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Savings Game

Everyone loves a game of some sort or another. Me? I love a savings challenge game! When your savings muscle needs a workout, or when you feel your motivation lagging, a savings challenge game may be just the spark that you need!

While there are some terrific apps that can facilitate easy savings through automation, you can implement these ideas below on your own. All you need to get started is a separate savings account (and a sense of fun).

Store Receipt Game
When you go to the grocery store, likely at the bottom of the receipt you will see how much you saved on your purchase. Transfer that amount to your savings account.

Matched Treats
Did you buy yourself a treat today? Perhaps a fancy coffee drink, that special pint of ice cream at the grocery store or a new clothing item? Whatever it is, immediately transfer the same amount of money that you spent on the treat to your savings account.

Weather Wednesday
What was the daily high temperature on Wednesday where you live? (If you are in a hot climate, you can choose the daily low.) Transfer a dollar amount equal to that temperature to your savings account. (Obviously it doesn’t have to be Wednesday!)

52 Week Challenge
Week 1: Transfer $1 to savings. Week 2: Transfer $2 to savings. Week 3: Transfer $3 to savings. And so on… You can also do this in reverse, starting with $52 in Week 1 and reducing by $1 each week.

Tip Yourself
If you accomplished a goal today, tip yourself $5 (or more!). Perhaps it was exercising, cleaning the house, or keeping to a reasonable time limit on Twitter. Whatever you did today that you feel good about, reward yourself for it by transferring a tip to your savings account.

As you see, all it takes is a little creativity and intentionality to get the dollars flowing into your saving account. And, don’t get hung up on dollar figures as building the habit of saving money regularly can be just as important.

Before you know it, you’ll have a larger balance in your account and a new favorite game.