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Meet Maritza Hernandez

Up next in our ‘Meet the Experts’ is our Financial Guide, Maritza Hernandez, Accredited Financial Counselor, AFC®️. Maritza lives in San Diego, CA, and started working for Your Money Line in 2022. 

Q: What got you interested in personal finance and coaching? 

A: Seeing the lack of financial education and looking at all the wrong information being shared on social media made me want to be part of the solution. 

Q: Do you have any pets? 

A: We have a golden retriever, Bailey, a hognose snake, Tulip, and a saltwater fish tank.

Q: What do you love about being a Financial Guide? 

A: I love helping people see their finances from a different perspective and the options available to them. 

Q: What’s your favorite financial topic to discuss/help people with? 

A: Right now, it’s the Public Service Loan Program. It’s just so confusing; it’s a two-page application with six pages of instructions. It could be so much better. 

Q: If you gave a 10min Ted Talk today what would it be about? 

A: It would be on the importance of discussing money and personal finances or how our culture and traditions impact our finances. 

Q: What is your biggest win as a Financial Guide so far? 

A: I guess it’s answering questions they didn’t even know they needed to be asking and being able to help individuals who thought that the PSLF program was not for them and explain that they do qualify. Then, helping them through the PSLF process. 

Q: Share a moment with a participant that impacted you.

A: I had a participant call in about budgeting and debt. We started discussing his expenses, income, and debts. I learned that he had student loans and was working as a clergy member. I asked him if he had looked into the PSLF program. I shared the program's requirements and explained the application process. He had a large student loan balance that he now sees an opportunity to pay off way sooner than he thought possible. This is one of the moments that impacted me. 

Q: What’s a hobby that brings you joy?

A: I race on a women's Dragon Boat team, Paddle Warriors. I just love the feeling of hitting the water with a fantastic group of women.  I also enjoy volunteering in my community and getting others involved.

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