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Budget Billing Your Utilities

The days are shorter, and the holiday decorations are well-settled into their seasonal stations. Unfortunately, cold weather is accompanied by not just hot cocoa, but also much higher heating bills. Depending on the specifics of your climate, home, and heating/cooling system, it may be that your January utility bill could spike multiple times higher than your summer or early fall bill. Now is the perfect time to contact your energy provider and ask about a budget billing plan.

Utility budget billing plans (generally) work like this:

  • Your provider will estimate what your annual expenditure is over a one year period and divide by 12.

That average dollar amount will be your constant, unchanging utility bill for the coming year. No more unpleasant winter billing surprises (or summer surprises next year when it heats up and the air conditioning goes on). And, as you plan your monthly budget, you will have the certainty of knowing what your utility costs will be.If the prospect of upcoming winter heating costs leaves you cold (? sorry!), now is the time to act!