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Press Release

Your Money Line Unveils New Dashboard for Enhanced User Experience

INDIANAPOLIS, June 9, 2022 – Your Money Line (YML), a leading corporate financial wellness solution connecting employees to personalized, confidential, and empathetic financial guidance, announced significant enhancements to its Dashboard to create a more comprehensive, customized, and seamless experience for users. 

“While most people face similar challenges like maintaining a budget or paying off student loans, the puzzle pieces that make up a financial life are all unique,” said Your Money Line founder and CEO Peter Dunn, a.k.a Pete the Planner®, the award-winning financial expert. “We’ve redesigned our new, full-service Dashboard to work in tandem with access to our Financial Guide team--made up of Certified Financial Planners® and Accredited Financial Counselors®-- to help users through the current economic climate to a stable, happy financial life.”

The interactive Dashboard’s dynamic graphs and charts were enhanced to improve financial stability in a measurable and meaningful way while continually assessing, inspiring, and motivating success. The Stability Academy’s Financial Health Assessment—the starting point for all program participants to measure their level of financial stability—is now fully integrated into the user experience. Results are prominently featured on the Dashboard, along with tasks and guidance based on the user’s score. The newly redesigned Dashboard also makes it easier for users to reach out to their Financial Guides and access the hundreds of hours of e-learning webinars, courses, blogs, and articles.

“In today’s turbulent economic environment, employees are faced with increased uncertainty and difficult choices when it comes to balancing a budget, paying down debt, and saving for retirement,” said Dunn. “These financial stresses kill productivity, leading to an annual $500B loss for businesses. Giving employees the tools to manage their financial lives is a win-win for all.”

About Your Money Line

Your Money Line, the brainchild of award-winning financial expert Peter Dunn, a.k.a. Pete the Planner®, is a leading corporate financial wellness solution for employees by providing personalized, confidential, and empathetic financial guidance.  With one-on-one access to Certified Financial Planners® and Accredited Financial Counselors®, employees get an individualized experience while also having 24/7 access to the dashboard with hundreds of articles and courses for all stages of life. Your Money Line delivers proven results for employees on their distinct financial journeys. Visit YML on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the Your Money Line blog.