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Blog Post

Our New Dashboard is Here!

Today, Your Money Line is happy to officially announce that our revamped participant dashboard is now live!

Available 24/7, the revamped dashboard experience starts with our popular Stability Academy assessment. Stability Academy determines how stable your financial situation is and aligns you with a team of peers in the same place. Each month teammates meet to learn how they can move their financial stability meter.

Additionally, the dashboard provides many opportunities for learning how to stick to a budget, pay off student loans, buy a house, and much more.

Within the new dashboard, you and your team can expect to see:

  • A completely new look!
  • The integration of Stability Academy right inside the Dashboard
  • Easy access to our dedicated Financial Guides
  • Plus all the amazing features you already love like courses, blog posts, and financial tools.

Login today and see the new look for yourself!

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