, chat or text (12 hours a day/5 days a week).

Curated financial literacy education

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