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Your employees' financial stress is about to increase

In the last 40 months, the average American has been trying to figure out whether their work life is distracting them from their financial life, or their financial life is distracting them from their work life. That’s the friction you feel. As incomes ratchet up, alongside inflation, the average person is trying to recalibrate these new numbers with their known reality.

Oddly, this struggle has gone relatively well. People have adjusted, although technically they're falling behind on savings and investing goals.

This fall will change that.

The recent Supreme Court student loan ruling has officially ended the student loan payment moratorium, which means chaos will ensue in about 60 days.

Your team may or may not know this is coming, but they’re about to be distracted. The average student loan payment is estimated to be roughly $350/month. That’s a chunk of change which is tough for the average American to find in their budget once again.

Be prepared. The economy is about to get weird.