Three paths to financial wellness in one easy-to-use benefit

Your team deserves world-class wellness

Finances are the single biggest stressor for employees. Legacy offerings alone don't cut it. That's why we've built the financial wellness benefit of the future that employees deserve, use, and love.

EAP & 401k offerings

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    Limited number of interactions
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    Helps with major, acute situations
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    Get routed randomly to a call center
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    May push products on your team
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    Phone only
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    No software or on-demand financial education
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    Unlimited interactions with guides
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    Helps with any financial question, big or small
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    Talk to the same guide every time
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    No selling products. Ever.
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    Phone, email, text, or chat
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    Learn with courses, live webinars, articles, & more

Don't take our word for it

“Thank you for responding so quickly”

"Wow! So much to consider. I appreciate all your feedback which helps me not to make any sudden decisions. Thank you for responding so quickly. I'm glad I was able to connect with you and receive some very valuable information."

Daniella S.
YML Participant

“A knowledgable person just a phone call away”

“It's incredibly helpful to have a knowledgeable person just a phone call away! I appreciate having an unbiased, supportive resource who can help break down complex questions and decisions into manageable pieces.”

William G.
YML Participant

“Thanks so much!”

"I have asked about loan forgiveness many times and my Financial Guide was the first person that has explained to me the difference between the loans. Thanks so much!"

Ajay L.
YML Participant

"I am so grateful to my company"

“YML financial guides always go above and beyond to provide the best and most complete information, answering questions that I didn't even know I had! Thank you so much - I am so grateful to my company for this benefit!”

Annie B.
YML Participant

"It’s such a relief"

It’s such a relief to begin talking to someone about this. To help me know and face my financial realities. Thank you for being clear, concise, kind, and helpful!

Mike J.
YML Participant

“I feel so much more at ease”

“My guide has been patient, kind, and thorough. I feel so much more at ease with her guidance on my budgeting system.”

Margot G.
YML Participant

“Support and answers”

“My guide has been nothing but OUTSTANDING! She has provided a ton of info and support to my husband and I walking through PSLF requirements. I know she will always have support and answers for us."

Jane E.
YML Participant

"It's nice to have another human"

“Sometimes it's nice to have another human to share ideas and get a second opinion. That's exactly the way I felt while talking to my guide this morning. Thanks, Your Money Line, for giving me an opportunity for this second opinion!” 

Ryan M.
YML Participant

“Very helpful”

In our quick, 25-minute call, my guide helped point me towards a path to use that surplus to enhance my financial stability and long-term growth. Very helpful.”

Ted J.
YML Participant

"Empathy and helpful advice"

“My guide was wonderful! She has empathy and helpful advice. I didn't feel judged at all. She's so good at what she does. Thank you! Can't wait to chat again.

Ollie D.
YML Participant
Names and identifying details have been changed to protect participant privacy.

Frequently asked questions

Okay, you're a little intrigued and want to know more? Dive in below.

What is Your Money Line?

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We're a financial wellness benefit that brings together software, certified money coaches, and world-class financial education to help employees find greater financial stability and health.

What makes Your Money Line special?

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Your Money Line was created by Peter Dunn (aka Pete the Planner), who has spent more than 20 years in the industry and is  one of the world's foremost experts on employee financial wellness. Our team of guides all hold degrees or leading certifications on financial planning & coaching.

Do you work with retirement or benefits brokers?

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Yes, we have an extensive partner network that refers clients to Your Money Line for financial wellness. If you're a broker looking to partner, shoot us a note!

Can I use wellness dollars or state funding for YML?

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Oftentimes, yes! Ask your health carrier if you have available wellness dollars to use with your team—financial wellness qualifies! If you're a school, you can often use dollars allocated for teacher retention to offer Your Money Line!

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