Three paths to a financially-well team
in one easy-to-use benefit

Financial wellness solves big problems, at home & at work

59% of the US workforce reports that financial stress impacts their work. Your Money Line addresses some of the biggest challenges facing employees—and their employers.

How we help employees

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    Loans (and loan forgiveness)
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    Retirement planning
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    Monthly budgeting
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How we help employers

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    Attract top talent
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    Retain quality employees
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    Increase retirement participation
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    Reduce financial stress
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    Improve engagement and productivity

Don't take our word for it

“We teamed up with Your Money Line to provide an elite program for every single Eight Eleven employee! Every employee will have access to a dedicated & confidential phone line to ask their toughest financial questions. It is their very own Financial Guide, which is an awesome incentive! Our employees love this.”

Paige Grumme
Executive Assistant

“​​The advice was straightforward and easy to understand. Thanks so much for your help!”

YML participant

“Steven Gay was very helpful in answering my basic questions about what to do with my extra income. In our quick, 25-minute call, he helped point me toward a path to use that surplus to enhance my financial stability and long-term growth. Very helpful.”

YML Participant

“We know that financial stress is significant for pastors, especially when it comes to managing educational debt. We wanted to provide the kind of support that would both empower their financial decision-making and give them concrete tools for debt management and elimination, budgeting, and future-saving.”

Julie Richardson
Vice President of Development

“Gayle is extremely helpful and takes financial stresses for a 23-year-old completely away!”

YML Participant

Ready to see how financial wellness will help your team?

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