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Vacation Dreaming? Here's How to Know if it's a Good Idea for You.

I’m 27 with a solid job, a car payment, and some credit card debt. Every purchase I make, I now ask myself if it is necessary or will it make getting out of debt more difficult. My girlfriend of a year is also on board with this and has also made a commitment to save and stay out of debt.

The issue becomes, at what point are you allowed to spend money? She would really like to take a vacation together later this year. Every time I think about it I think of how far that $500-$1,000 I will spend could go towards my debt. And I know for her it would either take a hit on her savings or go right on a credit card.

When I try to save so much money each month to put towards my credit card, it seems counterproductive to take some of that for a vacation fund. We’ve looked at cruises to avoid food costs, all-inclusive resorts to avoid drink costs, but the costs of all these just get overwhelming. I’m inclined to just say we can’t afford it this year, but I’m sure I will feel like this every year it comes up. I hate spending so much money on a trip that is over before you know it. But at some point, doesn’t everyone need a little time away to relax on a beach?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this situation.


Excellent question.

It’s possible that you truly can’t afford to do it. What’s happened over the last several months is that you’ve raised the bar on your financial life. You are intentional with your money, and you refuse to “buy something and figure out how to pay for it later.” This is a good thing. However, this is what is creating a conflict. You’re battling your old sensibilities in making this decision. But have you gone too far? Is it possible to let up on the reins for a couple of months in order to go on this trip, without hurting your financial life? If so, do it. If not, then don’t do it. You can hit pause on your debt pay down, as long as you don’t go backward by going on this trip.

Me personally? If I question whether I can afford something, I make sure that I use “extra” sources of income to fund the purchase. I try not to fund the purchase with my regular cash flow. This could mean trying to earn extra money via freelance work, overtime, 2nd gig, etc. Life isn’t all about working for money. You need to have fun too. But you shouldn’t sacrifice the future just to let go. Who knows, maybe you could vacation monthly once your debt is paid.

Your best bet is to give the team at Your Money Line a call. They will look at your situation even more in depth and help you make the decision you are fretting about. Have your girlfriend join that call too if you'd like! Getting partners on board with financial decisions is always tough but the Your Money Line team is there to be your mediator.

Best of luck,