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Meet Lisa Whitley

Next up in our ‘Meet the Expert’ series is our Senior Financial Guide, Lisa Whitley, Accredited Financial Counselor®, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor®.  She lives in Washington DC and has worked for Your Money Line since 2019.

Q: What got you interested in personal finance and coaching? 

A: Some years ago, I worked on Wall Street so my interest in all things finance is long-standing. Coaching is a way to use that interest in a way that serves people who may not otherwise have access to sound advice.

Q: What do you love about being a Financial Guide?

A: I love the very wide diversity of questions and challenges that participants present to us. I am always learning. 

Q: What’s your favorite financial topic to discuss/help people with? 

A: Planning for “retirement”, at any age. I put the word in quotes though. For many, it really doesn’t mean the end of their career. It can mean a new phase of professional life. Planning for “retirement” (or whatever we call it) is this great intersection of a math problem and a deep discussion of life goals.

Q: If you gave a 10-minute Ted Talk today what would it be about? 

A: Why the Philadelphia Eagles are the greatest NFL team of all time. Prove me wrong.

Q: What is your biggest win as a Financial Guide so far? 

A: You know, it’s not about the “big wins.” I think about the collection of little wins…the person who calls their lenders for the first time and is able to negotiate a more realistic payment plan, the person who reaches that very first emergency fund milestone, maybe for the first time ever, and has the confidence to do more, the person who takes the step to call and ask “What the heck is this 401(k) thing all about?”

Q: Share a moment with a participant that impacted you.

A: I worked regularly with what I suppose was a stereotypical millennial over a period of about a year. He moved cross-country to pursue a new job at the end of our engagement. In our final conversation, I was struck by the progress he had made over that year that had set him up to take on a new opportunity with such confidence.

Q: What’s a hobby that brings you joy? 

A: Playing piano. And the Philadelphia Eagles.

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