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Tracking Down & Preparing for Your Stimulus Check

Damian Dunn — If you’re still waiting on your Economic Impact Payment (EIP), or stimulus check, you may want to consider giving the Internal Revenue Service your banking information allowing them to send you your payment via direct deposit.


By heading to the IRS Get My Payment page, you’ll be able to provide - or update - your banking information in order to expedite receiving your payment. If you’ve previously given the IRS your information and, for example, received a tax refund into your current bank account, you don’t need to provide anything and should receive your EIP soon. You may need your most recently filed tax return as well as your banking information (bank routing number and account number) to make the changes you want.


Additionally, you are also able to check the status of your payment at Get My Payment website. If you haven’t received your EIP you should be able to get a better idea of when you can expect it based on the current payment information the IRS has for you.If you’d like to talk with a certified financial professional to discuss this, or any number of other financial issues you may be facing, contact your Financial Concierge.