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Meet Lynn McHann!

Up next in our ‘Meet the Expert’ series is our Financial Guide, Lynn Mchann, Accredited Financial Counselor, AFC®. She currently lives and works in Bozeman, Montana, and started working for Your Money Line in 2022.

Q: What got you interested in personal finance and coaching? 

A: My interest grew from my own financial well-being journey.  Once I was educated and helped myself, I wanted to help others avoid or recover from their own financial traumas.  

Q: Do you have any pets? 

A: Yes, 3 dogs (Rudy, Penny, Winnie) 1 cat (Ali) & 2 fish tanks!

Q: What do you love about being a Financial Guide?

A:  I love it when the people I help meet their financial goals and I get to celebrate with them! 

Q: What’s your favorite financial topic to discuss/help people with?

A:  My favorite topics would be student loans (forgiveness), daily budgeting, and money-saving tips.

Q: If you gave a 10min Ted Talk today what would it be about?

A:  10 ways to bulletproof your budget

Q: What is your biggest win as a Financial Guide so far? 

A: Being able to do what I love and be paid to do it!

Q: Share a moment with a participant that impacted you.

A: The moment happens with a majority of my clients, but it is when they express relief from some of the financial stress they were feeling before we met.  

Q: What’s a hobby that brings you joy?

A:  I love to sew and receive a great amount of joy when I obtain a new skill.